Smartworks launched a new mobile app for Businesses- Revamped App.

Social Distancing is a prominent issue these days as companies are opening back, and following contactless and social distancing at the workplace is quite challenging. 

So, to deal with the situation, Smartwork’s ( workspace provider) has recently launched a new mobile app, “Revamped App” for contactless business processes and service requests. 

Revamped App

The App intends to satisfy the requirements of today’s workforce and is providing solutions to the day-to-day task, which requires contact of persons. Moreover, the app is also following the basic concept of Smartworks- ‘creating the workspace of the future.’ 

According to a release, the Revamped App integrates all the Smartworks facility operations, communication, and collaboration in an intuitive mobile interface.  

Smartworks focuses on technology as its crucial focus area. Earlier, the coworking space provider presented various apps like Humanoid and Mitri for handling office management for the facility and the visitor management system. Since more and more people are returning to their workplace, their health and safety are the prime concern of the businesses. So, to deal with the present situation, Smartwork is with the new App that provides various features for the contactless system to facilitate efficient workflow in the company. 

Explaining on the Revamped App, Neetish Sarda, founder, Smartworks, said, “Technology will be a key enabler for a contactless world and remote collaboration. Our revamped app is a key step in creating a futuristic workplace and promises to deliver an enhanced in-office experience, enterprise-grade capabilities with easy-to-use features. The future workspaces will be a network of connected workplace strategies, tools & technologies, and with the ever-evolving expectations customer experience has become imperative for us.”

Features of Revamped App are

To safeguard the members of the company and to increase the effectiveness, it provides various services. 

  • It provides Digital Pantry Solutions
  • Mandatory Self-Declaration Form
  • Contactless IoT based Meeting Room Booking
  • Parking Management System 
  • Touchless Visitors Management System 
  • Events
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Offers and Partnership
  • Smart services
  • Helps to control amenities
  • E-concierge services

All these will help the firms to reduce the dependency on the workforce and also helps the members to go contactless in this present condition by replacing the regular touchpoints with digital options such as meeting room booking, feedback forms, and screens inside the convention rooms. Digital options inside the premises are the foremost requirement to reduce the spread and to keep every employee safe and secure. As just with a click of a button in the App, it ensures social distancing and contributes all the business needs effectively.  

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In this present situation where Social Distancing is the key focus, this app is the basic need for all the businesses. All its features help to reduce contact between members of the company for a safe and secure working environment.

If you have any queries regarding this or we missed any vital point, let us know in the comment section. Moreover, if you want to know about any other app let us know; we will provide you the same. 

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