How to Become ECCouncil CEH Certified Ethical Hacker-The Easiest Way to Certify?

In today’s fast-paced world, security hacks are on the rise like never before. Malicious hackers look for flaws and vulnerabilities in target systems that would allow them to gain control over the systems for personal gains. If you want to beat the hackers in their game, then you will need to develop a hacker mindset.

And there’s no better way to prove your competency in the IT security field than earning the relevant certification. Earning the relevant security credential is the minimum standard for validating your expertise in ethical hacking measures.

Besides, it also helps to reinforce ethical hacking as a self-regulating profession. For many years, the Prepaway ECCouncil has been known to offer some of the best security credentials to candidates across the globe.

This post breaks down the details about the ECCouncil 312-50V10 exam. It’s important to note that passing this exam earns you the prestigious Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification. The CEH certification portrays you as an IT security expert. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

ECCouncil Certification Program

ECCouncil offers up to 3 levels of security certifications for individuals looking to maintain the integrity of the organizations they work for. These include the core level, the advanced level credentials and the expert level certifications.

Under the core level lies the said CEH certification. The other certifications in the mentioned categories include the ECCouncil Certified Security Analyst certification and the expert-level Licensed Penetration Tester certification.

In the next section, we are going to cover everything you may need to know about the CEH credential. Further ahead in the post,  you will get to know the steps to certify, how to pass the required exam and the exam eligibility criteria. So, here we go.

Certification Overview

The CEH certification is globally recognized as the epitome of information security accreditation. A Certified Ethical Hacker is a trained professional who can identify the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a target system and formulate a plan to counter the same.

Naturally, these professionals use the same tools and tactics as malicious hackers. However, they use them in a more acceptable if not lawful manner. That said, this credential validates your skills relating to different network security domains including mitigation, ethics, reporting, security testing/vulnerabilities, system analysis and audits, and system development and management.


The CEH certification may be suitable for all individuals looking to secure the integrity of the target systems in the organizations they work for. However, it would best fit security officers, security professionals, auditors, and site administrators.

Steps to Certify

Attaining any IT certification requires taking and passing the required exam or exams and the CEH credential is no exception. To earn your credential, you will have to take and pass the ECCouncil 312-50v10 exam.

Exam Description

The exam 312-50v10 presents 125 multiple choice questions that should be completed within 4 hours. You can take your exam via the Pearson VUE testing center or the ECC Exam Center. Either way, you will have to pay the exam fee worth $500.

Exam Eligibility

So, what qualifies you for the CEH exam? That seems to be the biggest question. Well, to enroll for the test, you will have to meet one of the two basic requirements as spelt out in the ECCouncil’s 312-50v10 exam handbook.

Firstly,enroll in the exam for attending the official training. This includes the official computer-based training, instructor-led training or online training. This option is also feasible if you had earned one of the previous versions of the CEH credential.

Alternatively, you can qualify for your exam without attending the official training. If you opt for this option, then you will have to possess a minimum of 2 years of experience in a related information sec by urity field.

Besides, you must meet the relevant educational requirements and pay a non-refundable eligibility application fee worth $100. Not to mention the exam eligibility application form that must accompany the application fee.

Passing Criteria

Unlike other certification exams with a standard passing score, the CEH exam has none to mention. EC-Council desires to maintain the integrity of their exams and that’s why they are offered in multiple forms.

Accordingly, they developed an innovative way to determine the difficulty rating of each question in the test. It is these individual ratings that ultimately contribute to the overall “Cut Score” for the entire test.

Exam Training Options

The Certified Ethical Hacker program is one of the best information security training options you will ever get. This is an accredited course that equips exam candidates with innovative hacking tools and techniques. You will need them to secure an organization’s target systems.

Moreover, some of the vital skills you will acquire from this training program include testing, scanning, hacking, and securing the target systems of an organization. You will learn all the five phases of ethical hacking that include covering the tracks, maintaining access, enumeration, gaining access, and reconnaissance.

Other Training Options-Use PrepAway!

With a 99.3% success rate for candidates taking the CEH exam, PrepAway is your trusted source of effective study materials for guaranteed success. They offer to use bundles which combine the training course, questions and answers, the audio guide, and the study guide into one bunch.

Moreover, earning the IT certification, and the CEH credential as well means investing in your career and the quality of your life. Note, that the bundle is provided at an affordable price. BEsides, the benefit you’ll gain is priceless as it includes relevant knowledge and skills. The best part is, PrepAway also allows you to make individual purchases at competitive prices.


The CEH certification is valid for 3 years after which you will have to maintain its validity by earning the ECCouncil’s Continued Education (ECE)credits.

The Bottom Line

They say no smoke where there’s no fire. The ridiculously high demand for Certified Ethical Hackers is a testament to how crucial it is in the modern IT industry. Hopefully, you now have what it takes to become a CEH and fulfill your career aspirations. So, there you go.

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