7 Reasons to Choose Outdoor Porcelain Tiles for Exterior Projects – 2024 Guide

Porcelain stoneware tiles are one of the most popular materials to furnish floors and walls. They are versatile, offer a range of delightful choices, and can enhance any space. It works perfectly in the living room, in the kitchen floors, in bathrooms, and whatnot.

Despite having so many applications found indoors, it is not so frequent that we come across a patio or any other outdoor setting furnished with outdoor porcelain tiles (www.refin-ceramic-tiles.com); at least not until a few years ago. Is it down to the characteristics of the material or the cost? Or is it down to the lack of know-how among homeowners and interior designers alike? Perhaps it’s a bit of both.

Thanks to the latest trends in home design, more and more homes – especially the luxurious ones are increasingly adopting a tile fitting for their outdoor gardens and patios. In fact, it is turning into one of the most popular materials to furnish any outdoor setting.

So, today, we try to get down to the root of the causes that are driving such an increase in popularity for outdoor ceramic tiles below.

What are Porcelain Stoneware Tiles?

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Before you get down to figuring out whether or not stoneware tiles are the perfect material for your upcoming outdoor project, you should know what these tiles are about.

Porcelain stoneware is a compact, sturdy, and resistant material with virtually no porosity. It means that they absorb little to no water. While using them to manufacture ceramic tiles, they are made even more compact under mechanical pressure and controlled temperature. This elaborate manufacturing process, combined with the choice of materials makes them even more durable and resistant to wear, tears, scratches, and accidental breakage; the characteristics that make them such a versatile option for the interior.

Despite being hard and sturdy, the use of stoneware materials also offers a flexible surface to embellish it with numerous graphical patterns and textures.

Porcelain Stoneware Tiles for the Outdoors

While there several different paving materials traditionally used in the outdoors, homeowners and designers are increasingly turning toward ceramic tiles to furnish their exterior’s projects. Let’s find out the reasons why:

Long-lasting Material

As mentioned before, porcelain tiles absorb little to no water; while also offering enhanced resistance against accidental breakage. They don’t wear down even after years of use; keeping the gardens, patios, swimming pools, pavements, porches, and any other outdoor spaces looking anew for ages. The colours also remain intact for a long even if they are exposed to extreme sunshine or heavy snows.

Increased Resistance

Porcelain tiles don’t bend under a sudden change in temperatures. They also offer increased resistance against forest, humidity, and fire; making them perfect to be exposed in outdoor environments. Furthermore, these tiles are also incredible in offering slip resistance, which eventually makes them the safest material for the pavements, porches, and outdoor playgrounds.

Besides, some tiles are specifically made for the outdoors with characteristics such as 20mm thickness. These tiles offer enhanced resistance against loads and stresses.

Numerous Choices

There is no shortage of options when it comes to stoneware tiles. They can be found in all the primary colors, including the entire chromatic ranges of a particular hue. There are also floor tiles with intricate graphical patterns and textures that can immediately make a space look warm, vibrant, and welcoming.

As the manufacturing techniques advance over time, tile manufacturers are offering an increased amount of new textures, patterns, and detailing. You can now find tiles to authentically recreate the look and feel of other traditional materials like woods, stones, concretes, bricks, and so on.

Aesthetic Appeals

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Porcelain tiles are one of the most aesthetically pleasing material to furnish any surfaces – be it outdoors or indoors. They are available in a great variety of shades and finishes, including matt, glossy, metallic effects, glass effects, etc. Hence, you can use them to create either a serene atmosphere or a sparkling one. No matter how you approach your exterior projects, however, the use of outdoor tiles can immediately create a profound impact on its observers.

Easy to Maintain

As they are resistant to wear and tear, porcelain stoneware tiles don’t get too dirty too often. They also absorb very little water, keeping the seal intact for years to come. Moreover, they offer amazing compatibility with almost all the cleaning materials available; ensuring maximum hygiene with a single sweep of a traditional cleaning brush.

Eco-friendly Material

In general, stoneware tiles are made using naturally-sourced sustainable materials and require no waterproofing chemicals, varnishes, harmful resins, and such. As a result, it lays on top of the earthy surfaces without inflicting any long-lasting damages.

They also don’t release any gases into the atmosphere, keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Design Flexibilities of Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

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Outdoor porcelain tiles are offered in various different sizes and shapes from large to small, and anything in between. Thanks to some manufacturers, you can also cut the slabs in your preferred sizes and fit them into any challenging corners or such.

Affordable to buy several styles together, you can just mix and match the different ones to create your own compositions. The fact that there are some outdoor tiles reminiscent of traditional terracotta, slates, mosaics, and stones, etc. also makes them suitable for any particular tastes and personalities.

There is also the added advantage of raised installations, glued installations to the screed, dry installation on sands, grasses, and gravels.

Final Words

An exterior project is perhaps more challenging than an interior project due to its exposure to outdoor environments. Hence, outdoor porcelain tiles are quickly becoming the choice of materials for the outdoors, as they are greatly durable, resistant, versatile, easy to maintain, and friendly to the environment. They are also great to create a harmonious composition between the interiors and the exteriors.

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