How To Buy GTA 5 Modded Accounts For Xbox One

Grand Theft Auto is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most successful video game franchises across different platforms. The ability to play it on various platforms might have something to do with how successful the game has become. But, of course, the game itself is the reason for its massive success. It’s a lot of fun to go around San Andreas to complete quests or simply wreak havoc.

In GTA 5, using mods is one of the ways players could add more content and make the game even more enjoyable. But the game content isn’t the only aspect of the game that can be modified. When it comes to mods, even accounts can be altered to add more assets to a player account. If you click here, you’ll see the different GTA V modded accounts and how they differ.

GTA 5 Unmodded VS. Modded Accounts


To understand what modded accounts are, you’ll need to know what regular GTA 5 accounts are and how they work. When you sign up for a new account in-game, you get the basics or the default character. This means that you’ll have a basic pistol and no money. As a result, you’ll have to put in the time and hard work to raise your stats, get better equipment, and earn more in-game currency.

While this is the ‘fair’ way to play the game, it can get challenging. If you don’t have the time to finish the quests, obtaining certain assets and raising your stats can be difficult. Moreover, some tasks might just be too complex, but giving up on the game would be a waste. So, you might want to find ways to bypass these difficulties to enjoy the rest of the content that GTA 5 offers.

Modded accounts help you get the stats, equipment, and other assets to make the game more manageable and entertaining. You don’t have to spend hours to get to a certain level or achieve enough money in the game. Instead, you can simply purchase an account with the assets and the raised stats. You can check the for more about the GTA modded accounts.

Reasons To Get A Modded GTA V Account

GTA V is one of those games that can be challenging, especially if you don’t have much time to play. And this is a problem for many adult gamers who have full-time jobs. Thus, it can feel almost impossible to catch up on a game if you only play for a few hours on the weekend.

And as GTA V releases more updates, you might feel like there’s just too much new content and not enough time. Therefore, to cruise through the quests and stay updated on the content, you should get a modded account.

Furthermore, you might just want to play the game casually. If you’re not interested in grinding the game and only want access to specific assets and content, it’ll make sense to purchase a modded account to access the additional perks without breaking a sweat.

Types Of Modded GTA 5 Accounts On Xbox One

While certain game mods are primarily available on PC, modded accounts are different. If you purchase these accounts, you can choose whether you want the account for PC, PlayStation, or Xbox One.

Getting modded accounts for consoles hasn’t always been available readily. So, being able to do so in GTA V is quite unique. But because it’s relatively new, there are some questions about it.

The first thing to know about the modded accounts for Xbox One is that there are different accounts to choose from, depending on where you’re purchasing. At a popular store, you’ll find three types available for purchase:

  •  Ultra Package – You get 500 million GTA cash, including 100 million cash and 142 deluxe on top of a level 120 account.
  • Pro Package – You get 200 million GTA cash, including 100 million cash and 35 deluxe on top of a level 100 account.
  • Medium Package – You get 100 million in GTA cash, including 50 million and 18 deluxe on top of a level 50 account.

As mentioned earlier, the types of packages you get from a modded GTA V account will depend on where you get the account from. So, make sure to read the description, ask questions, and double-check what you’re paying for.

How To Purchase Modded GTA V Accounts For Xbox One

If you want to get a modded account for yourself on Xbox One, take some time to read the steps below. This will help you safely make the right purchase that will meet your gaming needs.

1. Look For A Safe Place To Purchase


The first thing to do is to look for a GTA V modded account seller. Going online and doing a quick search is a great way to find sources of modded accounts.

However, it’s essential to ensure that these are 100% safe. Unfortunately, many scammers exist on the internet, so look for a legit store. To do this, search for ones with multiple reviews, a reliable website, and various secure payment options.

2. Think Of What You Want In A Modded Account

List down specific things you want in a modded account. For instance, the level and stats should be a top consideration. Then take account of how much GTA cash you wish to be included. These are usually the introductory offers in a modded account, but there are more assets, such as equipment and access to certain areas.

3. Set A Budget

Depending on what you want in your modded account, the price can vary. If you want more access to assets, a higher level, and more GTA cash, you’ll have to pay a higher price. It can get out of hand if you add more assets to the account without thinking about the total costs. Setting a budget will allow you to spend just the right amount that you’re comfortable with.

4. Check Out Deals

Even if you’re willing to spend more money, it’ll still be a practical move to check out deals. Try to wait for sales or look for deals so that you can get a better price for the modded accounts. If you have coupons, don’t forget to use them at checkout. In fact, you can wait for sales, search for promos, and apply the coupon code altogether.

5. Choose An Account

When you’ve considered everything else mentioned above, you can finally add it to your cart. However, upon checkout, make sure that you double-check the prices to ensure that you’re paying the right amount. In addition to these, read the terms of the agreement and go over the return and refund policy.

6. Pick A Payment Method

To finalize the payment, choose your payment method. If possible, opt for the safest one, such as PayPal, to protect your credit card information. Ensure that the payment is processed and that you get the notification on site or through your email. If you don’t get a receipt, email customer service.

7. Wait For The Log-In Information To Your Account


Once you pay for the purchase, you’ll have to wait for some time for your account to be made. The time frame will depend on where you’re purchasing from and their terms and conditions. But within the said time frame, you should get an email containing the log-in information and the instructions on how to use the account.

If you haven’t gotten your account or the login information isn’t working, be sure to contact customer service as soon as possible.

8. Follow The Log-In Instructions

The instructions on how to use the account can vary, depending on the account and where you bought it from. Therefore, make sure that you pay attention and follow the instructions carefully. One of these steps will be to change the account name and password. Double-check the new name and password to keep yourself from getting locked out of your account. You can also write down your new log-in information, so you won’t forget.

9. Double-Check The Account

Open your account and look for all the assets that should be included. If you paid to access specific sites in the game, check if you can do so. The same goes for the level and how much money you have in the game. However, if there are some inaccuracies, write them down and give customer service a call or email them to straighten things out.

10. Have Fun


When you’re sure that your account is complete and ready, go have fun. Get on your Xbox One and spend some time exploring San Andreas. Complete quests, wreak havoc, and see how far you can go. Just remember that modded accounts can only be used in GTA 5 single-player mode.


GTA 5 is a lot of fun, with or without modded accounts. But having a modded account can give you access to more assets and parts of the game that can be difficult to experience without the right level or money. Think of it this way: You can have a modded account for certain perks and make it easier for yourself. However, you can always get a standard account if you want to experience the game without the help of mods.

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