NBA 2K20: 7 Tips for Beginner Players in 2024

The NBA is among the most popular sports leagues in the US, and it is followed by many people around the world.
That’s why the NBA 2K20 game is incredibly popular, and no wonder why you want to play it as well. While you may need to spend some time to master the controls, the game is not very difficult and quite fun.

But before you select your team, check out the to see what team is on the top these days. Once you have the best team, have fun with these tips.

Shooting 3s Is Easy

In the NBA 2K20, it’s much easier to make 3-pointers even though your MyPlayer may not have a high shot rating.

Since three points are much better than two, you need to try as much as possible to make those 3-pointers. To get some help, you should practice in the MyCareer mode and develop hot zones for each player. These zones are the areas where a player has a higher chance of making a 3-pointer.

Splurge on Attributes

If you have already started playing NBA 2K20, then you may have seen that your players can’t level up anymore after a certain point because there just aren’t enough attributes.

Although the NBA 2K20 is not a pay-to-win kind of a game, there are still some micro-transactions in it. While there is a need for dedication and skill in its gameplay, the players need to spend massive amounts of attribute points. That is why you should try to spend all your VC on attributes instead of buying clothes.

Play With Others

If you want to get much better in the NBA 2K20, then you need to play with other talented players.

You can quickly head out to The Neighborhood and find some talented players that are looking for a game. Other than improving your overall gameplay, you can also unlock badges. This way, you get the most wins in The Neighborhood.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It will be easy to get nothing but net when you start playing the game. But you can start practicing your way to the top in the MyCourt.

If you want to get in the green areas of all your shot meters, then you can spend time in the MyCourt practicing your game.

Although it will be much more challenging to get it right in an actual game setting because of the opposition, the practice can make your shots much better.

Create Specialized Characters

Most people create a well-rounded player that is good at everything. But you should specialize your attributes to get the best MyPlayer.

You can either make your character a top-tier shooter or a fantastic defensive specialist. Spend your points to make them an excellent passer or a brilliant three-point shooter.

But instead of buying whatever looks good, you should make a list of things that you want your player to have. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your points.

Don’t Forget To Pass

Most players make a ridiculous mistake while playing NBA 2K20. That is, they forget to pass the ball.

You can’t keep using the same player and hope to get the most buckets. In actual basketball and the NBA 2K20, passing can help you win the games.

The Neighborhood has plenty of varieties when it comes to pickup games. It also gives you access to Rec and Pro-Am games. But it doesn’t matter what mode you are playing, try to pass the ball as often as possible.

Get the Badges

There are many exciting things about the NBA 2K20, but many players don’t think collecting badges is among them.

Regardless, you need to collect as many badges as possible. Many players dread the task of collecting all the badges, but the best of them know the need to put in the work.

You can start from the most valuable and important badges and work your way down to the least in order. You might want to unlock various badges like Quick Draw, Rebound Chaser, Contact Finisher, and Dimer in the beginning. These badges can improve your game, but you will still, obviously, have to put in the work.

Although they go a long way, merely unlocking they won’t entitle you to win any games.

Switch It Up Once Every Now And Then

It’s a great idea to add a variety of moves to your NBA 2K20 game repertoire. Especially since the game seems to be punishing you for continuing to play the same moves.

For instance, if you continue to get the sweet 3-pointers without passing, then the NBA 2K20 will make it even more challenging for you to make them repeatedly.

The NBA 2K20 is not a regular game. It’s not about how brilliant you are as an e-basketball player. Instead, the game is about studying its algorithms. That’s why you will be much better in the long-run if you keep switching up your play.

Box-Out the Opposition

If your player is a Center or a Power Forward, then it might be advantageous for you to box-out the opposing players. That means you should hold the left trigger after the ball is shot.

When the ball is falling, the box-out method can put you in between the ball and the player of the opposing team. Mastering this simple technique can be very helpful in winning games in The Neighborhood.

You can also assess whether or not your player needs box-out upgrades because it is also an attribute for your MyPlayer.

When You’re Wide Open, SHOOT!

In the NBA 2K20, you shouldn’t be afraid to get baskets at pivotal moments in the game.

A MyPlayer that has a low shot rating can make the shots. The reason is that shooting when you are wide open in the game creates a higher chance of making more baskets. The NBA 2K20 rewards the players who make smart shots in the game.

Similarly, the game can lower your chances of making the shots when a player of the opposing team is nearby.

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