Henry Cavill replaces Huge Jackson, Becomes New Wolverine[2020]?

It’s been 3 years since huge Jackman left his legacy of Wolverine in X-Men franchise.

After his last movie Logan in 2017, his absence was greatly missed in the last X-Men movie. Fans from all over the world wanted to see Wolverine in MCU.

So, now that Huge Jackman is gone, who’ll take his place?

Well, if I go by the rumours, Henry Cavill might be the next Wolverine.

Henry Cavill as New Wolverine of MCU?

Former Man of Steel of DCEU aka Henry Cavill might be ready to play Superhero once again. But this time, it’ll be for Marvel Cinematic Universe as Wolverine.

If the rumours are true then soon, you’ll get to see him in the upcoming MCU movie Captain Marvel 2.

Who is behind these rumours?

Now, comes the main question – who’s behind this? What’s the source? Is it authentic?

The crazy report of Henry Cavil joining MCU is circulated by a YouTube channel goes by the name The Quartering.

But that was not it. There’s one more thing behind the rumour. And the other reason is a recent announcement.

Yeah! recently, through an announcement, we got to know that two new characters will team up in Captain America #17.

This announcement was like a fire and the YouTuber The Quartering added fuel to it.

As a result of this, the rumour spread like a wildfire.

TheQuartering News on Henry Cavill as Wolverine

After reading all this stuff, you might be wondering what video. Well, you can check it from below:

Now, that you watched the video, what do you think about this? Do let me know your views in the comments section.

Truth Behind Henry Cavill as next Wolverine Rumour?

Well, all these rumours might be true. Especially after connecting the hidden dots.

Stress your mind a bit and think about Cavill’s last year meeting with MCU official. However, at that time, everyone thought of it to be related to the role of Captain Britain.

Well, I guess, that turns out to be false. BTW, at a later stage, this might rumour might also turn out be a false positive.

Final Verdict

So, what do I think of Henry Cavill as the next Wolverine? Well, filling to shoes of Huge Jackson might be a bit difficult for Henry Cavill. However, one thing I do like is his acting. I’ve full faith in him. Especially, after binge-watching his latest Netflix original The Witcher Season 1.

I’m signing off with the hope of Henry Cavill joining MCU as Wolverine in the upcoming movies. I would love him once again as a superhero. That was all me. What about you? Do you want to see Henry Cavill as the next wolverine? Do let me know your valuable opinion in the comment section given below.

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