5 Typical Essay Writing Mistakes all Students Make – 2024 Guide

How many students only got a bad grade due to an error in the essay. This is a story that almost every student can connect with. Although we are quite confident in our knowledge, we all sometimes get spelling and grammar mistakes, punctuation problem, but also many other errors. However, one student should avoid such mistakes, because in addition to having a bad effect on the grade, it is not good to have a bad foundation when it comes to knowledge.

So it is necessary to eradicate this ugly habit as soon as possible, and you can achieve that by acquiring certain information that indicates the wrong approach. Below you can read a few more common mistakes that students make, which we will explain in more detail. Good writing habits can have a big impact on after-school life, which means in the professional field and throughout your career.

Accuracy of writing at work is extremely important if you do not want someone to think of you as not being professional and educated. In any case, it is very important that you find out in time some common mistakes that most students make, regardless of whether you are a student or just about to become one. In any case, you will learn something new, and these are the following mistakes…

1. Wrong topic

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On the one hand, we have a moment in which you deviate from your focus and go in the other direction, which leads you to miss the topic. On the other hand, a more common mistake that many cannot recognize is the moment when you choose those general, common topics, used many times, and that is where the problem arises.

The thing is that it ends up on very similar expressions, concepts, sentences, and then you sink deeper and deeper into plagiarism until your essay becomes absolutely bad. However, it may not be clear to you what this general topic might be, but we have an example for you. Let’s say you choose a sport as your topic, when you will use a sentence that many have written before you. Too many general topics simply contain terms that are specific to a particular topic, but also original, so we can often find a replacement for them. You can also check the site TheDoe to have an idea of the latest topics.

Either way, try to choose original themes. Be creative, research and definitely get more informed. Apart from standing out and gaining more sympathy from your professors in this way, you can avoid all the pitfalls of potential plagiarism. If you think that the topic is too complicated and that you will not be able to write an essay that will not be plagiarism, consider turning to professionals. There are serivis, like OwlEssay, that offer to write an essay for you. Then you will be sure that the work is unique.

2. Not writing a thesis

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The sentence that is the main part of your work, represents its core and needs to be described in detail during the rest of the work, is just a thesis. You may think that you do not need it because you state very key things in it, but the point is that the whole paper can be described by a thesis, but explained much better and more widely. With the help of various examples and evidence, you will be able to bring your work to perfection, but they must follow the thesis.

It should be a compass that guides your essay and is usually at the beginning of the paper or in the introduction. Imagine telling someone a story, you have to start somewhere and stick to it, like we said like a compass. You need this so that you do not accidentally deviate from the path and go in the wrong direction and thus risk missing the topic or complicating it so much that your work becomes bad.

That is why you have a thesis that will always remind you in which direction you should move. Don’t worry about the validity of a certain statement in the thesis, it is certainly not a fact but a certain opinion, statement or argument that you have to write about the topic. In this way, it will not be difficult for you to compose a thesis, and it will mean a lot to you throughout the work.

3. Repetition

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This is one of the worst things you can do in your essay. If you are constantly spinning in a circle and you can’t write anything new but mostly go back to one or repeat, the essay is bad. We generally have two problems when it comes to repeating, the first problem is that you are constantly spinning one idea in a circle and that makes you quite limited.

Based on this, the professors mostly conclude that you don’t really know the topic you have chosen well and that your ideas are not convincing enough. The solution to the problem is in the concept that you should put together before you start writing an essay. In this way you make a clear plan that includes draft ideas and you should be guided by that while writing your paper.

This way you avoid the possibility of repeating certain ideas, concepts or facts. In any case, in the end you have a draft that can serve as a check, so if something does not agree, you will surely find it easier to notice with a reminder. Then, in addition, it would not be bad to finally check the synonyms that you will surely miss while writing, and it is not good to repeat them. It looks very unprofessional

You can do this by reading your essay several times and doing the analysis in this way, or you will achieve this through a program designed for this test.

4. Poor structure and lack of transition phases

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When you imagine what your essay should look like you automatically get its structure. However, during that, you can construct only the framework of the essay, but the internal structure is created after a long consideration and planning. That is the key to success when it comes to a good essay. Do not skip this part of the work, get well organized and always use transitional phases.

How to do it? These are several steps that lead to success: analysis of the topic of the essay, research of it, construction of ideas, presentation of the main ideas to be explained, evidence and example in the text and construction of transitional phases.

5. Punctuation and spelling errors

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According to PaperWritingService, the most common mistakes that can always be repeated are these. Simply, even when we know all the rules related to punctuation and spelling, sometimes our attention is not turned in that direction and the like. That is why it is very important to dedicate ourselves additionally to this, and considering that we have already come a long way with internet technology, now we do not have to do it alone.

Today, there are a huge number of programs that can do grammar checking for you, and you can do it yourself. You need to read the paper several times and notice what are the mistakes that occurred while typing.


If you are a student and you have written an excellent paper many times, but you still got that bad grade, you probably don’t understand anything. Most likely, these are spelling mistakes. In order not to be upset about the results of the essay in which you put so much effort, try a little harder and try to adopt some of our tips. You will have a lot more success and self-confidence, and as a reward, you will get an excellent grade and even better knowledge.


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