5 Social Media Tips And Tricks To Drive More Traffic To Your ECommerce Site

There are more than 4.4 billion active users on social media platforms combined. According to reports, social media is the leading source of eCommerce traffic. In terms of bringing visitors to your website, social media is ahead of traditional media channels. They provide numerous chances for attracting company visitors and converting them into leads.

What’s the best way to start a conversation? How can you make your social media updates more visible? How do you get your audience to pay attention to you? How can constant digital involvement be used to produce leads? All your concerns will be answered in this article and more. Read on to gather more information.

1. Refine Your Strategy And Lay The Groundwork

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You must first create a plan before you can begin distributing material or luring prospects. Start by thinking about your prospective buyers’ demographics and interests. Determine the platforms you’ll use based on the facts you’ve gathered. If you’re trying to reach Millennials and Gen Z, Instagram and TikTok are better options than LinkedIn and Facebook.

Build your foundation after you’ve decided which platforms to focus on. Fill out as much information as possible in your profile and include brand photographs. Include a link to your website, product information, and a way to get in touch with you.

Building an audience and creating a lot of internet traffic will take time if you’re beginning from scratch, but it’ll be worth it in the end. It would help if you used Instant-Famous.com to increase your social media base and eventually grow your eCommerce business.

2. Post A Wide Range Of Content

As you may be aware, social media was created with the intention of allowing people to catch up with their friends, family, and acquaintances. Most people do not choose to receive adverts even when they are from their favorite companies. If all you publish on social media is sales pitches and promotions, it will be difficult to gain followers, and you will most certainly alienate your current ones.

Instead of focusing solely on business, change your content to keep your audience interested and engaged. When you were first developing your social media strategy, you should have considered your audience’s interests. Create content that appeals to your audience and encourages them to return for more.

3. Invest In Social Media Ads

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The cost of using social media to drive traffic is incredibly low. Apart from your time, you don’t need a lot of resources, and you can accomplish a great deal. However, organically growing a following and delivering results might take time – what if you need results now?

Your audience and engagement will significantly benefit from social media ads. Running social media advertising also allows you to target people based on their demographics and interests. There aren’t many other sales channels that will enable you to narrow in on specific buyers.

The second best feature of social media ads is their low cost after targeting capabilities. You can start driving results for less than $100, and many platforms provide you free advertising credits when you sign up. As a result, getting started with social media ads has a very low barrier to entry.

The ability to comprehend the cost of a lead is the ultimate benefit of social media advertising. You’ll be able to see how much each result costs you for every advertisement you run. You’ll also be able to determine your investment based on the average cost of each lead over time.

4. Encourage Social Media Sharing And Reviews

The fact that social media users share information with one another is one of the key reasons why it is so efficient at improving the performance of an eCommerce website. Indeed, social media networks exist solely for the purpose of sharing.

This type of sharing might help your online business thrive. You can potentially gain a new customer every time one of your posts is shared. So, how can you persuade your followers to share your content with their friends? The answer is to get to know your audience so well that your postings are tailored to their interests.

As a business owner, you’re undoubtedly well aware of the importance of knowing your target market. It’s usual to imagine the perfect or typical consumer, considering factors like age, gender, interests, geography, and other demographics.

The value of audience awareness cannot be emphasized when it comes to gaining social media shares. It’s how you’ll be able to write pieces relevant to your niche, and it’ll also help you figure out what kind of material will be most popular.

It would be best if you incorporated social networking buttons on your eCommerce website in addition to making posts that are shared. You’ll get new potential visitors if someone on your website clicks the Facebook button, for example, and then shares it with their friends.

It’s also critical to get positive feedback on social media platforms. No matter how seriously you present it, people believe other customers more than your value proposition. Reading a post from one of your followers in which they positively assess your goods can help potential customers get over their apprehensions about visiting your site.

5. Engage With Your Audience

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It’s the nature of social media to be sociable. Don’t only have one-on-one chats on your platforms. Instead, it would help if you interacted with each individual member of your audience. Respond promptly to followers who leave comments on your posts or send you direct messages. Similarly, make an effort to communicate with your target audience, potential followers, and industry competitors. The more you interact with your audience, the more they will interact with your brand.


Social media has the potential to be a very effective lead generation strategy. Begin by laying a solid foundation for your target audience. Then, using best practices, devise a plan for increasing traffic to your website. As you observe results, make adjustments to your strategy. Create more of the post if you discover it’s boosting sales. Continue to test and iterate in order to come up with the best successful technique to grow your business’ sales.

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