Best Upcoming Anime Series

Anime series stretches its leg, Strongly in the television industry. The craze among the people toward the animated series is eyecatching.

Anime series uniformly extends its limits to satisfy its audience. It works on the quality of content as well as animation. The rapid increase in the industry brings the competitors to the market and that the reason the number of animated series increase with every passing year. 

There are a lot of ways available to stream anime. These streaming service of animated series also suggest you a book of that genre. There are endless anime milestone proves deserving your time. I am here to suggest you several most exciting and a brand brand-new anime series. Some of them release the trailer which is quite fascinating. There is a great inquisitive to know about the best upcoming anime series of 2024. Here is the list of upcoming animated series 


Sarazanmai is intricate series for the viewer. It is really difficult to explain the charm of the series in words. The story of the animated series is rotated about a young boy, who figure out their sexuality. He is also dealing with the psychological problem. The plot of the series is excellent and also gives you a different vision to look at the thing. The most interesting facet of the serries that these boys also sustain from a ban that converts them into kappas in a pretty dramatically karmic way.

If you are watching the series then at a certain point you will feel like a drug-fueled person. It is one of the most profound and sarcastic things of the previous season. The twist and turn of the animated series are plotted in an extremely classic manner to retain the interest of the viewer. Probably the series comes at the end of this year.


There are very few animated series that keeps you occupying from the beginning. Dr.stone is a fiction in which the people are converted in stone due to a magical disease called the plague. It time to preserve the entire civilization from this disease. There is a scientist named as Ishigami. He took the responsibility to save the world and defeat the disease from its intellectual and technology. It teaches us to face difficulty in a tough time. It’s undoubtedly one of the most magnanimous breakout hits of this year. The series tells about the perception of new things.


Dorohedoro is the most awaited and one of the interesting series of 2024. Its build like a film. The story of Dorohedo is a revenge story. The story line up is based on of Kaiman and sorcerers. Sorcerer is acting or treating as a god in a broken community. They perform a weird experiment in an enchanted manner. Kai man is one of the victims of his experiments. Kaiman has lost his memory in the experiment and his face is converted into the reptile head. A revenge story begins. It is plotted in such a fantastic way to get the attention of the viewer. Dorohedoro features incredible nature and is one of the better combinations in connecting of fantasy and crime. The animated series is worth watching.

Science Fell in Love

It is one of the best series to know a different angle of love along with the work. It is a very interesting animated series that get a good response from the audience. The concept of this animated series is based on the love story between two, especially boring scientists. He tries to extract more out of experimental methods than they do from personal intercommunications. when they realize that they are in love with each other, they are not enthusiastic about the feeling for each other. They feel bad and think about the decrease in the number of scientists due to love. It sounds absurd but the way its plot is really fascinating. These animated series teach you a different aspect of love and emotion.

Astra Lost In Space

If you are fond of intellectual and scientific series, you love this anime series. the series is base on traditional travel concept where people went of 1000 light-year and you have to find a way to survive over different planets. the series teaches us how to live independently and face the music. It is an interesting and fascinating anime series. Astra Lost in Space is one of the most magnanimous shocks of the year. It is worthy to watch and also take to a wonderland of your imagination, filled with a scientific thing. 


The above is the best upcoming animated series of 2024 of different genres. If you are an animated lover then above are the most awaited series of the year 2024.

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