The Goldbergs Season 7: Tommy Lee Makes a Guest Appearance as a College Professor

The seventh season of The Goldbergs tv-series is underway and today, on Feb 12, 2024, ABC aired the 14th episode of the show titled Preventa Mode.

As usual, this episode continued the storyline but there was a surprise in the episode.

A Guest Appearance. Can you make a guess who it was?

Don’t try too hard. It was from Tommy Lee.

Yeah! the same Tommy Lee who starred in 2004 aired NBC reality show titled Tommy Lee Goes to College.

The irony is that in this special episode, he is playing the role of a College Professor.

A role that was tailor-made for him.

Now, coming back to the show, the 14th episode of The Goldbergs Season 7 focusses on Barry Goldberg, who went on a date with one of his professors.

Tommy Lee guest stars on tonight’s (February 12) episode of ABC’s The Goldbergs in a role that was obviously tailor-made for him: A college professor.

Later on, he went to his department’s head professor to confirm whether he has violated any rules or not.

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That’s all for now. Did you watch the 14th episode of The Goldbergs Season 7? What were your best moments? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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