A giant monster battle is expected at the end of season 9 of Fortnite leak

Fortnite is approaching the end of the ninth season, and the ongoing plot of the game is starting to build another great live event again.

In the ninth season, the Polar Beak region became like the flight of a large-eyed creature released from ice broken by a volcanic eruption last season if you did not keep it.

The fans saw the creature’s eye go through the ice, and then the destruction he left after trampling the map – and then back to him, to damage the Crypt’s cape. The last time she was seen underwater, she swam by the edge of the map with a Polar Summit still in the back.

In the game files, the data saw that it refers to the name of the Cattus code.

But we still have to see the monster properly. Which brings us to this weekend, when the change in the volcano pressure factory paved the way to build. The reliable Fortnite Forster suddenly found a huge robot foot. The name of the robot code? Doggus.

Other files found to refer to other parts of the robot body, with the suggestion that it will be built gradually in the rest of the season. Other references to Cattus and Dogg put the meeting as an event in a game that will be promoted through various posters in the game.

The scene is set so that a large-eyed Fortnite monster hits a pressure robot in a big battle – after all, it’s about what the game is all about. My money is in Cattusa leading the crown – I have a good kitten about it.

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Fortnite’s Season 9 Utopia Skin Leaks

Last year, Epic tried to get out of the inevitable losses of its secret Discovery skin by promoting Ruin on Fortnite on social media before it could be recovered. But this year for Utopia’s skin, which players will be able to unlock soon, they were not fast enough.

The Utopia Fortnite 9 skin, unlocked after finding 90 Fortbits, is called Singularity, and it is a woman’s skin that changes, something that rarely happens with that secret place on the skin. That’s how:

This is not … nothing too wild. Indeed, Singularity resembles all the feminine skins of a futuristic fragment of this season, and I actually claimed that some of these skins were even more designed than she was. However, it has several alternative styles and colors, because you can change the armor and give it a helmet. It is not clear if this will happen only in the case of XP / kill / etc challenges, or will there be some kind of process in the game to unlock different elements, as we saw in The Prisoner cover two seasons ago.

Final Words

FORTNITE Season 9 is nearly done, and the scene is being set for the huge live event that will cap it off. A giant beast has wrought havoc across the map during the season, but all without ever being seen properly. The next will be displayed in season 10. Update: you need more Fortibies to unlock additional elements, which makes sense.


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