Boilersuit empowering women for Heavyduty job with Grace

Nowadays we have seen many heroines seen wearing Boilersuit even on major events as well. As I remember the boilersuit was worn first by Rosie the Riveter during her wartime campaign for women workers in factories & shipyards. The iconic poster shows a lady possing in broiler suit with utmost confidence with the slogan “We Can Do It”.

Today brands set it off from factories to ramp walks but still, one thing that remains the same is toughness and elegance. Also, different versions introduced by various designers that include khaki, collarless, etc. All these changes keeps them in trend even it is believed that women are safer in this cloth as it provides an outer covering hiding her curves. Also seen in Teens award 2019.  

Some people may get offended but If you have done any labor or heavy-duty job there you don’t have much time of taking care of your posture. That makes a lady unsafe as everyone is aware of what kind of environment you get in factories, mines, etc. Boiler suit makes women comfortable for work at the same time provides moral support and confidence.

It’s Not About Fashion Only

Anything or in this case Boilersuit witnessed a long journey for proving their utility. It is also important to show the possibility of indulging it with art and fancy. It is true that fashion is always changing with movement of needle. Nowadays when fashion is part of everyone’s daily life thanks to Instagram that made street style reality as everyone is posting their stylist pics. Many of them are trending cross borders and many of them setting trends of society. 

Why Boilersuit made for Exactly?

Actually, what you guys are seeing in the name of Boilersuit are modified version of classic suit. 

By going through above information you are fully aware that boilersuits are for factory working woman. In other words, it can be said that it makes life easier for women performing heavy duties. 

As per Wikipedia a Boilersuit is loose-fitting clothing intended to cover the whole body from top to bottom. Obviously it doesn’t cover the head as I am not talking about Burka. The word boilersuit is added in oxford dictionary in 1989 edition. It is also known as Coverall, overall in the fields of North America and U.K. 

Some evidence says that it replaced the bib and brace suit which was worn by factory ladies normally. At that time a more tightly fit version is available by the name of Jumpsuit very popular in northeastern part of India and China as well. 

Association with History

It has played importance role during second world. When air raids were a threat some people may say that was siren suit. Yeah… they are right but as per measurement and description, nothing is changed then name. Historically it is also known as Jumpsuit, flight suit, Speedsuit, Onesie. Don’t confuse by the name as all them are pretty similar to it.

Final Words

That’s all for today, I hope you like the information shared here and will share it with your friends and family members. I think you must wear a boilersuit as it makes you fashionable and also works for your figure while traveling alone. In this woman empowerment era, it sounds creepy but safety is always better even for a man. 

What you feel about the cloth talked today? do you have one in your wardrobe? mention it in the comment box below. You can also share your worries our team will try their best to provide a solution for that in our upcoming blogs.    


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