Kanye West 2024, American Rapper’s Entry into White House Race

,We are halfway into the year 2024, and we’ve been witnessing surprises after surprises. Right after the American Independence Day, 4th July, Kanye West announced that he’s planning to run for the Office. It would be interesting to see campaign billboards with “Kanye West 2024” on them. Everyone is surprised by his move. 

It’s not a surprise that Mr West maintains a friendly relationship with the president Mr Donald Trump. American President Donald Trump and West met at the White House in 2018.

He went there to discuss the critical social issue of American prison reforms. 

Kanye West 2024: The Possible Reason 

Kanye meets Mr Trump

Kanye is vocal about social events and policies that happen in the US. He’s previously criticised former President George Bush. 

He’s talking about American prison reform, Black community’s upliftment, the overall progress of the USA. Those who have been following Kanye on Twitter for a long time, know that he’s actively working with Kim Kardashian for social issues. 

It’s not that he’s only criticised a Republican president. He’s commented upon the plight of his native city of Chicago in a tweet against former President Mr Obama. 

It appears that Mr West has decided to get into the arena of politics to make some changes on the ground level. His announcement of Kanye West 2024 means a new wave of political change for American society and politics as well. 

The reason is that, if he runs and ends up being elected as the president of the US, he’ll be the second African American president in the history of the US. Mr Barack Obama was the first Black president of the US.  

Kanye West 2024: The Announcement 

Kanye West 2024 is a surprise for those who either know nothing about American Politics or those who don’t follow Kanye on Twitter. He’s involvement, and regular social commentary is enough of a hint to those who know how to read between the lines. 

Right the day after 4th July, Kanye announced on Twitter that he’d be running for the presidential election.

Kanye West 2024: announcement

The Response to Kanye’s Announcement

The response to his announcement was overwhelmingly positive. The best thing to notice is that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk jumped into the thread and tweeted out that he’s supporting Kanye in it. 

Here’s the tweet: 

Elon's tweet supporting West

We all know that Kanye is friends with Elon and Donald. It wouldn’t be unexpected to see geeky fans of Elon Musk and MAGA supporters joining the hands to support their rapping idol. 

Being into controversy isn’t new to Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian, so if his announcement is going to ruffle feathers it will only benefit them.  

What Should be Kanye’s Vision? 

Kanye’s hip-hop career journey has been inspirational for everyone. Kanye is regarded as a fashion icon and a contrarian by his admirers.

However, presidential campaigns can’t be won with fashion sense and musical talent alone. Kanye needs to nurture and promote his vision clearly during the election. 

If he’s running for this year’s election, he’s already somewhat late. However, if he plans to run for the Office in 2024, he can lay the ground for it during the next four years.

Various issues are plaguing American society, and he can focus on them. 

He can work on betterment of the economically weaker section of the Black community, bridging the gap between various ethnicities of the US. Promote industrial revival in the US and of course, prison reforms. 

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done for materializing ‘Kanye West 2024’ or ‘Kanye West 2024’. 


Kanye hasn’t made it clear about when he is going to run for the election. We need to hear more to confirm whether he’ll be running for the presidential election this year, or in 2024. 

He also hasn’t mentioned which political party he intends to join: Republican, Democratic Party or as an independent candidate. Kanye has a huge fan following and he can leverage from that.

He needs to know that if he goes for it, he’ll be competing against Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Both are strong contenders for the White House. 

What do you think about the whole idea of ‘Kanye West 2024’? Drop the comments below and stay tuned to get more updates about it in the future. 

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