Ratched Season 1 All Set to Stream in September

Netflix a world-class video streaming platform, who’s known for reviving several famous characters or tv shows.

The list includes fan-favorite tv shows like Lucifer, Black Mirror & more. Now, upcoming tv show Ratched is also added into the list as it’s all set to hit the Netflix screen anytime in September 2024.

Curious to know more about this series, well, then, do read the complete post from below:

How Netflix Saved Lucifer TV Show?

I remember how fox canceled Lucifer tv show right after the 3rd season.

That time was really depressing!!! Fans tried their best in reviving the show.

But just then Netflix came like a shine of hope for all the Luci fans & renewed the show for the 4th & 5th season. Although the 5th season is still due with the renewal, one thing is sure, Netflix proved why they deserve to be at the #1 spot in the online streaming platform.

Now, the same way Netflix has decided to revive the Ratched tv series. That’s great, right?

What Ratched TV Series is all about?

The complete story in the Ratched tv series will largely focus on the Nurse Ratchet’s character.

Do you know who she is? Well, don’t worry, if you don’t have any idea about her.

The character of Nurse Ratchet is based on a classic novel in 1962. The name of the novel is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. After looking at the huge success of the tv show, the tv series saw the 1st ever movie. It was released 13 months after the 1st season in 1975.

Later, even movies were not enough for the character of Nurse Ratchet as it appeared again in an ABC show Once Upon A Time.

So, if you’re eagerly waiting to see the revived version of the tv series then get ready to know more her as season 1 reveals her origin story.

What does this mean? Well, here, the main purpose of the series is to take us back to the time when she was not turned into a full-fledged monster.

The 1st season will try to track her progress from a normal human to a monster.

Where the Ratched Season 1 is filming?

Before revealing the shooting location, I’ve to provide you an update regarding the production.

What’s that?

Well, it’s about the filming schedule. As per several sources, the filming of the tv show stays back in Jan/Feb month of 2019.

Now, it’s almost 1 year, expect the film to release anytime soon in September month of his year.

Coming back to the shooting location, it started in the California state of the United States last year.

Frequently Asked Questions | Ratched TV Series

Q – What’s the release date of Ratched Season 1 on Netflix?

A – As of now, we don’t have the confirmed dates but one thing is sure, it’ll be released anytime in the month of September 2024.

Q – Unlike Better Call Saul, will this show be available for the Netflix US users?

A – Yes, indeed. Netflix has the exclusive right for the streaming of this show all over the world. So, don’t think too much.

Q – The Ratched tv series is based on which novel?

A – Well, it’s based on a 1962’s classic novel, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Read this one Jem of a novel to get a head start in understanding the show.

Final Thoughts

After going through an intense battle for rights with the streaming giants Hulu, & Apple, Netflix came victorious. Soon after the bidding war, Netflix revealed the details regarding the release of the Ratched tv series on Netflix along with the advance renewal of Season 2.

I expect the series to run for 4 consecutive seasons. Although, we’re far away from the official release of the tv series. In the meantime, you can binge-watch better call Saul season 4 on Netflix.

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