Everything You Need to Know About Wow Classic

Feeling a tinge of nostalgia for the old times? You know, when WoW was still new? Don’t fret! You can relive those glory days with WoW Classic. Go back to the good ol’ days of challenging grinding, as well as re-attempting the Naxxramas Raid. While the current WoW is still quite difficult (depending on the activity you’re doing) many things have been eased by various updates. It’s still an enjoyable game, but it feels different and quite distant to its first iteration.

Here’s all you need to know about Wow Classic!

WoW Classic Content

It will cover up to patch 1.12. Any and all content covered by updates from the start of the game up to that patch will appear in Classic. That includes raids, PvP, and more! Content will go live in six phases, the last of which will introduce the aforementioned Naxxramas Raidas well as theScourge Invasion.

Staying true to the game’s roots, Blizzard has made a list of features that are ‘not a bug’. These include no text wrapping on long quest objectives, untracked objectives, larger hitboxes for some characters, and more! WoW Vanilla would really give the ‘classic’ WoW experience. However, there might still be elements of the current game state (such as the clock in the minimap) that would make it to this iteration.

Changes from Modern WoW

Slower progress;the level cap may have been lowered to 60, but you’re going to be waiting for much of your playtime. Things you take for granted in the modern version don’t exist, such as the Dungeon Finder. You’re going to have to talk to other players to gather a group for raids. Guilds and regular parties will help with that, so socialization is important!

We’re not sure how much of the QOL (quality-of-life) features will be brought to classic, so you can expect a more challenging adventure. You have to plan and think about where to invest your skill points and how to develop your talents further. Experimentation is more costly, and you have to trek all the way back to certain trainers to reset.

You can also revisit old zones destroyed by the Cataclysm. It’s something you can’t do in the current version, as they are in ruins now. These zones give more freedom, and the nostalgia they bring is definitely a good bonus.

Release Date

Blizzard has staggered testing phases for the game. The first was during the 22nd-23rd of May. Next, the second came on the 19th-20th of June. The last will happen on the 18th to the 19th of July. You may access the beta through your Battle.net account. Just select ‘Account Management’, and select the ‘WoW Classic Beta’. July is your last chance, so don’t miss it! You’ll need an active subscription to be eligible to join.

The game itself will go live on the 26th of August, 27th for those not in the Americas. Get ready, because that’s just a month and a half of waiting before it goes live.

Final Words

Long-time fans and newcomers alike can enjoy WoW Classic. Whether it’s for farming WoW gold, grinding for levels, or spending time with friends, you can find something to enjoy in the game.

Begin your adventures through Azeroth anew!

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