7 Best Textsheet Alternatives You Need to Try Right Away

If you are a student and was a user of textsheet than you must be disappointed and looking for the alternatives to textsheet. As you know the textsheet is no longer available after the DMCA notice. That means it has copyright violation issues with the website. We can understand the panic of the student, who relies on textsheet to complete their assignment and to do homework.

As the textsheet was the most used and one of the top-rated website, which helped not only school rather college students as well. You might be looking for a good and reliable alternative to the textsheet. Don’t worry! We are here with the list of the best alternative.


Yes! You read it right. Chegg is the biggest competitor of your favorite website. On the complaint filed by Chegg, makes textsheet officials get it down from the internet. Chegg filed a copyright case against the textsheet with DMCA. However, the Chegg is an American website which helps the student to find solutions for textbooks provided by school and college.

They have experts who help the students in finding an answer to questions and completing assignments. These experts are available 24*7 to help students in preparing for competitive exams as well. Chegg provides many other services like a heavy discount on the purchase of books. You can buy new books or you can lend books on rent through Chegg. You can even sell your old books which are of least useful to you.

You can also hire a personal online tutor on Chegg. These tutors are available at very competitive prices. You can even try it for 7 days for free, before buying any package on it. This website is reliable and helps you in every aspect if you are preparing for any competitive exam or preparing your school or college assignment. However, the prices are considerably high.


Slader is the second most popular alternative to textsheet. It helps students to find a solution to their questions and completing assignments. It is mostly used in the United States as per its user base. However, it is a reliable and very helpful app for the students.

Unlike Chegg, Slader is available as an Android or iOS app. You can download it and use it to find a solution to your textbook questions. All you need to do is enter ISBN of your textbook and it will conclude all the answers to all the queries. Slader has a different level of mathematics, and many other subjects like Science, Literature, Social science, and many different languages.

You can use it for free or you can get paid subscription if you want no interruption of ads.


The Studylib app is different than many other available alternatives to textsheet. It is based on Flashcard explorer. The user interface of this study app is almost different than others. However, all the subjects like mathematics, science, business, technology, foreign languages, social science, and engineering subjects are available to study in Studylib.

You can access, print, read and download study material as per your requirement without any cost involved in it. Yes, this tool is completely free to use. They also provide tools for spelling check and grammar. You can use these tools to improve your skills.


It is a paper writing service. This is the unique feature of paperhelp. Team paperhelp provides you the facility to write essays for your assignments. You can avail of this service for Ph.D., college or university or any higher classes to writing essays.

Paperhelp offers not only writing service for essays or assignments, rather writing service for anything. The price is calculated based on the length of the article which you required. They have a very unique feature, unlike any other alternatives to textsheet. They provide a money-back guarantee. That means if you are not satisfied with the work done by them, you can always get your money back.

Their customer service is available 24*7

Course Hero

The course hero is the largest database of the available course material on the internet. They provide more than 30 million specific course materials. You can find study notes, videos, guides and documents as per your class, subject or literature.

It includes course material for every subject from psychology to economics, biology to literature, history to accounts, etc. You can complete your assignments on any subject to every subject. They also help you in preparing for your exam and viva. Their customer service is available 24 * 7.


Sparknotes is the only online platform that helps you in preparing for competitive exams like GRE, ACT, SAT, etc. They not only provide you with study material rather they help you with quizzes to test your retentions. For easy and better understanding team Sparknotes provide you detailed summaries of every topic.

It is not only available as a website, but you can also access the Sparknotes app which is available for Android and iOS.


The CrazyForStudy online platform is a super awesome platform with a database of more than 50 million books. They provide textbook solutions step by step. They do not provide subject wise or course study material, rather they help you in assignment preparations as well. It includes study material for the subjects of Science, finance, computer science, mathematics, and accounting, etc.

This website is based in Australia and you will find study materials based on schools and colleges in Australia only.


Technology has made our life easier. These are the tools and best and reliable alternatives to textsheet in the market. These online learning platforms made education and information easily accessible by the students. If you are using any of the above mentioned online learning tools, then I would love to hear from you about your experience.

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