Fortnite Fortbyte Season 9- Complete Remaining Challenges Now

Fortnite Season 9, ends with 9 weeks of challenges, which means the season is about to come to an end. Those who want all seasonal awards need to quickly address these challenges before it is too late.

Use Chug Jug or Splash Chug in 3 different games – 5 Battle Battle

Chug Jug and Chug Splash are two medicines found all over the island. Of the two most popular, Splash Chug is available. Find one and give yourself or another team a quick treatment.

Where to visit the solar panel in the snow, desert, and jungle – 5 stars stars

Solar panels are groups of solar panels located in certain parts of the island. This challenge can be made in any order, and the deaths can be shown on the map. In the snow, go to Frosty Flights and you will see them near the hangar. The solar system is the desert on the west side of John Wick house. Northwest Steps Near the water is the third matrix in the jungle.

New and exciting challenges of Fortnite Fortbyte

Use Chug Crugs or Chug Slash in various games (0/3)

Visit a solar array on snow, desert, and jungle (0/1)

Step 1 of 5: Get rid of the rare common weapon (0/1)

Step 2 of 5: Get rid of rare rare weapons (0/1)

Step 3 of 5: Get rid of the rare weapon (0/1)

Step 4 of 5: Get rid of the rare epic weapon (0/1)

Step 5 of 5: Get rid of the rare legendary weapon (0/1)

Fortnite Fortbyte Battleground challenges

  • Treating damage to accounts (0/500)
  • Search for cabinets in Lazy Lagoon or Hamlet Hall (0/7)
  • Eliminate enemies in various Designated Locations (0/5)
  • Coping with enemy damage within a 10 s radius Landing from Wulkan (0/200)

Get rid of a simple, unfamiliar, rare, epic and legendary weapon – 10 battle stars

A piece of cake is to eliminate an unfamiliar, epic or legendary weapon. These weapons have a lot of firepowers, so it is easy to remove them. When it comes to common and unusual weapons, focus on shooting weapons early in the game and you will probably find one of two. Look for an easy goal, like someone looking for weapons to eliminate it.

How to handle 500 damage from headshots – 10 battle stars

Players should focus on any weapon other than rocket launchers and rifles. To perform this task quickly, look for a rifle for these large amounts of damage.

Search 7 chest at Lazy Lagoon or Happy Hamlet – Battle Battle 5

Both sites will not track players, so your favorite thing will work. Happy Hamlet could have more people because of certain challenges, but the two places will not be too crazy.

Eliminate 5 enemies at different designated sites – 10 battle stars

The game rejects this challenge slowly. Just enjoy the game and keep moving forward. The more you play that many challenges you will face and ultimately increase the level of interest in the game.

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