Halo 2 Released for PC and XBox One. Download Now to Play

Today is the day when Halo 2 will release for PC users through the Master Chief Collection. Regarding the latest release, the developers of HALO 2 – 343 Industries have shared some much-needed information on the launch details.

The latest update by developers includes the exact time when the game will release on May 12, what are some problems with the game initially.

Check out the complete details you need to know before playing the game for the 1st time on your PC.

Halo 2 Anniversary Release Detail on PC.

Halo 2 including the Anniversary Remaster will release on PC at 8 PM PT or 11 PM ET. However, as per the close sources Microsoft Sources, Microsoft will release the game a bit late in the US during the day. The primary reason behind this is said to be because of bandwidth concerns all over the globe.

Known Issues with Halo 2

When it comes to known issues, there are plenty. In fact, soon, Halo 2 will release an update for XBOX ONE to fix some serious issues.

Some of these serious issues include –

  • HUD going off-center in every co-op on Xbox.
  • Most of the time during the cutscenes, subtitles are placed out of sync with the audio.
  • FPS drops at the beginning of several Campaign missions.
  • During the gameplay campaign cutscenes, the audio was noticed to be much louder by Xbox users.
  • When you’re using the Scarab Skull, Gunfire sounds used to miss for multiple weapons.

Here’s what 343 Industries have to say on the known issues of Halo 2 Anniversary XBOX ONE –

343 warned its users that the bullet registration is “not in parity” with the original game. We’ll soon roll an update to fix all these issues for XBOX users. This post is more about Halo 2 PC. So, for info. on Halo 2 Anniversary, you can through the post on their official site.

Halo 2 PC Launch Time

As informed in the beginning –

  • 8 PM PT
  • 11 PM ET
  • 4 AM BST (May 13)
  • 1 PM AET (May 13)

Halo 2 Launch Known Issues


  • English only set to default for terminal videos.
  • Whenever you watch terminal videos, in-game audio will start playing automatically.
  • Subtitles missing in the Campaign Gameplay.
  • When you view cutscenes subtitles seem to be out of sync with plating audio.
  • Flickering textures issue across campaign mode for users with AMD hardware.
  • Graphical issues like Lightening effects, clouds, and flood tanks.
  • Different audio option sliders have caused Cinematic audio for in Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary Edition.
  • Enemy Elites are missing dual exercise options in the campaign mode.
  • As compared to the gameplay, Campaign cutscenes are much louder
  • Some Campaign missions have FPS drops on the first launch of the mission.
  • Audio can change when you switch from classic and remastered graphics in cutscenes. That’s happening a lot when a user is using multiple audio devices.
  • Large rectangle volumes appear to be missing in PC with AMD GPU and Ryzen 5.
  • Visual issues in the blurred terminal and cinematic videos.
  • Absence of the gunfire sounds in multiple weapons.
  • After switching weapons with an Elite, you can face a hardlock when you fire a plasma rifle.
  • After the death, Sentinel lights will display for a short period of time.
  • Some environmental textures appear in lower resolution.
  • While you’re in the Scorpion tank, the music will loop incorrectly on Metropolis.
  • Classic graphics, LOD textures, and various foliage environments are missing in PC with NVIDIA GPU.
  • Because of poor network connection, you can face disconnection on Gravemind co-op.
  • Music will change to different parts of the track whenever you’re using classic and remastered graphic music.

Halo 2 Anniversary

  • In the anniversary graphics, you can clearly see the shadows and pixelation.
  • Forge map lighting not appearing correctly.
  • During the games of 3 plots, performance degrades to the next level. Performance.
  • During the various parts of the title, the texture resolution is displayed is quite low quality.
  • FPS drops suddenly to 45 when you look at the fan on Stonetown.
  • When reloading weapons, you can notice missing audio several times.
  • If you’re shooting while picking up a secondary weapon, you might notice an audio decrease in Primary weapon.
  • You cannot launch the game if you’re using new intel drivers with onboard graphics.
  • When the framerate is set to unlimited, performance is capped at just 60 fps.
  • For dual-wielding, there isn’t any option for you to inverse in the settings menu.
  • Between the Spartan and Elite armors, you might face a problem as the lighting is inconsistent.
  • When strafing is enabled with unlimited framerate, you might face visible stuttering on objects.
  • The Hoplite armor is missing a rear armor piece in gameplay

Halo 2

  • No notification when players are talking using the voice chat.
  • As compared to the original, music mixing is much lower in the MCC.
  • In multiplayer, the respawn timer is not visible by the territory capture meter.
  • Legacy is not mirrored by Super bouncing.
  • On the snow weather missions and maps, Snow VFX does not match any type of legacy behavior.
  • Rendering issues of the sun on most maps and missions.
  • If you’re using mouse & keyboard then Banshees may turn faster than expected.

Final Words

That’s all for now. Soon after playing the game Halo 2 Anniversary, I’ll let you know my 1st impression of the game. So, stay tuned with me for further updates. In the meanwhile, you can check out these fun games that you can play for free.

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