How to Stream Preacher TV Series ( Paid & Free)

Season 4 of one of the most awaited TV Series Preacher is around the corner & AMC Network has decided to launch the show on 4th of August. Everyone wants to watch its episodes as soon as it streams online. However, the main question is how & where we can stream it.

I remember the time when I watched preacher for the first time on my Amazon Prime connection. But now I don’t have any, what can I do? Watch it illegally? Well, if you want to watch it then how can I stop you. So, here in this post, I will tell you how you can stream the upcoming version of Preacher on your smartphone. In addition to this, I will tell you how you can get to watch these tv shows for free. So, now, let’s begin exploring all the options:

Storyline of Preacher TV Series

Before proceeding to some possible ways to stream the upcoming version of the Tv show let me refresh your memory. Although, it’s not easy to forget the show easily. If you’ve seen some of the previous shows of AMC Network, then you might be familiar with— How twisted their Tv shows can be. Besides, how a preacher can be different from this?

The story follows the life of preacher— Jesse Custer. Although, he has supernatural powers, but he still loves to smoke & drink like any other human.  In order to find out everything that’s happening to him, he decided to go on a quest of finding the GOD who is missing from HEAVEN.

How to Watch Preacher TV Series Online?

If you want to watch preacher tv series legally then it means that you can afford to purchase subscriptions. There are several digital platforms that let you stream the upcoming & previous seasons of Preacher TV series. So, now, let’s find out all these platforms & what amount of money they will cost you for the subscription packs:

Amazon Prime Video

As I told you earlier that I started watching Preacher tv series from my Amazon Prime Video account. But my subscription expired after some time. So, if you can afford to purchase the subscription pack than it is one of the best platforms for you to stream the show. The monthly subscription pack will cost you $12.99/month whereas yearly subscription will cost you $119/year.


Don’t you think the pricing of an Amazon Prime subscription is too high? If you feel the same then the only remaining option for you is HULU. However, if you can ignore the ads then purchase a 1-month subscription at merely $5.99. if you can increase your budget a bit then I recommend you to go for customized plan of $14.99. In this plan, you will get the combination of both HULU & HBO. Isn’t it Amazing?

How to watch Preacher TV Series for Free?

I know most of you’re waiting for me to tell you how it is possible to watch this TV show online for free. Well, it’s nothing genius, all you have to do is create a Gmail account & use it to create an amazon prime account. Make sure to add a new mobile number in the amazon prime account. After creating the account, avail free one month trial of Amazon Prime. Add a credit or Debit card to start enjoying the latest version of Preacher tv series. You can repeat the same process again & again to claim your amazon prime account for free.

Note- Make sure to unsubscribe the free trial. Otherwise, the money will be deducted from your account. Besides, you can always use a debit card with no actual money.

Final Words

To sum up I would say that these are some of the ways that you can use to binge watch preacher tv series anytime you want. That’s it for today as I hope this post helped you in watching preacher tv series for free. Do let us know that the trick worked for you or not in the comments section below.

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