Percy Jackson 3: Release Date: Revealed

It’s been a long time since the second installment to the Percy Jackson franchise premiered at cinemas. Since then there has been no news about the development of the third part of the movie focusing on the book Percy Jackson and the Curse of Titans. Fans have been speculating about the cancellation of the series, and there are also rumors circulating about the reboot of the movie into a series that might be owned by Disney plus.

With so much confusion all around and difficulty in identifying true from false, we have brought you some insights into the current status of Percy Jackson 3, and whether or not a reboot is happening. So, stay tuned for detailed information on the project.

Percy Jackson 3: Release Date: Revealed

All About Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is one of my favorite movies of all time. Revolving around Greek mythology, the story features Percy Jackson, a teenage boy who happens to be the son of the Greek god Poseidon and his human wife. Alongside Jackson other of his teammates include Annabeth, who is a daughter of a goddess, and a demigod, who is assigned to protect Percy.

The movie has been released in two parts entitled Percy Jackson and Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters respectively. Both the installments follow the journey of Percy along with his friends to the underworld and other mysterious places around the world to bring back the items lost from the Gods including the lightning bolt of Zeus in Season one.

Though the movie is liked by many, it failed to perform well at the box office. The overall worldwide earning of the project was $226 million for part 1(2010), and $199 for part 2 which was released in 2013. The writer of the movie also didn’t appreciate the script and felt that it was lacking various aspects.

Will There Be Percy Jackson 3?

With unsatisfactory earnings from the previous two projects, the makers have dropped the idea of renewing the movie for another installment. Later on, the news was also confirmed by Logan Lerman, the actor playing the role of Percy Jackson in the movie.

Lerman clarified that he absolutely enjoyed playing the role of Percy and would love to do so, but unfortunately things don’t always happen the way you want them to be. Although I am disappointed, I still feel that it is a good decision by the production team if the film was not performing up to the mark. However, I also have good news for the ardent fans of Percy Jackson.

Percy Jackson Reboot

Disney plus has decided to reboot the movie into Television series with the full involvement of the novel writer Rick Riordan. The project is currently under development and the novelist has also visited Los Angeles to discuss it with the production team. Though the progress of the project is relatively slow, it is officially announced by the makers and we will get to see it in the near future.

Similarly, the directors and the producers are also trying their best to select the actors that will best suit the character. This will help the audience connect to the characters easily and indulge in the story deeply. The series will also offer more screen time for the development of the story and will offer better prospects for makers as compared to the movie version of the book.

Percy Jackson Series Trailer

Currently, no trailer or teaser is available for the upcoming Disney Plus series. But, the makers have assured us that the project has started and will soon reach the shooting stage. Till then, fans are advised to wait patiently and let the production team do their tasks. Similarly, if you have seen any trailer related to Percy Jackson 3, then be aware that the trailer was most probably fan-made and had no authenticity to it. Fox entertainment has already abandoned the project and is not interested in developing another sequel to the movie.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Rick Riordan hate Percy Jackson movies?

The actual brain behind the story, Riordan does not hate the film, he just feels that the script is not up to the mark and needs various improvements. Before the release of the movie, he was asked to share his judgment of the script and the writer ended up suggesting dozens of changes in the script. However, those changes were not implemented, thereby leading to his disinterest in the movie.

Where can I watch the Percy Jackson series?

The series has not been released yet and is being developed by Disney Plus along with the participation of the writer of the story. So, you can watch it on the Disney Plus channel after its release. Moreover, Netflix has not purchased the license to air the series and therefore, we are not sure whether it will be available on the platform or not.

When will be Percy Jackson 3 released?

Unfortunately, there is no future for the movie since the makers have announced its cancellation due to the poor performance of the movie at the box office. However, a reboot of the movie in the form of a series is being created by Disney Plus, which will cover the story from the start and will most probably be released in a year or two. So, you can expect to watch the detailed development of the plot this time.


Wrapping Up

Percy Jack was undeniably one of the most memorable movies of my childhood. The stories of Greek Gods and their superpowers along with the adventurous journey to the sea of monsters and the underworld captivated me deeply for years and have offered me enough material to create a wonderland of my own.

Although the news about the cancellation of the third installment of the movie disappointed me, I am happy to learn about the development of the series based on the novel, which will be personally scripted by the famous writer Rick Riordan and will be released under the banner of Disney Plus. So, don’t forget to visit our website from time to time for the latest updates on the Percy Jackson series.

Whether you’re diving into the mythological world of Percy Jackson or navigating the intricate legal drama of Suits Season 9, both offer captivating narratives filled with twists, turns, and unforgettable characters.

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