LG OLED – Best TV Becomes Affordable on Prime Day

Everyone agrees that LG OLED is the best TV and now it is really affordable on this Prime Day.

The C8 OLED combines an impressive picture, extensive features, attractive design, and an unrivaled smart platform to deliver one of the best TVs we have yet to see. Superb picture quality, Comprehensive features, Highly effective smart platform, Elegant design.

There is no doubt in our minds that LG’s one billion dollar bet on OLED resulted in a spectacular style last year, as their OLED TVs dominated the premium segment of the market. A combination of performance, features, and some pretty aggressive prices resulted in LG overtaking Samsung’s QLED when it came to high-end models.

Although the LG C8 OLED is now one year old, it is still one of our most recommended OLED TVs of 2019. However, it has had an update in the form of the LG C9 OLED, the 2019 version of the TV.

Don’t miss out on this — the LG C8 OLED is widely regarded as the best TV and it can be yours for under $950!

The main difference is the inclusion of the second generation Alpha9 processor, which uses improvements in artificial intelligence to offer stellar images of SDR and HDR, and helps to perform the extension and processing of second to none with incredible levels of detail and fidelity of the image.

The new C8 is not very different from its 2017 counterpart, the LG OLED C7, so it still gets a broad set of features that includes almost all high dynamic range formats and Dolby Atmos sound.

What’s new for this year is the design of the TV itself, not to mention the internal components where LG has integrated its new Alpha 9 processor and has added some new image features to offer a TV that sets the bar very high OLED.

The LG C8 builds on the success of last year’s models

lg oled tv

Resulting in a TV that can deliver stunning HD / SDR images and equally impressive 4K / HDR images. It’s not as bright as an LCD TV, but those deep blacks make a big difference in the dynamic range of the image. It is also capable of vibrant and beautiful colors, not to mention a surprising level of detail with native 4K content.

The intelligent WebOS platform is still the best available and the choice of transmission services is second to none. Once you add the magnificent design and a full set of features, you will have one of the most complete televisions.

Whether you’ve seen your first 4K TV or are thinking about switching to a newer model, this year’s Prime Day TV show crop looks like a tempting one.

If you’ve been looking for a 4K OLED TV with deep contrast levels and dark blacks, Amazon is serving a couple of LG models of the C8 series. With some of the lowest prices we’ve seen in these OLED sets, these 55-inch and 65-inch 4K TVs will sell out quickly. (Update: exhausted, although you can put your name on a waiting list).

An offer too good to be real on an HDR OLED 4K TV

But Google Express will arrive on Amazon Prime Day, on Android Central. The 55-inch LG C8 OLED costs $ 948 at this time, the lowest price we’ve seen.

To get this discount price, simply click on the “add to cart” button in Google Express. If it does, it will remove $ 548 from the total, then enter the FOHTTK code in the box to save another $ 100 of the original price. This agreement ends tomorrow, or sooner if the supply runs out.

An OLED TV has pixel control for unparalleled color contrast

Compared to a TV with LED or LCD backlight, an OLED TV has pixel control for unparalleled color contrast. And can show real blacks for a more accurate picture. The C8 debuted in early 2018 and, unlike the B8 OLED, generally, cheaper, it has an a9 processor to reduce noise and a smoother gradation in the image. LG’s OLEDs have been on sale more frequently in recent months, but this could be the significant price drop that I was expecting.

Final Words

I’ve used an OLED for the past three years and it’s the TV I recommend to everyone. Usually, it comes with a caveat attached that it’s an expensive TV and only to buy it if it’s in your budget, but at this price, I would recommend the OLED TV to everyone. Simply put, the LG OLED is the best TV you can buy, and for less than $1,000 it’s a deal that won’t be beaten. The LG OLED is the best TV you can buy right now, and you won’t find it cheaper than this price!

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