Major Announcements of Animal Crossing New Horizons at Nintendo Direct

Every year Nintendo releases some amazing titles. What about 2024?

Well, this year from March 20, 2024, Nintendo Switch user will get to play most awaited game animal crossing new horizons.

Yeah! That’s a new addition to Animal Crossing series already available on Nintendo Switch. Finally, Nintendo’s famous community-building game series is getting a new leading game.

Be it fans or developers, everyone is excited about the release of this upcoming game. At present, the excitement has reached a new level as Nintendo has laid out all the information in a Direct Presentation for the fans.

That’s unusual from Nintendo. Well, in the following post, I’ll let you know all the details released by Nintendo. So, stay tuned:

Nintendo Direct Online Presentation Video

Here’s the complete 27+ minute of Nintendo Direct Online Presentation Video:

If you don’t want to watch this long presentation video, you can read out a small summary of everything announced in the video. This will just take your 5 minutes.

Everything Nintendo Announced in Direct Presentation for Animal Crossing New Horizons

To make sure you don’t get confused while reading, I’m dividing this announcement into different sections.

Features of Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • After your entrance, you get to choose the island of your choice. You can choose it from a list of landscapes.
  • Where your player will be living – Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere? Well, this will be your personal choice. Wherever you decide to go, you’ll still be able to experience all the 4 seasons.
  • With every season in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will get to experience several new activities like gathering seeds, & leaves or building snowmen in the winter season.
  • At the beginning of this game, your player will get a tent. Your task will be to place them somewhere on the island for your guests.

What Facilities You’ll be getting with Animal Crossing New Horizons?

  • Your daily need will be supported with the help of Resident Services for 24 hours. Buy necessary goods & sell unwanted items from here.
  • Do love crafting? Well, then that’s the place for you as it allows you to craft a different type of items.
  • Follow recipes properly to Craft items from the available materials.
  • Use your custom designs to customize your furniture.
  • Similar to resident services, The Airport provides 24/7 internet connectivity.
  • Visitation on the island is limited to 8 players.
  • Interact with other islands & residents to interact with in-game postal service.

Special Services Announced for Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • As I told you above that you’ll be getting a tent. Well, this is not it as Nook Inc will provide some remaining necessary items for you.
  • You in-game mobile is of NookPhone brand. This smartphone has a basic app like Camera. In the near future, some more apps will be added.
  • Every day, in the beginning, Mr Nook will broadcast a special episode for all you guys. In this special broadcast, you might get daily activities & some other useful information.
  • Got injured because of dangerous creatures like Wasps & scorpions? Don’t worry, the rescue app is here for your rescue.
  • Help all the Castaways available at the shores.
  • Lost on the island? Don’t worry. Once again, the Rescue Service app is here for your service. It’ll help you transport back to your original tent.

Frequently Asked Questions | Animal Crossing New Horizons

Q – How many people can behold by a single switch?

A – On one shared island, a single switch can hold up to 8 people.

Q – What’s the offer I can get with Official Release of the game?

A – You’ll get the free update only at the time of release.

Q – Will I get any bonus if I pre-order Animal Crossing New Horizons?

A – Yes, you can get a bonus if you place an order only from Bestbuy, Walmart or GameStop. However, the pre-order bonus is valid until stock lasts. So, hurry up & pre-order now at $59.99 to get an exclusive bonus.

Final Words

Animal Crossing New Horizons will be from March 20, 2024, for Nintendo Switch users. Will you play it on your gaming console? Do let me know your thoughts on this & the latest Nintendo Direct presentation in the comments section given below.

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