Pensacola Auto Shipping Rates Move Into Calmer Waters in 2024

In the wake of Hurricane Sally, many Pensacola residents are still working to clean up the aftermath. Even as little as five days ago, state and federal officials had to work to handle spills caused by boats that were damaged by Sally. The extent of the damage from these spills is unknown at this time, but the earliest report was made one day after Sally touched down on the Gulf Coast. Areas encountered over 30 inches of rain as a result of this weather phenomenon.

Hurricane Sally wasn’t the only problem holding Pensacola natives back from traveling to different parts of the world. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down businesses and even limited travel. Now restrictions are being lifted, and people are taking advantage of leisurely travel.

Hiring An Auto Shipping Company


If you plan to take a trip, you will more than likely need to hire an auto transport company to get it there. Since Pensacola sits on the coast, it is in a perfect location to take advantage of road transport and shipping via cargo ship. Pensacola is a versatile coastline that can accommodate fun and functionality.

Choosing An Auto Shipping Company

When looking into an auto shipping company, check into their information through the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website. This site can help you eliminate some of the contenders for the “best auto shipping company.” The BBB assigns companies a grade and even post the complaints that have been filed against them.

Legitimate carriers will also be able to supply you with their Department of Transportation (DOT) number and their Motor Carrier number. With these numbers, you can do additional research and see if the company is compliant with regulations.

Love Them or Leave Them


You will read many different user reviews on websites for auto shipping companies. Not all of these reviews may be legitimate. So always take customer reviews with a grain of salt because they may or may not be made by actual customers.

The next step is to narrow down companies and begin calling for quotes. Many of these companies will allow you to start the quoting process online, giving you an idea of the pricing you may be looking at for your auto shipment.

The bottom line when it comes to the quoting process – it should be free and easy. If a company wants to charge you, then you should probably move on to the next. It is okay to say no to a company you just don’t feel right about.

Your Quote

When you get your quote, the company will ask you for the make, model, year, and trim level of your car. They will also want to know the origin and destination for distance purposes. Believe it or not, an auto shipping company can learn a lot about your costs just by learning about your car. You can take advantage of their knowledge by discussing all your options for shipping your car when discussing your quote.

Preparing Your Car for Transport


In most circumstances, preparing your car or transport will be the same, regardless of foreign or domestic destination. There is one big difference in how you wash your car for a foreign destination. When you go to an international country or bring your car back to the United States from a foreign destination, you are required to have your car steam cleaned. The purpose is to remove all foreign debris and soil that does not belong in the country.

Standard Car Shipping Preparation

A lot of what car shipping companies ask for you to do to prepare your car for transport is for you, not for them. A standard washing will allow you and the driver of the transport vehicle to see any preexisting damage your car might already have on it. The preexisting damages are listed on a document called the Bill of Lading. The Bill of Lading is the document that you will be given when the car is picked up, and it will also be used again when the car reaches its destination. Another inspection will be done when the car arrives. This document is used to list any new damages (you will need this for insurance purposes).

Even though washing should be one of the last things you do in preparation, it is the most important, so it is listed first.

Getting a tune-up or at the very least a maintenance check-up before shipping your car can be the difference between being stranded or enjoying your vacation. Having your oil changed before a trip and even having diagnostic checks ran can help to determine if you have any leaks or hidden car problems that you are unaware of.

Your gas tank should only be filled to around a quarter or less of a tank of gas. The reason for this is safety, of course, but it also saves you money. Shipments are made by weight, and the lighter your gas tank, the lighter your car!

Auto Shipping Can Accommodate Your Vacationing Needs


Whether simply vacationing or looking to make a permanent relocation, choosing an auto shipping company can help provide you with an easy transition. Much like the calmer waters around Pensacola, auto shipping companies calm the waves of taking your vehicle to destinations – foreign and domestic.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to vacation without worrying about the paperwork or whether your car is going to break down on the way?

Auto-shipping companies can help provide you with peace of mind that your car is going to reach your vacation destination in the same condition you left it in.

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Make sure you spend ample time checking into the company that you are going to trust your car to. You now have the tools needed to figure out what you should look for in a company. Make sure you use the DOT, BBB, and the Motor Carrier numbers to make the right decision.

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