The Crown Season 3 released on Netflix…..Watch now

It was 3 years ago when Netflix released one of its most promising original shows. Don’t get confused as here I’m talking about the multi-award-winning television show The Crown. It was in 2016 when the first-ever episode of the show was aired & since it’s the first-ever trailer, the Netflix original is loved by millions of fans from all over the world.

Now, coming back to this post, season 3 of The Crown is released. Do you know what’ll be in it? Nothing, right? So, wanna know (Spoilers)? Well, you find it out from below:

The Crown Season 3 Release Date

I know you’re curious to find out about some spoilers related to the crown season 3. Hold on right there. Before proceeding, I’ll remind you that season 3 of the crown will release on 17th in the month of November 2019.

With each season having 10 episodes, as of now, there’re 20 episodes of this show. So, I request you to watch them if you haven’t yet before going to the spoiler section of the post.

The Crown Season 3 Spoilers

Without much ado, now’s the time for me to reveal the spoilers to you. So, let’s begin:

The Crown Season 2 Finale

Have you been following the former two seasons of the Netflix show? Well, if you did then you can skip this & jump straight to the spoilers.

For those of you who missed or don’t remember properly, The Crown season 2 finale mostly revolved around the infamous Profumo Affair that completely shooked British Politics.

Here Profumo refers to Secretary of State, John Profumo who had been in an affair with model Christine Keeler. In her past, Keeler had an affair with Soviet naval attache Eugene Ivanov.

But why this revelation was that shocking for British Politics? If you have this thought in your mind them let me clear it for you. Well, the obvious reason was the level of national security issue it can impose on England.

Outcome of this scandal resulted in the resignation of both John Profumo & the Prime Minister of England. Now, if I talk of Queen Elizabeth, she struggled with a lot of controversies throughout the second season. Now, it’ll be interesting to see how her character will be & that too especially after the birth of fourth child.

The Crown Season 3

Spoiler Alert?!!!!

As per the tradition, season 3 of The Crown will cover a decade of the story in 10 episodes. The storyline will start from 1964 to 1976.

During this time, Harold Wilson served as the Prime Minister of the UK for two consecutive terms. The character of Harold Wilson is played by English actor Jason Watkins.

Now, coming back to Queen Elizabeth, the way season 2 ended, it looks like the 1st episode of season 3 might premiere her or Margaret getting photographed by Paparazzi. In addition, you will see the queen visiting Prince Edword Island or making a special appearance at the Royal Academy of Dynamic Art in London.

Olivia Colman succeeds Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in season three of Netflix’s royal biopic. Following Foy’s Emmy best actress win for her role in the Netflix drama, expectations are high for Oscar winner Colman’s performance.

The Crown Season 3 Cast Detail

Role Actress/Actor Where Have I Seen Them Before?
Queen Elizabeth Olivia Coleman Broadchurch, Peep Show
Prince Charles Josh O’Connor God’s Own Country, Cinderella, The Durrells
Princess Margaret Helena Bonham Carter Les Miserables, Fight Club, The King’s Speech
Prince Philip Tobias Menzies Casino Royale, Rome, Game of Thrones
Queen Mother Marion Bailey Allied, Mr. Turner, Vera Drake
Lord Mountbatten Charles Dance Game of Thrones, Gosford Park, The Imitation Game
Princess Anne Erin Doherty Call the Midwife, Les Miserables (2018)
Prime Minister Harold Wilson Jason Watkins Being Human, Tomorrow Never Dies, Wild Child
Antony Armstrong-Jones Ben Daniels The Exorcist (TV), Flesh and Bone, House of Cards

Final Words

Now, that The Queen Season 3 is officially released on Netflix. Do let me know how you liked it in the comments section below. Besides, soon, I’ll provide my review of the show. So, stay tuned to know about it.

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