Lucifer Season 5 Spoilers: Chloe-Lucifer Getting Married

Lucifer. Aftermath getting canceled by NBC, Netflix revived one of the most beloved shows Lucifer with the release of Season 4 on their digital platform. As I am a Luciferian & watching the show since its launch. I, along with several lucifer fans, was left heartbroken when CBS canceled the show after season 3. However, one of the most-happiest moment came when Netflix picked the show & released one of the best seasons.

Although, season 4 had a definitive ending, but still Netflix made the fans including me happy after announcing that Lucifer will return for 5th & final season. Now, coming to the main point, I know most of you will be having several questions in your mind regarding season 5. So, don’t worry, I will try my best to answer each & every question of yours.

When Lucifer Season 5 will Release?

Right now, there’s no official release date of Lucifer season 5. But after looking at the release date of the previous season I can say that Netflix will release the season 5 in the mid of 2024. Besides, stay tuned with the post, we will update once the official release date is out.

What will be the Plot of Lucifer Season 5?

In the season 4 finale, we get to see Lucifer finally deciding to go back to the hell before Chloe confessing her love. We saw lucifer sitting the throne of hell as one & only king. But the main question is how he will return to earth for the final season.

Well, if you talk plot, the storyline of season 4 revolved around Chloe struggling to come to terms with the fact that Lucifer has a demonic side. It was one of the reasons why the showrunners introduced EVA in the show.

Will Lucifer return to Earth?

Unlike season 1, Lucifer will find it hard to strike a deal to return the earth. However, there is one loophole that can allow Lucifer to return the earth. Wondering which loophole? Well, to prevent the underworld from unleashing onto the earth, he can find someone as a replacement ruler for the underworld. So, there is a chance that Lucifer can turn to any of his sibling for the replacement.

Besides, there is speculation going around on the internet that Adam’s first wife— Lillith might return with eve in the season 5.

How many episodes Netflix will release for Lucifer Season 5?

As I earlier expected, it’s confirmed that unlike season 4, there will be total of 16 episodes in the season 5. So, it means that we will get to see only 16 hours of Lucifer in the future.

What’s my take on Season 4 of Lucifer?

lucifer in hell
Lucifer in hell

Fans of Lucifer brought the show back from the dead. They did everything possible to make sure that season 4 of Lucifer returns. Well, their hard work came to fruition when Netflix released an awesome season 4 & pleased every critics & fan. In fact, as per the IMDB, each episode of season 4 received overall ratings between 9.5 to 9.9. So, it can be concluded that instead of releasing 23-24 episodes, Netflix released only 10 episodes with the utmost quality that the show deserves.

Lucifer Season 5 Possible Spoilers?

As the time to Lucifer season 5 has come closer, several theories or possible spoilers are surrounding on social media platforms. Sometime before, there were rumors that Chloe will die in order to meet Lucifer- The King of Hell.

One way or another, it is almost confirmed- We’re getting Chloe & Lucifers reunion.

Now, there are rumors about them tieing a knot are scattering everywhere. Now, you might be having several questions in your mind.

Well, then allow me to break it to you. However, before proceeding answer a simple question of mine- Have you followed the show closely?

If yes, then you might already know, how Lucifer came to Earth, he came with two possessions. One of out the te=wo things was a Ring. A fan theory suggests, he might give the ring to Chloe in a shocking proposal.

The Reddit user wrote, “I think everyone kind of likes the idea of Lucifer proposing to Chloe; just the concept, to make up for that dreadful scene with Pierce proposing.”

“Maybe in an alternate universe? One of the many ways this story could be played out.”

Final Words

Moreover, the showrunners have also teased the possibility of a spin-off movie of Lucifer. Recently on his twitter handle, producer of the show replied a fan asking that, “Would you guys ever consider doing a spinoff or maybe a movie in the future? I love y’all so much! #Lucilove”. So, what’s your take on all the spreading rumors. Let us know, what you think will happen in Lucifer Season 5.

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