How to Watch Your Favorite Anime With a Crunchyroll Guest Pass?

When it comes to streaming high-resolution anime shows and films, the name of Crunchyroll comes up. If you don’t know what Crunchyroll is, it’s a streaming site that offers you to watch anime and read manga with a premium membership. If you are ready for paying the subscription fee for streaming, the site has a vast library of content for you.

However, not everyone can pay the additional subscription fee on the top of membership of platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Spotify, at least paying an extra fee for only watching anime seems a bit too much. That’s when a Crunchyroll guest pass comes to rescue.

If you can’t afford to pay for Crunchyroll membership, a Crunchyroll guest pass is a limited incentive provided to the premium members of the site. The incentive allows the paying members to invite their friends to visit the site and watch the content for a limited period free of cost.

A premium account of Crunchyroll members receives a guest passcode every month, and it can be shared with a single person. If the person uses the code to enter into Crunchyroll Guest Pass Page, he gets access to the premium content of the site for 48 hours.

It’s a smart move by Crunchyroll as it gives a sneak-peek to the user into the service of the site. Certainly, a brilliant move to attract new members to watch anime on the platform.

However, there is a problem with this Crunchyroll guest pass thingy. Some members we spoke to have claimed that they receive the code for a few months and for a few months they get nothing. It’s a bit troubling if true.

Now that we have told you about the guest pass, you must be wondering how to get one and binge-watch the favorite anime episodes. Well, you need not worry about it. We are going to tell you the tried and tested methods to obtain a legit Crunchyroll guest pass.

Crunchyroll Guest Pass
Crunchyroll Guest Pass

Everything about the Pass

Free 14-Day Trial: Before you don’t know or get the pass, you should know that the platform gives you a free trial for 14 days of Crunchyroll Premium. If you create an account and provide the payment details(well, what can we do?) you will get access for said period instantly.

Crunchyroll Guest Pass: The pass is a limited incentive offered as a marketing strategy, so it doesn’t grant you all the premium features. Access is granted for only 48 hours. The upper limit to the free passes is set to 10 passes per six months.

Since you get the ten passes per six months, you can binge-watch the shows with an interval of a few weeks, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive the passes as they are complementary.

Besides, they work like shopping coupons. If you redeem a guest passcode, it won’t be usable again.

Crunchyroll Guest Pass
Crunchyroll Guest Pass

How to Get The Crunchyroll Guest Pass?

Keep a Watch on Crunchyroll Social Media Handles

You need to follow Crunchyroll’s official account on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and tweet to them or comment under their public posts.

There is a chance that you will be approached by a generous premium user who might be interested in offering you the pass.

However, you must be active and fast if you rely on this method. With persistency, victory will be yours. This method is a bit stupid, but there’s a fair chance that it will work.

Anime Communities of Facebook

Every social media platform has dedicated groups of anime enthusiasts. However, most transparency and legitimacy should be expected from Facebook groups.

This is the most sureshot way to obtain a legitimate pass. First create an account on Facebook(no pun intended!) if you haven’t already, search for large anime enthusiasts communities with hundreds of thousands members.

Make sure that the group has active engagement, and spammers do not infiltrate it. Most of these active groups have regular giveaways of various anime-related goodies(that includes guest passses) arranged by admins or premium members.

Make sure that you make friends with members of the group by either approaching them or keeping an active engagement in the group. We are sure that you will most like get a pass by the members as it’s useless to premium members.

Anime Forum of Crunchyroll

There are various anime forums that serve the similar purpose that of a Facebook group, however entirely dedicated to the anime.

We recommend you to join the official Crunchyroll anime forum as the chances of landing a new guest pass, and other stuff is highest on this forum. But you need to create an account on Crunchyroll to join the forum as it’s for members alone.

You can use the filters to see the posts and announcements related to the guest pass. However, we don’t recommend pestering members in private messages asking for passes.

Reddit – Final Frontier

If you are unable to find a new Crunchyroll guest pass anywhere else, this is the final place to look for – Crunchyroll Subreddit.

This subreddit has everything related to the platform. You can see mega-threads and giveaways dedicated to the guest pass. If you join the subreddit, you will find a passcode within a day, most likely.

Final Words

We know that it’s not always possible to subscribe to the premium services, especially something like Crunchyroll – which is only for anime streaming. That’s the reason the platform has issued a Crunchyroll guest pass system to those wanting to get a glance of the service.

To help you out, we have suggested the above solutions, which should work most of the time. However, we don’t guarantee that you will receive a code.

If you have friends who are fans of anime but don’t have the means to subscribe to the service, you can share this little secret with them and become their saviour.

If you like our article on Crunchyroll guest pass, we urge you to share it with your friends and family members on various platforms. Let us know if you found a guest pass through the comments or mail. Adios!

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