Red Dead Redemption 2 vs. GTA 5: Which one is better?

Rockstar games that have produced addicting games such as GTA Vice City, GTA 5 has come with the second edition of Red Dead Redemption video game. They are making games for the last 20 years for different gaming genres.

Now, 6 years after the successful release of GTA 5, Rockstar Games has released a game that can give stiff competition to the game. If you are having a hard time believing me than here in this post, I will be listing #5 reason why Red Dead Redemption 2 is better than GTA 5. So, let’s proceed:


One of the best things I liked about the game is that it tries its best to simulate the Wild West experience for its users. Well, as per my point of view, I think developers have done justice with the way immersion works in the game. In fact, the world in the Red dead redemption 2 feels quite alive. The main character of the game, Arthur Morgan has a unique ability to interact & contact with anyone that is available in his environment.


This one is obvious!

There is 6 years gap between GTA V & red dead redemption 2. GTA 5 was released way back in 2013 whereas red dead redemption 2 was released in 2018. So, you can expect the latter to have better graphics than the former.

Thanks to the re-release of GTA on modern gaming consoles, in terms of graphics, GTA V is still giving stiff competition to its competitors.

However, the character’s models, lighting & animations of red dead redemption are no match for GTA V. In fact, Red dead redemption 2 has even beaten the first version of the game in the graphics category.

After playing the game, I can surely say, Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best-looking games that has ever made.


After playing all the games of the GTA series by Rockstar, one thing I have to come to realize. Although, these games have several memorable characters such as CJ, Michael, Trevor.

But none of them feels like real beings. In fact, you can say, they give strong vibes of certain personality types.

Well, that is one of the places where Red Dead Redemption defeats GTA V. The characters in red dead redemption, instead of giving cartoonist feel, give more complex personalities.

Impact On The World

This is the I hated the most in the game. If you play GTA V regularly for hours, it will feel a bit boring. Almost, all the stories run in the never-ending loop.

This is bad! Especially, when the game is made under the banner of Rockstar Games. Although GTA 5 allows you to choose the way you tackle certain missions, story beats & character moments don’t change at any moment. So, I can say, except for the ending, everything in GTA 5 keeps on repeating itself.

Now, when it comes to red dead redemption 2, your player will have an honor meter which fluctuates regularly. These fluctuations depend on your actions & the way your gang members treat your player.

So, in this way you can say, every action that you do in the game has a suitable reaction. Every choice that you make matters a lot in the game. However, on the sad note, you cannot skip some of the emotional moments of the game.

Emotional Impact

In terms of emotional quotient, Red Dead Redemption 2 tells one of the most compelling emotional stories in the gaming industry. I don’t think, any other game will be able to beat its emotional storytelling. Along with this, the stories look quite real, which makes the game look even more interesting.

In fact, the game sometime compares scenes with some of the great television shows. Now, if you compare red dead redemption 2 with GTA V, you will realize what important point, GTA V is missing. At any point in time, GTA V doesn’t look like a real-life game.

Final Words

That’s all for now. After trying both the games, one thing I can surely say. Both games have their sets of pros & cons. However, in this post, I have covered some of the positive points of Red Dead Redemption 2 as compared to GTA V. Soon, I will write another post, listing out some of the negative points of the game as compared to GTA V.

So, stay tuned. Besides, if you have any questions related to the above-mentioned #5 positive points of Red dead redemption 2 then do let me know via the comments section given below. Till then you can read my other post on GTA V Online Casino Update.

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