Is The Political Drama Officially Cancelled by Netflix ?

Is The Political Drama Officially Cancelled by Netflix? House of Cards Season 7

House of Cards was the first Netflix series which was an American political web series. It was created by Beau Willimon in February 2013 on Netflix. On that time, the main star cast of this series was Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Michael Kelly. But unfortunately, they decided to end up this series with its final season.

In addition, this Netflix series was based on Politics in Washington D.C where a congressman named Frank Underwood has become president of America. Robin Wright has played the role of his wife in this series as Claire Underwood.

Three Powerful Reasons

There are powerful reasons which are responsible for the end of the house of cards ( The Political Drama ). Firstly, a lady named Anthony Rapp put blame on Kevin Spacey for sexual misconduct with her. According to the story of Anthony Rapp, Kevin took her to a bar at late night where he slept with her. Due to this, Anthony joined me too# campaign in order to get justice by filing a case against Kevin. This happened on October 30, 2017. So Netflix decided that it would be the final season of the house of cards ( The Political Drama). Along with this, Netflix announced that Kevin has removed from this series.Is The Political Drama Officially Cancelled by Netflix? House of Cards Season 7

Secondly, bad reviews had given by the audience to this house of cards season 6. In this season, the public criticized Kevin for doing the crime of misconduct with ladies. So, all the fans who have watched this series said that it is the ridiculous behaviour of Kevin. Last but not least, perhaps, the creator of this Netflix series wanted to turn all the situations by casting Robin Wright as the president of America. In this is season 6, the position of Claire Underwood was so strong which is appreciated by many people.

On the flip side, some persons like all the seasons of house of cards and they want to watch it again. They were astounded when they came to know that season 6 is the last season of house of cards. the director van vanished the role of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in the house of cards ( The Political Drama ) by representing his death. In this season, he died on the sofa at night but nobody knows how he died?

So the next scene, Claire Underwood has become president of America and she was guiding all the ministers of her cabinet. But unfortunately, voice president mark usher was connected with Bill and Annette shepherd who was influencing Claire for resigning from the position of president. At the same time, Annette’ s son Duncan puts pressure on Claire through his media company spreading rumours about Claire Underwood. So, Claire faced many challenges in her cabinet.

Political DramaTo add to it, state Secretary of America named Durant creates a drama of her death and flee the country. She arrived in France. This happened because of the great effect of Annette Shepherd on Durant. but Claire knew about this matter very well. Then, Claire revealed that She is pregnant with Frank’s child. So her kid would have become the heir of Frank. But every person was against her and tried to pull her down.

In this season, Claire Underwood runs her cabinet according to her own agenda. In the end, she forces a person named Doug to reveal truths about her husband Frank Underwood. Actually, Doug knows a plethora of secrets of Frank. After this scene, the house of cards seasons 6 was concluded when Claire stabbed Doug. She also said a line that “no more pains”. So this is the last scene of the house of cards season 6.

Final Words

Overall, for some people, it was so interesting and they also want to watch another season of it. But it is impossible because the house of cards season 6 was the final season of this Netflix series. So, do let us know what’s your take on the circumstances that led to the cancelling of Season 7 of House of Cards.

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