How The Greatest Showman Success Affected Huge Jackman’s Life?

As much as we loved watching The Greatest Showman, Hugh Jackman loved, even more, filming the Musical Drama/Romance Movie. Since, its worldwide release on Dec. 28, 2017, the film has created several records. In fact, the soundtrack of the show has created more records than the movie itself.

With 7.6 IMDB ratings, & winning more than 6 awards like Teen Choice Awards, The Greatest Showman is one of the biggest hit of Huge Jackman’s film career after X-Men Movie Franchise. Recently, he gave an Interview to The Herald Sun in Australia & told, how the success of The Greatest Showman has affected his life in a funny way.

How The Greatest Showman’s Success Affected Huge Jackman’s Life

As you might already be aware that the movie is a musical. So, after the release, it has become a bit difficult for him to go to her daughter’s dance classes. Well, in the interview, he told The Herald Sun, ” It’s made it difficult going to my daughter’s dance classes. I used to go every week and nobody really cared. The dance school was not your classic Wolverine fanbase. Now I go and the songs from The Greatest Showman are playing in nearly every dance class so it’s a bit different.”

The success of The Greatest Showman introduced Huge Jackman to the whole new fans of Musicals. In fact, the PG rating of the movie was a good change for Huge. But still, as a die-hard fan of Wolverine,  I’m a tad bit disappointed.

How come dance schools in Australia don’t have Wolverine themed performance?The greatest Showman

In Fact, X-Men in 2000 was the movie that grew his fame worldwide. Apart from being a mutant hero Xmen movie franchise, he has indulged himself into some serious dramas & stage productions.

Hugh Jackman has two children with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, Oscar Maximilian Jackman & 14-year-old Ava. I wonder how his daughter AVA feels after listening to his father’s song on loop.

The Greatest Showman Sequel?

 As reported by Box Office Mojo, the film was made on a Production Budget of $84 & in terms of box office collection, the film collected $434,993,183 on Worldwide Boxoffice. So, it’s obvious to have a sequel to a film that is worldwide popular. In fact, in a previous interview with BBC, Huge Jackman revealed the possibility of The Greatest Showman 2.
He sad,” If a genuine opportunity came up where it felt like the right thing to do, then yep, I’d get the top hat back out. It’s clear to me and to everyone that people love these characters. I loved this movie, I loved this character and it was one of the great joys of my life.”

Final  Words

That’s all for now. Well, I enjoyed the movie as well as the music of the movie. However, the popularity of the Greatest showman might embarrass him, if someone at his daughter’s dance class asks him to sing a song of the Movie. It might be a bit awkward moment for both of them. Now, when it comes to the sequel, as a fan of the first part of the movie, I would love to see the Greatest Showman 2 anytime.

Furthermore, do let me know, your views on this in the comment section. Along with this don’t forget to mention, whether you like to see the sequel of the movie or not. 

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