Road Trip Camping Essentials – Packing List for Adventure Travelers – 2024 Guide

After a long staycation at home due to the pandemic, adventure travelers are ready to go for camping road trips!

Here’s a packing list for adventure travelers– best for repeaters or first timers!

Make sure you don’t forget anything.

Road Trip Essentials

Packing for a road trip can be the most stressful part of your camping, but it will save you from realizing you have left something essential and ruining the mood. Hit the road with ease with these things in your trunk.

Vehicle Documents


You need to have your vehicle documents all the time, not only when you are going on a road trip. These documents are essential if accidents or checkpoints are done along the road. Keep out of trouble by having these documents.

  • Car Operation Manual
  • Car Registration
  • Proof of Car Insurance

Moreover, bring with you a spare tire and a jack. You never know what will happen to your tires along the road.


Bring a map. It is best to carry around a paper map. Do not rely on phone apps because some of your itinerary might take you off the grid, and your phone might go out of service. Thus, to be safe, always bring a paper road map.

You can download GPS apps to help you navigate and find sights. Make sure to download the map before you head out so that it will work offline. Again, do not rely on GPS apps alone. Your phone might go out of battery.

First Aid Kit


Safety should be the number one priority in every activity you do. Accidents are inevitable. That’s why it is best to prepare by having a first aid kit in your car. Personalize it with your own medical needs.

Other than the first aid kit, you need to have these other healthcare essentials in your kit:

  • Bug Repellant Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Baby Wipes
  • Alcohol

It’s best to be prepared with baby wipes to clean yourself if there’s a lack of toilet roll emergencies. Bring alcohol wherever you go, especially in this pandemic, which requires us to disinfect always.

Comfortable Clothes

You do not have to pack a week’s worth, but you have to fill your suitcase with versatile and well-fitted clothes that will not easily break even if you are doing extraneous activities. Pack clothes that will go with everything and will give you warmth and comfort in all weather types.

Layering is essential in campings. It will keep you warm and helps you regulate your clothes. If you and your adventure buddies are planning for a hike or trek, bring comfortable and lightweight clothes. You may adjust the clothes you will pack, depending on what you plan to do for the trip.

Camping Kitchen Gears


What’s nice about camping is the bond you will share during bonfires and treks, add with it the experience of cooking during camping. You can prepare your favorite outdoor meal and drink if you have the right camping kitchen gear.

Here are some of the gears you should prepare for the trip and tuck in your car trunk:

  • Cooler Box
  • Coffee Percolator
  • Dishwashing Kit
  • Gas Camp Stove
  • Sharp Knife
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Portable Frying Pan
  • Tin Opener
  • Utensils
  • Reusable Mugs
  • Water Container

It is best to have a water container to store drinking water and reusable mugs to prevent from buying plastic water bottles. Make a way to travel in an eco-friendly manner. If you wish to drink from natural resources yet worry about sanitation, you can add steripen or sterilizing drops to the list.

Healthy Snacks

When you are on a road trip, you quickly get hungry. Bring with you healthy snacks to help you avoid gas station temptations. You can bring with you:

  • Veggies and dips
  • Fresh fruits
  • Roasted nuts
  • Baked chips

You can keep your fruits and veggies inside the cooler so you can eat them fresh on the road. Packing a few cold drinks and snacks is the best idea.

Entertainment Essentials

Although the trip is fun and exciting, what’s a trip without music and a camera? Create the right road trip playlist to boost your energy and make the miles fly by unnoticeable. Download these songs on your phone in case you will drive by areas with limited services.

Do not forget to bring your camera. Capture these priceless memories on your trip. Pictures are the best thing you can have from road trip camping.

You will also need some kind of entertainment for your passengers in the car during the long rides. With a portable Blu-Ray player, you can have limitless fun while watching your favorite movies.

Power Banks and Chargers

As you will enjoy the outdoors during your camping and always be on the road, you can’t expect a power outlet anywhere. Bring with you a power bank and a car charger for backup. It will help you keep in touch with your family while you are on the road or campsites.

Camp Chairs and Tents


Although several campsites have picnic tables, it is best to bring a camp chair for easy and convenient seating if some sites do not have tables. In your camp evenings, you have to pitch a tent and choose a camp tent that’s easy to assemble and put away.

Get a camp tent with a rain fly to keep you covered in rainy and windy weather. Invest in high-quality tents.

Bring Toilet and Laundry Essentials

Even though you are only sitting in the car, road trips can make you feel dusty, sticky, and dirty. Bring with you toiletries to freshened yourself from an exhausting road trip.

However, if you are frugal and have no time to visit laundry shops during your road trip, like Liox Laundry, bring the clothes you will wash. If you have the budget, you can buy portable hand-washing bags to help you clean clothes only in minutes. All you need is to prepare is warm water and laundry detergent.

Final Thoughts

Excited as you are for the road trip after a long while, do not cram in packing your essentials for the trip. It is best to do it a few days before the trip to check which things are not yet on the list. You will have time to buy them. Enjoy your adventure!

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