12 Professional Tips For Packing Your Belonging When Moving House

#1. Begin Packing As Soon As Possible

Packing when prepping to move house can be time-consuming when you do it without proper planning. It is best to allocate yourself enough time to sort through your things and determine where to start and what to pack first and last. Therefore, the sooner you begin the process before your due date for relocating, the better. So, start with things you do not use, followed by what you use less often, and begin from the unused and lesser-used rooms. It is a strategy that ensures the process is smooth and organized.

#2. Leave Clutter Behind

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Moving house presents an opportunity to reassess your stuff to do away with that you do not need. When you start packing too late, you might miss the chance to declutter. You could be tempted to throw away some stuff and worry about them later. Pull out everything you are unsure whether to keep or dispose of and have three boxes labeled – keep, donate, and throw. Also, be callous when sorting your items accordingly to avoid taking things you do not need in your new home.

#3. Photograph Room Setups

It is wise to take several photos of each room’s setup before you start pulling things down and packing up. It will help you remember how to organize your gallery wall layout or shelves to avoid depending on your vague memory of what goes where. It is a nifty strategy, especially for the kids’ rooms. Keeping their interior arranged the same way makes the transition less complicated for the kids.

#4. Pack Like For A Holiday Trip

Get resourceful when packing, and you have empty bags, suitcases, and wastepaper bins. Use these instead of buying packing boxes. You can put in them the bedding, towels, and non-changing clothes. However, arrange your belongings meticulously to maximize the storage available. Rolling the garments is an effective technique when trying to maximize space. Consider space-saver vacuum bags for the things you do not intend to unpack immediately when you get to your new home.

#5. Keep Wardrobe Attires On Hangers

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You can leave your wardrobe clothes on the hangers when packing. It saves time and effort because you will grab them in sections when taking them out of the wardrobe and place them in the new one. Use a string or cable ties to try the hangers together before poking them through the bottom of a wastepaper bin bag and pulling it down to cover the clothes. Removal companies often provide unique wardrobe boxes for clients to hang their wardrobe attire during the move.

#6. Prep Packing Containers For The Delicate Stuff

Before you start packing fragile items like glasses and chinaware, it is best to cushion the storage boxes with bubble wrap or a layer of packing paper. Also, remember to tape up the bottom of the cartons to reinforce them before you start putting in your items. Double-boxing could also be wise if you have particularly delicate, heavy valuables.

#7. Label Your Boxes

It might sound cliché, but labeling boxes when moving is not something that many people remember to do because of the frenzy of the move. However, you will be glad that you took the time to list the contents in each box and stick it on the container once you arrive at your new house and are feeling spent. You can list the contents of each carton on the sides of the box to ensure you know where to get what.

#8. Secure The Drawers Shut

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Your chest of drawers can come in handy as a storage option when packing. Therefore, let whatever is in them stay there, unless they make the chest too heavy to carry. You can fill any empty drawer with light items and tape them shut with plastic film to keep the drawer from opening during transit. It also ensures the drawers do not open and fall out or hit you when carrying the chest.

#9. Reviews The Box Sizes

Buy boxes of different sizes from Verde Trader and consider the material quality too. Dedicate the larger boxes with thicker materials to pack big but lightweight belongings that can be packed together. Reserve the medium to small boxes for heavier items like kitchenware and books. Also, take note of the weight to avoid making the boxes too heavy to lift or carry. Furthermore, you can fill the spaces with soft items to ensure everything does not shift around in the box.

#10. Color Code

Aside from labeling your boxes to know the contents, you can take your efforts a step further by sticking colored tape or stickers on them. You can use a color code to denote the boxes that belong to which room. Also, stick the same-colored tape or stickers on the respective room’s doors for the movers to know where each box goes. It will save you from dragging them into the right room later.

#11. Create An Inventory

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Packing is meant to help you keep your belonging safe and secure for the move, know where each box must go when in the new house. It is about staying organized, which entails keeping an inventory of everything to avoid spending days or weeks looking for something. The inventory helps you track your stuff, which can let you know if you lost or broke anything when moving.

#12. Cut Handles In Boxes

You can make the cartons easier to lift and carry by creating handles in them. Use a box cutter and cut out a rectangular, oval, or triangular shape on either side, creating holes for you to grip the boxes when carrying them. Avoid making these holes too close to the bottom or top. Also, note that creating these handles could weaken the boxes; thus, do not overload them with heavy items.

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