13 Reasons Why season 3 Trailer Released…….Bryce Walker’s Killer Revealed?

Who Killed Bryce Walker?

The first two seasons of 13 Reasons Why revolved around the death of Hannah Baker. Now, that we know the circumstances of her death, the final trailer of 13 Reasons why Season 3 confirmed the death of Bryce Walker.

Hence, creating more drama.

Now, when it comes to this post, here I am going to breakdown the final trailer of 13 Reasons why Season 3 & reveal the release date of the 3rd season Netflix. So, let, proceed:

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Plot: How Season 2 Ended?

In case you don’t know or forgot, 13 reasons why season 2 ended on a controversial note. Besides, it was expected as most of the season was nothing but lackluster show. In the final episode, we saw, Montgomery de la Cruz along with his fellow jocks sexually assaulting Tyler Down (Devin Druid).

In retaliation, Tyler brought an assault rifle to get his revenge against all the bullies of the Spring Fling. But somehow, Tyler tried his best to take over the gun from Tyler. Season 2 concluded with Clay holding the gun as police arrived at the scene.

Since the launch of the 1st trailer, most of you’re curious to find the release date.

So, finally, Wait is over!!!

Netflix just dropped the final trailer of 13 Reason why season 3 & in the process has revealed the release date of the upcoming tv show. Hereby, I can confirm that season 3 of Teen Mystery Drama will go live worldwide on August 23. After a bit of disappointment in the 2nd second season, Clay Jenson has promised the season 3 to be worth watching.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Final Trailer Breakdown

I know most you might have already seen the trailer but one thing that bothers me the most is that you might have missed some of the key points from the final trailer. So, in this breakdown, I will try to find who killed Walker. So, let’s proceed:

That’s how the final trailer of season 3 begins.

Then the trailer proceeds to confirm walker’s death.  Hell Yeah!!!

In the trailer, Walker’s mom is seen determined enough to find her son’s killer. Who could it be? Could it be Jessica Davis, whom he did hurt the most?

Well, he did had many enemies Liberty High School. So, any major character of the show might have pulled off the inevitable. Everyone had their motives.

However, I was shocked when I saw Evergreen County Sheriff arresting Clay Jenson. Although, he keeps on saying, “He didn’t do anything” but the authorities seemed convinced. Everyone has their doubts on him. In fact, in the last seconds of the trailer, we saw him yelling, ” The whole fuc#@*#+ world is better without him in it.” Well, that’s some bold line?.

What do I think?

Well, I don’t think Clay Jenson is the murderer. But I think is somehow related to the crime. It is highly possible that he might know the identity of the killer & is trying to protect him/her.

Or somemone might be framing him.

Whatever the secret is behind walker’s death…..all will be revealed on August 23.

Frequently Asked Questions | 13 Reasons Why Season 3

Q- Who killed Bryce Walker?

A- Well, that’s the biggest mystery of season 3. To find out all the answers, we have to wait till August 23.

Q- WIll Hannah Baker return in the Season 3?

A- As the release date of the show is near, several speculations regarding Hannah’s return are increasing. Well, then let me put a full stop to all these rumors as she has already bid her goodbye to the show.

Q- When Season 3 of 13 reasons why will release?

A- Well, it will get the worldwide release on August 23, 2019.

Q- How can I watch the 3rd season 13 reasons why?

A- You can watch it legally on Netflix. However, if you can’t afford the premium subscription then you can watch it on illegal streaming sites. Although I don’t recommend it, but it’s the only free option you can get. Note: You can watch other Netflix Original shows on these websites.

Final Words

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