Is It The End Of Fast Fashion?

If you are still unaware why I am asking this question? For your information forever 21 is bankrupt now. However, the insolvency of this giant fast-fashion brand limelight hashtags fast fashion sucks, RIP fast fashion, etc. This is happening due to high consequences of fast fashion on the environment.  

Yes… My dear friend a cloth can disturb the ecological balance don’t worry I will tell you how. As we all know that whole world is at stake due to environmental changes. It includes damage of Ozone layer, rise in temperature, etc are the primary factors that endanger the living species on earth. I know that there is so much info given in small space and many of you may not be able to understand each point clearly. To make it more clear let’s explore each point and start with Forever 21.

Bankruptcy of Forever 21

Yes, Forever 21 that holds more than 800 stores in three continents is facing reduction in profit.

Due to that least profit stores will be closed down. Forever 21 is known for its fast-fashion clothing range believed to be popular in young men and women groups.

I said believed as low profits are a sign of low sales meaning low demand. If a brand having low demand how can it be popular. It is also said that Forever 21 rents 1.5 million square feet for 99 spaces making collateral damage in retail space if Fast fashion giant closes its operation completely.

Well its a slowdown phase different industries facing a slowdown including automobiles, the garment sector still a winner but its segments like fast fashion are facing a slowdown. Apart from Forever 21, Zara, H&M, Boilersuits reported decreasing sales in last two years. The time span is big so the fashion house is but a continuous fall in sale means its the trend may be the next shut down is on its way.

Will You Withdraw Fast Fashion to Save Environment

The latest study by Oxfam shows that major part of population ignores the bad impacts of this clothing range on environment. Actually this range supports the trend of rejecting cloths on frequent basis that leaves a carbon footprint on the plant.

The problem starts from here, as traditionally person purchase clothes and wears them on for longer durations. It is not only related to this but a major part of fast fashion has made up of synthetic material. As it costs cheaper but workers working on synthetic has to face health issues. 

I think now you are getting it’s not just about mother earth but also buying a fast fashion affects directly to a human being. 

Taking Initiative

If you are thinking how will the situation change as it is affecting our life and planet directly. To make a change what you all need is just an initiative and people started taking initiative against this deadly fashion trend.

Paul Grover has come up with a new idea named HURR, it is a place where you get clothes for rent. That means a cloth is reused many times without making a bulge in your pocket or on the environment.  So, don’t just throwaway start renting as it will help each of us for more info check the website

Fast Fashion

If you are still struggling to understand what is fast fashion than this last one is for you. It is a modern-day term to get clothing straight from catwalks to streets. Generally, these type of clothing is made of cheap material to imitate the look only. It can be said that these are economical but leaves harmful effects on the environment and human health. Fast Fashion is concept-driven term just to encash the fashion trends in money only.

Final words

That’s all for today, I hope you like the information shared today and will refer it with your friends and family members. Fast fashion looks great but adds huge carbon footprint which is bad for environment. Kindly avoid these trendy clothing to save our planet for the next generations. Do you have fast-fashion clothing in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comment section given below.

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