3 Common Bluffing Mistakes all Beginner Poker Players Make

What makes a good gambler? This is one of the most common questions both gamblers and non-gamblers usually ask, when they see someone winning frequently. This is also a question that comes to people’s minds when they see someone losing their money, and making bets over and over again. But to be able to answer this question, you first need to enter a gambler’s mindset, which is somewhat different from everything we’ve been able to see before. What do we mean by this? There are hundreds, even thousands of different games, bets, offers and casinos, both online and brick and mortar. That being said, not every game requires the same skills, levels of experience, expertise, self-discipline, self-control and other personality traits. While there are games such as slots, where everything is based on being lucky, or in other words, fighting the computer or a system that’s based on chances rather than skills; there are other games that require not only a good amount of critical thinking, logic, good memory and high levels of concentration, but they also require developing certain strategies and being able to manage both your emotions and your behavior. That being said, managing your behavior in games such as poker, means not showing your emotions nor anything that could show your opponents what you are up to, what your intentions are, and more importantly – what is your next step, or next steps.

Being confident and knowing when to stop are two of the most important elements of success, when it comes go wagering and gambling. This is what differentiates average players from the ones that could be called successful. Outsmarting all the other players, your competitors, is a goal for most of the gamblers. But for the ones that are truly successful, being in control of themselves and their own behavior is the number one success in their gambling portfolio.

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As we’ve already mentioned, and according to uspokerkings.com, poker is one of the games that require special skills from their players, in order to master it. What are those skills? Being unpredictable is one of the most important skills, if not the most important one, since poker is all about making it hard for your opponents to figure you out. This means that changing strategies and patterns, even coming up with new ones during the game, should become normal to you. Sticking to just one strategy or way of thinking, without feeling the need to improvise is one of the worst things you can do, and it has been proven than if you do so, you will hardly ever get ahead of other participants, and even harder – beat them. Normally, as you may guess, poker players have to be patient and above all – they have to strive for learning and constant improvements in their game, which is not something many people are ready to do. Memorization practice is also highly valuable, because if you have fantastic memory, it will allow you to remember your opponents moves as well as their common patterns, and you will be able to read them better. When we mention reading, that is also a requirement or should we say – a necessity for a good poker game. Reading other people and their body language, face expressions etc is a key to success in poker. It’s what reveals everything and can easily change the entire game. That being said, you can easily understand that one skill is the queen of all the other skills in poker, and that is – bluffing.

What is bluffing? This is a specific strategy that has a goal of tricking your opponent into thinking that you have a worse hand than they have, making them actually laying down a better hand than yours, or in other words – ruining it, which finally, results in putting you into a much better, dominant position, where you have the best cards possible, or at least – better than your target opponent. This is, shortly put, how you eliminate players, one by one, or at least how you eliminate some of their best cards. There are several bluff tricks, and they are all different, except for their main purpose. Semi bluff, quick one, continuation bet bluff etc – the list is long. However, if you are a beginner, it is hard to master the skill of bluffing. This is why everyone should start by eliminating certain mistakes and moves that are bad and are ruining your performance. Let’s dig into the most common mistakes done by beginners:


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According to many professional players and their experience, it could be said that less is more. People are usually convinced that if you bluff more, it will bring you better results and more money. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Knowing exactly when to bluff and who to bluff is crucial if you want to make a significant game outcome. That being said, choosing the right time and keeping track of everything that is happening on the table is the best thing you can do. Bluffing the person who has the best cards on the table, means eliminating your biggest competition.


According to mayalounge.net, practice makes perfect. If you are not convincing enough, it means that your opponents will be able to easily read your body language and figure out that you are trying to bluff them. As a result, they will probably not fall for it, and you will simply reveal your hand, leaving them with better cards. This is why you need to start slow and practice until you really become good at hiding your thoughts, emotions and moves.


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The latest fun88 login portal connection easily shows why bluffing the wrong person is harmful for you and your game. The whole purpose of bluffing is to create better chances for winning. If you focus on the wrong players, you will just remove yourself from the team of winners. When there are more than 2 players, it is easier to bluff, since you will not be in the spotlight so much. However, you need to start carefully and concentrate on other people and their behavior, before you start bluffing.

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