6 Ways to Get Free Stuff On Amazon Without Prime

Everyone likes a freebie – big or small. Every gift has its beauty, but the free gift is the most beautiful one that you get. Even then, not many people are aware of the 06 best free gifts available on Amazon.

This may sound a bit nice to you, but it is true. After so many online betrayals by brands, we are aware of the fact that there are never free things available. With Amazon, it is quite different. You can give value to Amazon sellers without having to pay for availing their services or products. You can get many things for free on the Amazon website.

To find out how to get the best free stuff on Amazon, continue reading.

Why Are There Free Products Available on Amazon Website?

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First of all, let us understand why there is free stuff available on the Amazon website. Amazon sellers are not stupid enough to sell their products for free. They use your free trials to increase their ratings and other numerical data. For instance, Amazon gifts you its products or services because:

1. Increasing SERP on the Amazon

There are multiple brands offering their services on the Amazon website. To increase their rank from 20 to 01, they must increase their ranks and satisfy the algorithms of Amazon. There are mainly two factors of Amazon that increase the rank of SERP of brands, which include positive reviews and sales.

2. Generation of the Sale

For the generation of greater sales, Amazon sellers should come across as honorable, reputable, and respectable. Though listings and photos can help the sellers, it is only positive reviews that increase sales and leads of the Amazon sellers.

3. Getting Many 5-Star Reviews

Amazon sellers should garner 5-star reviews for making consumers trust the brand. If a brand lacks 5-star reviews, it struggles to sell any product to them. So, Amazon Sellers cannot make any sales without selling the product. So?

It garners reviews by getting most reviews for free. So, by offering you a product for free, Amazon sellers want increased SERP, reviews, and leads of the products.

How to Get 06 Free Gifts on Amazon?

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Here is how you can avail yourself of 6 Amazon free stuff also; you can check further more details at RevExpo.com.

1. Contacting Seller and Offering the Review

One of the most convenient ways to attain a free gift from Amazon is by reaching out to sellers directly. Contacting sellers directly is one of the main ways for availing of free services of Amazon sellers. Here is how you can do it:

  1. First of all, open the Amazon website
  2. Search for a product you want for free
  3. Make sure to click the product that has no reviews
  4. Then, contact the seller and offer your review
  5. Detail to them that you are willing to give a review in exchange for a free product

There are thousands of such sellers on the Amazon website who will agree. So, do not shy away and get as many free products on Amazon as you can.

2. Getting 5GB Drive from the Amazon Drive

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Nowadays, you need digital space for the storage of data always. There are only a few websites that offer free storage space. Google is one of the few online search engines that has also offered free space. Amazon also offers a similar package. Amazon sellers can get a free 5GB drive from Amazon drive.

Amazon Drive is a safe and secure online storage place that keeps your videos, photos, and files in a centralized place. All of the Amazon customers get a 5GB free storage capacity. Enjoy your gift of 5GB.

3. Free Songs from Amazon Albums and Music

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If you are passionate about the songs, you can avail songs on Amazon for free. There are all types of Amazon albums available. You can access any song in your trial period. Not all of the songs have a free downloadable link online. You can enjoy the premium-quality songs on Amazon. So, enjoy the best songs on Amazon.

4. Browsing Hundreds of Kindle Books

There are also many hundreds of free Kindle books available on Amazon. If you are a book lover, this is the ultimate deal that you could find. There is no bigger joy in life than handling the free blessings of life. You can browse hundreds of free kinder online books. Search your books, order, and enjoy them at your home.

5. Getting Money in Exchange for the Old Electronic Items

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There are multiple old electronic items that are useless. It is also hard for us to dispose of these old electronic items. There is always a way of selling utensils, clothes, and other daily-life objects. But you cannot sell old electronics. It holds no value to others. As responsible, you must dispose of your product responsibility. But when Amazon is here to purchase your old electronic item, you need not dispose of the old electronic items.

There is an Amazon service, which is named Amazon Trade-In. Amazon Trade-In accepts items of all conditions and offers a reasonable price.

You can make an effort by offering your old electronic items to many sellers. Whoever gives you the best price; make an agreement to sell your old electronics.

6. Getting Two-Day Free Audiobook For 30-Day Free Trial Period

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It is hard to read the book nowadays – especially when lives have become crowded with our necessities. We all need to exercise, eat a good meal, and earn good money. We are not left with any energy to read the book. Skipping reading is not a healthy option. Reading books increases your perspective on life. It empowers you to live the joys of life lovingly.

So, you should try audiobooks. There is a 30-Day Free Trial period of Amazon audiobooks. Download as many books as you want. You can also listen to the audiobook online, and praise its wordiness.

Bottom Line

These are some of the excellent 06 free gifts that you can avail of on the Amazon website.

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