11 Tried and True Tips To Promote Listings on eBay – 2024 Guide

With almost 150 million active buyers daily, presenting your products on the eBay marketplace is a lucrative opportunity to drive up profits. However, along with great prospects come the challenges of cutthroat competition.

Of course, more is needed to just put your products up for sale and wait to hit the jackpot. Optimizing your listings would be a good idea to capture buyers’ attention and increase the number of conversions.

Below, we’ll share some tried and true tips to boost the visibility of your products and help you make the cut on eBay.

Tip 1. Advanced eBay Search – tame it!

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eBay determines which listing is most relevant to a buyer using Cassini, an internal search engine. Typically, Cassini uses keywords to measure your product’s Best Match relevance.

So it’s always a good idea to do some research and figure out what keywords are allowing your competing eBay products to rank high in search results.

Once you get enough inspiration, use the keywords in the Title, Description, and Items Specifics to promote the listing. However, keep it meaningful; stuffing with additional keywords will make Cassini rank your listing even lower in the search queries.

Tip 2. Two categories are better than one

eBay allows you to list items in more than one category. And this feature is definitely worth using to promote your products! Placement in the second category is an effective way of getting more eyes on your products.

However, remember that eBay also charges an insertion fee for the second category.

Tip 3. It’s all about the visuals

Buyers quickly lose focus while scrolling through eBay’s endless catalog, so standing out from the crowd is a must. You will definitely catch the eyes of potential buyers if your product uses clear, light, and high-quality photos.

Make sure they accurately show all the fine details of your item, including flaws, if any.

Tip 4. Keep buyer-seller pricing balance

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Undoubtedly, the price is one of the most crucial factors buyers consider when making a final purchase decision. Do a little research and study the market to establish favorable prices that will engage buyers.

It is essential to strike a balance between being competitive and generating profit at the same time.

Tip 5. Free shipping is attractive

Buyers expect to receive the ordered goods as quickly as possible, preferably free of charge. Here’s a trick: Some eBay sellers include shipping costs in their product prices and entice new customers by offering shipping at no cost.

Buyers will be bound to see your listing when narrowing down the search by ‘free shipping’.

Tip 6. Set a generous return window

While eBay lets you decide whether to accept returns from buyers, it also promotes listings that offer a return policy of 30 days or more. So setting clear and generous return limits builds buyer confidence and automatically ranks you higher in search results.

Tip 7. Make customers happy

Source: answerfirst.com

First-class customer service always leaves a lasting impression. Make it easy for customers to contact you, respond to their positive and negative feedback, let them know the status of their delivery, and go the extra mile.

In turn, you get a more visible online presence and let other buyers know your business is trusted.

Tip 8. Win the ‘Top Rated Seller’ badge

eBay values sellers that meet the highest standards. As a reward, eBay places top sellers higher in search results and can expect to make more sales.

Getting the ‘Top Rated Seller‘ badge is challenging as you really need to follow all the aspects mentioned above in the best possible way; however, the prize is worth it!

Tip 9. Leverage eBay Promoted Listings

eBay offers its Promoted Listings program to make the listing you’re selling more visible and maximize your profits. It can be a great option as the program has been proven to have excellent targeting power and deliver up to 40% more views.

The payment terms are also attractive, as eBay only charges you for the item sold.

Tip 10. Integrate with M2E Pro

As you can see, getting your items to the top of eBay search results takes blood, sweat, and tears. Even following all the best practices does not guarantee you unconditional success. To help you in your endeavors, you can opt for a smart e-commerce tool.

Consider integrating with M2E Pro, Magento native extension https://m2epro.com/marketplaces/magento2-ebay-integration that, among other things, helps to automate your inventory and order management on 23 eBay marketplaces, including eBay Motors.

No more tedious manual operations. With M2E Pro, you can manage inventory and orders with almost no effort on your part. In the meantime, focus on more pressing things like increasing the traffic and visibility of your listings.

Tip 11. Utilize eBay Promotions

One of the most effective tried and true tips to promote listings on eBay is to utilize eBay promotions. eBay offers several types of promotions that sellers can take advantage of, such as sales and discounts, free shipping, and promoted listings. Sales and discounts are a great way to entice buyers to make a purchase, as everyone loves a good deal. Sellers can create sales and discounts on their eBay store or on individual listings, and eBay will promote these promotions to potential buyers. Offering free shipping is also an effective way to attract buyers, as it eliminates an additional cost for them. eBay offers a program called eBay Guaranteed Delivery, which allows sellers to offer fast and free shipping to customers, which can improve search result rankings and attract more buyers.

Promoted listings is another effective way to increase visibility and sales on eBay. With promoted listings, sellers pay a fee to have their items appear at the top of search results or on other relevant eBay pages. This helps increase visibility and attract more potential buyers, leading to increased sales. eBay provides detailed analytics on promoted listings, which allows sellers to track the performance of their promoted items and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Overall, utilizing eBay promotions is a smart and effective way to promote listings on eBay and boost sales. By taking advantage of these promotional tools, sellers can increase visibility, attract more buyers, and ultimately, increase their profits.

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