Best Alternatives of TikTok App

Even since the Indian Government has put a ban on TikTok, the influencers are looking desperately for the best alternative of TikTok on app stores. Dreams of not just the influencers, but also a whole bunch of newbies who thought of earning big by making TikTok videos, ended in a flash.

It is one of the most popular short video making Chinese application with a wide variety of filters and editing options. All over the globe, millions of people were using it. Despite the ban, the talent will not go in vain and it will prevail. If you are someone who is in love with making videos and is addicted to making one, do not worry!

The ban on Chinese applications has offered a pool of opportunities for India’s tech system. The Indian apps will show a surge. We have found the best alternative Indian apps to Tiktok to film your short videos. Let us have a look at some Indian apps that are easily available on app stores. Below mentioned are some of the best substitutes for TikTok app and if you want to learn more about other countries that have banned TikTok check



Users can create small videos with the existing video library. They can also follow other people’s videos. Talented people can showcase their talent by making short videos and editing them with a wide variety of filters. These videos can also be shared on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. The user interface of this app is quite simple and helps the user to access various features with ease. Users can create and edit videos and at the same time browse other videos as well. This Indian app is available in different vernacular languages. Users can create videos in many different languages.


  • Different videos can be browsed while creating one.
  • Support for multiple language.
  • Videos are shareable on varied Social media platforms.


  • Not available for iOS users at the moment.


ShareChat helps to create mini videos. It helps in creating lip synchronized videos, music videos and various other as well. You can also take many challenges available via the app. This app also allows you to communicate and interact with other users. It supports over 10 different types of languages. The app is available both on the Play store and iOS store. The main advantage of this app is that it allows Indian regional language in the messages and videos. For those who are not comfortable in English or want their mother tongue as their language, this is the best app for them. You can also connect with other groups and people and can start doing your marketing business. You can share your phone number and get orders for your business through this app. Another interesting feature of this app is that you can get daily horoscope and astrology. The main disadvantage of this app is that you are not able to chat.


  • Various video editing features are available.
  • Support for many languages.
  • Can communicate with other users.


  • Chatting option is not available in this app.


This app is already being used by a large number of audiences in India. It comes with the idea of sharing short videos of 20 seconds. The app targets the audience between the ages of 13-35 years. It has many language options available and has over 20 different types of channels. There are many filters and effects that you can apply to the videos. The main advantage of this app is that you can earn money while making videos. For every video that you make and upload, you get some award coins. You can get that converted into INR. This app provides a platform for the new rising talent. It provides a platform for people to showcase their talent with many editing features. The problem faced by users of this app is that there are some app glitches it does not allow the user to watch the video in multiple languages. You have to choose one language to enjoy the video.


  • Option to earn coins that are redeemable to cash.
  • Provides multiple channels to place your videos.
  • One of the most downloaded alternatives to Tiktok.


  • Users are facing initial technical glitch, which are expected to go away with next update.


This app helps to create videos in many fields other than just entertainment. It helps to create videos in learning English, health and fitness, relationships, motivation, cooking, career, travel, food, shopping and much more. It has tools to creat videos in 8 different languages. The app pays a royalty to users when their videos gain popularity. Apart from creating short videos on this app, you can also discuss ideas with other users. It helps to educate other people at the same time.


  • The app can be used for multiple usage.
  • Users gain royalty with more views.
  • Users can communicate with each other.


  • Available only on Android platform.


This app helps in uploading and downloading the videos, chatting with friends and other users, share content and interact with new users. This new social media platform encourages young talents to make WhatsApp status, audio clips, gif stickers and much more. You can even edit the video while making it. Another amazing feature that this app is a dance-off the mobile dancing game. For every video that is uploaded by the users, they get points per view of their video and that can be redeemed against money. In this app, users can play games and a small quiz to earn Paytm cash. They can start battles, challenge other users and showcase their creativity. There are certain bug faults in the app like you can just download the WhatsApp status once. Multiple times downloading is prohibited.


  • Various options to earn money with this app.
  • It provides few games.
  • Users can challenge each other.


  • Few technical bugs are being worked upon.

Get your hands on Best Alternative to Tiktok

If you are a person who loves making videos, do not worry. We have a rescue plan for you. It’s just TikTok that got banned, we hope that the above mentioned Indian short making video app would give TikTok a great competition. You can create more entertaining and better videos than TikTok. Let us know which app you liked the best and you enjoyed the most. So go ahead and enjoy making videos in these Indian apps.

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