What Makes a Good Writing Assignment in 2024?

Many students are concerned about how to write an assignment and easily get a good grade without much effort or rewriting it.

There are a lot of recommendations on writing a paper correctly on the Internet, but most of them are worthless material rewritten from textbooks. This article provides valuable information on how to write an introduction, main body, and a conclusion competently.

How to choose a topic

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A writing assignment shows the teacher that the student understands the theoretical issue in a subject. As a rule, the teacher suggests a list of topics. If you have to choose on your own, take a topic that is more interesting and understandable for you.

Here are a few more tips that will help you decide as soon as possible:

  • Do not delay the choice, as it is better to do it quickly, especially if the choices for topics are provided by the teacher.
  • Study the quantity and quality of materials on the topic in advance.
  • Before choosing a topic, try to build a rough outline in your head.
  • The problem considered in the assignment may be further developed in your coursework and thesis.

The purpose of writing

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Preparing an essay on a specific topic can be a student’s personal initiative, but more often than not, it is a mandatory task given by the teacher. As a rule, by preparing an essay, the students are set the following goals:

  • To study the topic in more depth and in more detail.
  • To develop the skill of independent and organized activity.
  • To find and structure information on the topic.

This type of educational activity contributes to the development and improvement of the analytical skills of students, and it teaches the search and processing of data to be turned into full-fledged independent work. The main goal on the part of the student is to get a good grade and approval from teachers and fellow students.

Papers are often presented and read among classmates, and this happens during seminars or individual conferences.

The purpose of the assignment is written at the very beginning, in the introduction. The goal is the main idea, according to which the entire paper is written, and it determines the direction of the entire research. It must be followed by the result, which is later indicated in the conclusion. Thus, the goal must be real, adequate, and achievable. Strive for concise, specific, and understandable wording.

If you are stuck at the stage of setting a goal and do not know how to define it, then you can ask for assignment help online on AssignmentShark. On such services, you can ask for assistance at any stage of your work. This way, you can go through a difficult section and finish writing faster.

Examples of goal setting

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  • The purpose of the essay on the topic of the culture of colloquial speech is to explore this phenomenon in the English language.
  • The purpose of the research paper on the topic of the types of government is to determine the types of government and analyze their features.
  • The purpose of coursework in mathematics on the topic of the methods for calculating integrals is to analyze this process and to determine the most general method.
  • The purpose of a life safety essay on the topic of the effect of mobile phones on human health is to study human health and its relation to these devices.
  • The purpose of a pedagogical essay on the topic of the development of mathematical abilities in preschoolers is to consider this problem based on psychological, pedagogical, and special literature.

Errors in writing

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Immediately, we want to warn you against the following common mistakes of students:

  • Failing to achieve the required percentage of text uniqueness.
  • Excessive use of inappropriate vocabulary and disregard for the scientific style of presentation.
  • The usage of an incorrect format style and lack of compliance with the requirements.
  • Poor disclosure of the topic and problems.

Requirements for writing

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When preparing an assignment, students must follow these points:

  • Two or three items in the list of used literature is not enough – more are required.
  • Sources should be newer than the 1990s (unless, of course, your paper is about this period).
  • The style of presentation of the text should be mainly scientific. Avoid vernacular and the pronoun “I”. Visit here to increase your presentation.
  • Sources, indents, paragraphs, footnotes, and other details of the work must adhere strictly to the academic rules.
  • Follow a familiar and established structure.

Let’s move on to the structure and consider in detail all the elements.


As a rule, an assignment has a clear sequence of sections: an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

How to write an introduction correctly

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The introduction is used to judge whether the student understands the topic he or she is writing about. It has mandatory items.
Identify the relevance of the topic. This involves several sentences that answer the question: “Why study this topic?” The main options: people need it for successful activities (aluminum alloys are a necessary material for production areas); scientists are trying to solve this issue in practice (studying the types of tumors so that later scientists will look for drugs); within the topic, there are many narrow theoretical questions (a lot of information about the dilution of different breeds of salmonids – what they have in common). Write in your own words.

What to include in the main body

This part can differ according to the type of task you have. Let’s say you are writing a research paper. You may talk about the main scientists and authors who research this topic and write about it (you read them when preparing an assignment and include them in the bibliography). For example, if you are writing an argumentative essay, you should provide enough arguments and evidence to support them. As stated by ezassignmenthelp.com, this is the most important part of the article, because if you do not support enough evidence, then research paper will not be good enough.

How to finish correctly

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To finish the essay, write a conclusion and list of references, complete the work, and show the teacher two things. First, show that you really studied classical and contemporary literature on the topic. Second, show what theoretical question you understand now.

If you write the introduction, main body, and conclusion competently and logically, as well as create an accurate list of references, you can safely submit your work and expect a good result. Good luck!

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