Top 5 Working Alternatives of IPTorrents

IPTorrents is one of the most popular private torrenting websites. With the IPTorrents, you can easily download the movies, TV series, and other content. As IPTorrents is a private torrenting site, you have to sign up on the site to surf the contents. Being the private torrenting site, it is very much useful in seeding and leeching the torrents.

If you are willing to look out for more sites like IPTorrents, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share the details list of IPTorrents Alternatives. You should check out all of the alternatives and download the content from the official site.

Although, it is not recommended to download the content from torrents. The governments are not much happy about piracy and torrenting. Fortunately, IPTorrents and other private sites are safer than the others. That’s why you should consider only the private torrenting sites.

Here are a few of the IPTorrents alternatives. Feel free to check all of the sites. Every alternative private torrenting site is members only. So, you need to sign up first and then start using the service for downloading the content. Also, it is good to note that the sites we are sharing are niche-specific. For example, some sites are good for entertainment stuff, and some are good for software and games.

Best Working Alternatives of IPTorrents


If you are interested in downloading educational content, then BitMe is the best one. Access to e-learning platforms is costly. That’s why people prefer BitMe over others. With the BitMe, the users can access thousands of great educational resources for free.

BitMe is a very old private torrenting site on the internet. It was established in 2004 and is still one of the most popular private torrenting sites. You’ll find 32,000 torrents of the educational content. From the top-notch MIT or Harvard classes to the small-time educators, you’ll get access to all the courses easily.


Love listening to new music online? Redacted is the place for finding all of the music torrents. Be it the audio files or the video music albums; you’ll find everything on the Redacted. It’s a great alternative to IPTorrents if you are a music lover. From over a million torrents, you can find your favorite songs.

There are more than a few hundred thousand users on this site. Which means you’ll get fairly good torrent seeding to leaching ratio. In short, you won’t face any problems downloading the content from this site.


Gaming torrents are very hard to find on the internet. Especially when the game was released a few days ago, it will take a few days to arrive on IPTorrents, but you can find the same game on Gazellegames within a few hours of launch.

Gazellegames is a very active private torrenting site, with more than a few thousand torrents. Gaming torrent sites and trackers are known to disappear within a few years. But this site has been running without any issues for the last ten years. With a few hundred thousand users, you’ll find all torrents working just fine and a good seeding to leaching ratio.


There are millions of Anime lovers all around the world. There are also millions of Anime and Manga series available for download. But all of the premium Anime are not free. You have to have a valid subscription of the service or watch it live on the TV. If you are not that great in catching live telecasts or spend money on premium subscriptions, you should check out AnimeBytes.

Amongst the hardcore Anime lovers, AnimeBytes is the best private torrenting sites dedicated to the Anime. It’s a private torrenting site, so you have to apply for the private account on the site. Only the worthy applicants receive the invite to join the torrent portal. Once approved, you can find thousands of premium Anime torrents with great download speed.


Not every torrent site is good for the TV series. You can find them on temporary telegram channels, but for quality seekers, that’s not a great option. If you love watching the latest TV series and have no money for Netflix subscription, then you should join BroadcasTheNet.

Just like the IPTorrents, it is also a Private Torrenting site. You need to apply for the private account first. After approval, you can access nearly 200,000 torrents. Amongst these, the majority are of the latest web series and TV series from all around the world.

Final Words

IPTorrents is a good private torrenting site. But as you dig deep into the torrenting, you need niche-specific content. IPTorrents is a general torrenting site. So, if you want some specific content, then there are chances that you may not find the same on the site.

That’s why there are multiple private torrenting sites. I hope you’ve liked the alternatives to IPTorrents. Visit them and check them out. If you have found our article useful, make sure to share it with your friends.

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