How Much Time Will I Need to Move to a New House in 2024?

It is a well-known fact that moving a house is a complicated and expensive process. But, what we also know is that it demands a lot of your time to plan and execute a house move. You have a lot of arrangements to make and considering the risks involved, you cannot compromise on the preparation part. Click here for a trusted state to state movers claims that it takes a lot of strategic planning and an equal amount of preparations to ensure that you enjoy a seamless move. As we all know, planning and preparation need time, and it is one of the most expensive assets we own. So, how much time do we need to move to a new house?

This post has all your queries answered. It is noteworthy that there are a lot of decisive factors that help identify the right time frame for a moving process. However, it is estimated that it takes 8-16 weeks to move a house. There are different stages of a house moving process and we have included details of each stage and how much time it takes to complete them.

How much time does it take to buy or sell a home?


If you are planning to move to a house you own, you first need to buy one. Well, finding a perfect home is not as easy as perceived. It can take you anywhere from a couple of days to several months in finding the dream home. You will have to consider a range of features including location, price, type of building, and more. Make sure you have a list of requirements and preferences readily available when you are venturing into the market to buy a house.

Also, if you already own a home, you would have to sell it first. This again is a time-consuming process as you will have to find the right buyer who offers you the best price for your property.

Now coming to a more complicated aspect, you will have to get a mortgage for the new house. Usually, it takes at least 4 weeks for you to get mortgage approval. Further, it would take around 10 weeks to do the paperwork ensuring that the ownership is transferred to your name.

However, if you live in rented accommodation and moving to a rented home, the process is less time-consuming. It would take you a week or so to find the right property to rent.

How much time do I need to find a moving company?

As soon as you find the right house, you will have to move to find the right moving company. This again is a long and time-consuming process as you will have to go through a long list of movers to find a reputed and reliable moving company.

The entire process of screening and finding the best mover will take a week or so. You will have to check all the options, get recommendations, read reviews, get moving quotes, and identify the best moving companies near you.

Make a list of 3-4 suitable moving companies and ask them for on-site estimates. You must check the company and all related information and compare the credentials of all the moving companies to find the best moving partners.
Even if you have decided to try a DIY move you will need a week or so to find the right moving truck company.

How much time do I need to prepare for the move?


Finding the right moving partner is just a small fraction of all the tasks you have to do for moving to a new house. You will need at least a month to arrange all the paperwork required for the moving process. Some crucial documents you will need include:

  • Personal documents and financial records.
  • Family’s medical records
  • Pet’s health records including vaccination records.
  • Change of address document
  • School records of children
  • Driver’s license and transferring documents
  • Utilities transferring documents

This entire process will take several days to a few weeks depending upon the number of tasks you tick from the above list.

Now you will have to make a moving inventory. Check if there is anything to discard or donate to downsize the inventory. This will save you a lot of money as the cost of moving depends widely on the size of the moving inventory.

How much time will I need to pack a house for moving?

Packing your household items safely is very important and it can take you significant time to pack all the items at your home. Depending upon the size of your house the time required for packing will differ. Usually, the time required for packing different sized home is as follows:

  • One-bedroom Apartment: 12-16 hours
  • Two-bedroom house or apartment: 25-30 hours
  • Three-bedroom house: 40 hours
  • Four-bedroom house: 50-55 hours

However, it is recommended to not try and pack everything in the house in one stretch until and unless it is mandatory. You must start packing as soon as getting the news of the relocation. You can use packing tips or engage in professional packing services as well.

Make sure you pack a bog of essentials that should contain a pair of wear clothes, some food, and water bottle. Also, add medicines and miscellaneous items to it.

How much time does it take to load a moving truck?


Again there are a lot of factors that help decide the time taken for loading a moving truck. These factors include:

  • Number of moving boxes or size of moving inventory
  • The distance of the parking from the house
  • Flights of stairs in the house
  • It can take anywhere around 2-6 hours to load a moving truck.

Hope this article answers all your queries about the time involved in a house move. Moving a house is a time-consuming task and it is best to stay prepared for it. Now that you know the time frame for a successful house move, make sure you enjoy a safe and seamless house move.

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