Master Your Move with an Essentials Box: Packing Tips and Tricks

Moving is joyous. To make the first months of life in the new place comfortable, you need to acquire a minimum set of items, appliances, and furniture. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should pack an essentials box and put the most important items there, and we will tell how to do this right.

Food and Drinks for the First Time

Food and Drinks for the First Time

The best way is to defrost your refrigerator before moving. Food can be stored in special freezer bags. Oil, tea, sugar, cereals, pasta, and vegetables can be bought immediately after arrival.

Perhaps in the first few days, you will have to repeatedly move the fridge, cabinets in the kitchen, turn off the electricity, be away from home for a long time, and collect items in the old apartment. Accordingly, it’s better not to get food that can quickly spoil or depends on temperature.

Important Documents

When moving to a new house, you may suddenly need some documents related to the apartment, so it’s better not to put them away. Don’t put them in a cardboard box, as they can get lost among other things. The most practical option is a thick, waterproof folder with many compartments that will hold all your papers.

Clothes and Shoes

Clothes and Shoes

Labeling boxes is a great help when you need essentials in a new apartment. For the first few days, you can unload the clothes or shoes you’ll be wearing. If there are children, make sure they have access to toys while the process of unboxing lasts.

Myaffordablemove experts constantly remind us of the “golden” rules when packing clothes for a move:

• Don’t take things that you just feel sorry to leave behind, but you don’t wear them in everyday life. For example, for girls, these things often include evening gowns left over from high school graduation and other significant events.

• Don’t load your suitcase with cheap items. For example, cheap clothes for the house — you can buy new ones after the move.

• Don’t be afraid to throw away unnecessary things. If you are moving from an old city to a new city and you have nowhere to leave your old clothes, just throw them away or give them to the needy. There is no need to drag them to your new place of residence.

• Avoid winter clothes. A couple of jackets and coats will take up almost all the space of a standard suitcase. It’s better not to take such things with you as you can leave space in the suitcase for more useful items.

Before loading things into your suitcase, make sure that they are clean, not torn, and that you plan to wear them in the future. Don’t take everything.

Tech Devices

Take a laptop, tablet, and phone in your essentials box as you will always need them. Just in case, take with you disks with software because at first, until you get used to the new place, you may not have access to the Internet.

Charging Devices

Charging Devices

It’s worth taking rechargers for smartphones and tablets with you. If someone in the family uses a laptop, electronic cigarette, and other devices, you should also put chargers. If the move is a long one, a power bank may come in handy on the road.

Cleaning Supplies

Household cleaning products are essential in a new apartment. In order not to take a lot of jars and bottles, it’s better to buy something universal, i.e. means for cleaning surfaces made of different materials. The main thing is that it can wash the floor and walls, as well as furniture and household appliances. You will need something for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as for cleaning the rooms. 

Baby Stuff

It’s better to pack children’s clothes together with children’s toys. Use vacuum bags and boxes. Bulky toys and constructors are better transported in store packaging.

First Aid Kit


Medicines should be packed in a plastic bag to protect them from accidental moisture. In case the move takes longer, it’s better to keep medicines that need to be kept cold in a cooler bag.

Pets and Items for Them

Aside from the pet itself, it’s important to take care of their belongings. Don’t forget to pack a house, bedding, favorite bowls and toys, clothes, collars, leashes, and of course, food and a litter box. Try to make your pets feel comfortable in their new place.

Hygiene Products

You need to be sure to take personal hygiene products with you. These are shampoos, shower gels, and means for washing. You will need deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, absorbent cotton, and cotton swabs. Also, take accessories for shaving and waxing, feminine hygiene products, and soap. It’s important not to forget toilet paper and tissues.

Scissors or a Box Cutter

Scissors or a Box Cutter

These devices will help to quickly open boxes and arrange things in a new place with pleasure. They should be sharp, but not traumatizing.

Of course, this is far from everything you need for the house, but the above things will be needed in the first place.

All other household items can be bought in the course of life. This includes TV, furniture, cabinets, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, and other household appliances. Goods are available to order online. Stores have departments with dishes, stationery, cosmetics, and bedding. At any time, if funds are available, new tenants can purchase additional items.

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