Best VPN for Gaming

Playing games is fun. I play Battle Royale games to refresh my mind after a hectic schedule at work. Some of you might have the same reason.

However, instead of giving relief, it becomes a bit more headache if the game is not working properly.

What kind of problem? Well, hitches like lag, low fps and more. However, that’s not it. What if you’re playing game on a public Wi-Fi? Are you safe from potential attacks?

How can you protect yourself? Well, at present, the only solution for all your problems is a VPN service. Wanna know how? Let’s find out –

Protection on Public Wi-Fi

Presume if you’re sitting in a café, connected to their open wi-fi & playing games. Do you think you’re safe from possible threats?

No, not at all. In fact, most of the public wi-fi use unencrypted networks. What does this mean? Is it dangerous for me?

Yes, it is. It means data packets from your device and the router are available for anyone to see. All in all, on a public wi-fi, you’re open to million of possible attacks. Some of them include –

  • Wi-Fi Sniffing.
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks.
  • Malware and many more.

To protect yourself from all these threats, you can use a VPN. It’ll work as a wall for your device and protect your device by masking it’s IP Address.

Bandwidth Throttling

That was the other issue that I mentioned at the beginning of this post – Bandwidth Throttling. This issue stops you from partaking the best possible gaming experience.

“Game is going great and all of a sudden ping increases and your player is dead.”

How would you react to this? Well, I don’t know about you but I would be quite angry.

Do you know the reason why you face such a problem? Well, the primary reason is your Internet Service Provider.

But why would they do this? You’re paying all the bills on time. They do this to ease out congestion during some busy hours.

Well, that’s a bit understandable.

The good news is there is a solution. In order to alleviate any potential data throttling issues, we’d suggest you opt for one of the best VPN for gaming options, and there are a number that offer high-level encryption to protect your data.

For this, you must avoid using free VPN as they’re already congested by a number of users.

Play Banned Games

What would you do if a game is banned in your country? It can be banned for countless reasons such as too much violence, nudity and several such reasons.

In fact, some countries have set up a criterion for this. Let’s find out about them in some of the top countries –

Germany – Country has set up a ban on any game which promote Nazism in any way.

Brazil – Any game with extensive level of violence gets a lifetime ban in Brazil.

China – If a game hurts China’s national dignity and interests in the world, gets a permanent ban.

Australia – If you ask country has a long list of banned games, Australia might come on top as it bans all the games that promote nudity, drug use, sexual content, violence and graffiti.

So, to avoid this kind of strict censorship, you must use a VPN service. You can connect the VPN to a country where the game is not banned or geo-restricted and enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What’s the difference between a free VPN and premium VPN?

A – A free VPN can sell off your data in the market. So, no privacy for you. Whereas the premium VPN will retain your data safe from the world and protect you from cyber threats.

Q – Can I Use a VPN for accessing a site that’s blocked by my Internet service provider?

A – Some countries have placed a ban accessing torrent sites. So, downloading files these sites can lead to some serious problems. For avoiding such problems, you can use a premium VPN service and mask your IP address from your ISP.

Q – Should I leave my VPN on all the time?

A – Well, it’s not necessary. You can turn it on whenever needed.

Final Words

That’s all for now. Buy a premium VPN service now and save yourself from all the possible threats of Cyberworld. In addition to this, get the best gaming experience that you always desired.

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