6 Essential Things to Bring on Your First Hunting Trip – 2024 Guide

Hunting has been part of human life since ancient history. Without it, we probably would not have reached this level of intelligence, technology, and advanced society that we have today. However, today, hunting is not a requirement and it is usually done for recreation. But, the thrill of the hunt is still there and the fun or bonding experience you can get with a friend, family member or partner is quite rewarding on a hunting trip. But, you cannot go on such a trip without bringing some essential things.

Assuming that you have not had a lot of experience with this kind of activity in the past, you will require a bit of guidance to tell you which are the essential thing that you will need to bring with you. It can be anything from clothing to equipment to weapons. For weapons, you can learn more at Lunde Studio since they have comparisons and in-depth reviews of different weapons and accessories. To survive and to stay safe this is very important.

I decided to write this guide for 2024 which can be used to help everyone ensure their safety and survival. Just make sure you read through all the items I mentioned in this article.

1. Water is always essential

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There is one thing that you have to understand when going on any kind of trip, not just the hunting one and that is the fact that water is always essential. No matter where you are going, and wire what you are doing, you should always have a bottle full of fresh water in your backpack. This is because the human body cannot survive without water for more than three or four days.

It is especially dangerous to get dehydrated while you are out in the wild. Whether you are out hunting on a mountain or forests, it does not matter. There is always the possibility that you might get lost or hurt which means you can get stuck in the wild for several days. You will not be able to find a source of clean water every time you are in the forest.

So, a bottle full of fresh and clean water is vital. In fact, you should probably pack a few more bottles. If they seem to be too heavy, you can always empty them or drink them.

2. A pair of gloves

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This is the one essential item that every hunter seems to forget. According to TX Fowlers, this is the one essential item that every hunter seems to forget. I know, it might not seem like it is a very important part of the equipment that you will take on your trip, but it definitely is. Usually, when going into the forest or the mountain, the temperature can drop rapidly. Even when it is summer, camping under all those trees at night can be very cold. It is very important to protect your hands and your fingers because they are the first things that can get cold or even freeze.

Fortunately, these days you can find a good pair of heated gloves on websites such as www.itishooting.com for a good price.

You also have to consider the fact that you will be carrying a gun or a bow in your hands almost all the time. It will be much more comfortable to hold the weapon with gloves on.

Keep in mind, the gloves are not just for comfort or to protect you from the cold. They will also be useful while traversing. Grabbing onto sharp rocks or onto trees and tearing/pushing away thorny plants can be impossible if you do not have gloves equipped.

3. First aid kit

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Another essential for every hunting trip is a first aid kit. Do not worry, there is a very small chance that something bad might happen during your trip, but it is always smart to have a first aid kit with you. It is useful because you might cut yourself on anything while out and about in the woods stop you can cut yourself on a sharp rock, while climbing a tree or while going through thorny bushes.

Naturally, if you do cut yourself, you should not leave that wound dirty and open, especially when you are located in the wild. That is why in a first aid kit you find everything you need to clean your wound and to cover it.

You also probably developed blisters on your feet after walking so much in tight boots, so again, I first aid kit will come as a useful tool.

4. Food

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Water is essential because the human body cannot go without it for more than three days, but food is also very important. Depending on how many days you are going to be on this trip, the amount of food you will need to carry will vary.

However, when going hunting, it is best to carry food that is light but very nutritious. You should be looking at high-calorie protein bars, can of beans, can of sardines, and anything else that has a lot of calories and protein.

Make sure you have enough for every day that you are going to be on your trip and a few cans extra in case you get stuck somewhere or if you decide to stay for a little bit longer.

5. Flashlight

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At night, the woods will be pitch black. The light from the moon will not be enough which means you will have to carry some kind of light source. So, obviously, you will need a flashlight. However, not any flashlight you can find. I recommend that you go searching for a flashlight in that will provide enough light in a battery that will last you for several days.

Otherwise, you might end up stuck in the dark with a tool that does not work.

6. Plastic bag

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This might not be essential for everyone, but I personally believe that it is very important. All that trash from the water bottles, cans, and all the other foods will need to end up somewhere. Obviously, you should not be throwing that kind of trash out in the wild. Be responsible and get yourself a plastic or a trash bag.

There are a lot more things that you can take with you on your hunting trip, but I believe these are the six most essential things you will need. Just make sure that your hunting partner packs properly too.

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