Online Gambling Trends in Western Countries Worldwide in 2024

Online gambling has made tremendous progress since its introduction to customers all over the globe.  Not only has it become one of the largest industries in the market, but it continues to increase at a rapid pace. The entire sector is coming through drastic changes all the time and players are more than blessed about the opportunity to see new tech achievements in the market. During 2019, the land-based sector has recorded a significant decline and the number of online casinos is increasing all the time. Players now have a unique opportunity to play from mobile phones and enjoy gambling experience from any possible place. To learn about trends in leading online gambling markets, be sure to read the following review.

New Zealand


New Zealand is one of the fast-growing markets with a notable presence of online casinos. The country introduced the Gambling Act in 2003 and has ever since then attracted players from all over the globe. Online platforms meet the needs of local customers and the local government looks for additional ways to expand the while sector.

New Zealand local market protects all gamblers from the country. It strives to ensure that customers have access to the most regulated and fair gaming platforms. With the constant evolvement of the industry, NZ is experiencing regular growth in the number of customers who choose to bet on online gaming options.

The local government has also supported national Lotto to provide players with new gambling services, with an increasing portfolio. With all these innovations, NZ players can choose from a number of casino options that keep the security of the high level. It makes them feel safer while playing their favorite online games.

Talking about online casino games, New Zealand’s most obvious trend is the growing popularity of the online pokies (pokies is the NZ name for slots). Pokies have always been very popular in New Zealand and the idea of being able to play pokies games online no matter where you are is rapidly creeping into the minds of the NZ pokies lovers. For further information on online pokies you can visit

United States of America

The United States of America is another country with constantly changing rules in the gaming sector. Some states allow local customers to engage in gambling activity while others don’t allow any related activity. Players from New Jersey can enjoy online gambling on different verticals including poker, sports, and other casino chances. Gamblers from Las Vegas are also allowed to take part in the gambling activities, as one of the hugest markets around the world. Players from all over the globe come to Las Vegas to enjoy an array of betting opportunities. It is also important that Vegas protects players from any kind of malversation and maintains a safe gambling environment.



Another country that approves gambling in Spain. The country has started to create additional betting opportunities for its customers and the industry continues to grow all the time. Spain is also famous for rules which keep gambling activity under protections while allowing players to have the utmost experience.  Having taken into consideration that local authorities didn’t undertake any measures to legalize online gambling activities, the present situation is more than satisfying. At the moment, Spain attracts customers from all parts of the globe to join its online sites. The most demanded options are slots and sports betting. However, bettors should choose only providers who are licensed from leading regulatory authorities.


Denmark is another country with straightforward laws and gambling rules. Players who choose to join local online gaming platforms will have an opportunity to relish an array of options with an accent on lottery and betting. Operators who look to obtain a license in the country can submit the application for either casino or betting license. Those providers who receive approval are completely safe for all customers.



As one of the most known online gambling regions, Alderney is outside of Europe which seems to be an immense gambling region. The local market spurs players from all over the globe and keeps players to come back to domestic platforms. Providers who have the license from the local Gambling Commission are completely safe and recommended for worldwide users.

United Kingdom

The online casino industry in the United Kingdom is also going through drastic changes. The local government has recently banned the utilization of credit cards for online gambling purposes. The country explained that credit cards may lead to unsafe gambling. As a result, local players started to use e-wallets.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission continues to issue gambling licenses to operators which comply with all local rules. Following the practice, numerous platforms have closed their operational activity. It is also important to mention that children are restricted from accessing online casinos. The local platforms record the increase in the use of cryptocurrency utilization. It means that customers prefer safe deposits and withdrawals while keeping their privacy on a high level. Most patrons access games from mobile phones which is another beneficial side of UK platforms.



Germany is another western country that records a significant increase in online gambling activities. According to the plans of local authorities, the New Gambling Treaty will introduce local online gaming sites. Players are already showing interest in accessing platforms that would be regulated by local authorities. With the introduction of the new Act, online users will also be additionally protected while spending time online.

Still, local players are accessing platforms that hold licenses from offshore providers. As a result, players can place max bets, without no deposit limits. If the country approves the New Act, it could result in over €1.9m in revenues by 2024. It will be a good source of revenue for the local economy.


Another incredibly successful region in terms of online casino operation is Sweden. This country stands out with several trends that started in 2019.

First of all, the Swedish online gaming market is increasing at a rapid pace allowing players to choose from numerous gambling options. The number of players who participate in gambling activities is reducing while, at the same time, those who play – play longer and spend more. The entire industry is highly dependable on tech solutions. Players are also changing their behavior and start playing favorite games from mobile devices.

At the moment, there are three authorities that are responsible for the regulation of online gambling operations – Spel Authority, Consumer as well as National Health Agency.



Going outside the European continent, Canada is one more country that records significant changes in players’ behavior while spending time and money online. More and more customers choose live dealer games, taking the opportunity to enjoy a real casino experience. Cryptocurrency payments are also increasing in popularity around the country. Included are the most famous options such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Digital payments facilitate the entire opportunity, allowing players to rest assured about security.


As we can see, the online gaming industry is growing all the time, with more innovative solutions being added on a regular basis. The rising trend is the most evident among western European countries which have put significant effort to regulate the whole industry. The United States of America, on the other side, is also showing increasing trends of the whole sector, with more betting opportunities and more regulators approving online platforms across the country. The same will continue in the future, with more customers being interested in online casinos rather than land-based venues. It will logically come with the increase of mobile-optimized casinos, which can be accessed from any possible place.


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