Benefits of Treatment Abroad in 2024

Thousands of patients undergo treatment abroad annually. Given the level of medical services provided, the correspondence between price and quality is at the proper level in Germany and Israel. Accordingly, in proportion to the growth in demand for treatment abroad, the number of companies providing services in the field of medical tourism is also growing. Booking Health is the only medical tourism provider with an international quality control certificate ISO 9001:2015.

What makes patients seek treatment abroad?


Even if a person is willing to pay for medical care in his country, not all the types of medical services may be available there. This is especially true for surgeries and the subsequent rehabilitation in oncological diseases, e.g. bone marrow transplantation. Actually, even when the quality of services and prices are comparable, it is more pleasant to stay in a foreign clinic. The convenience of the patient and his relatives is the most important factor that largely determines the financial success of the clinic, so most foreign clinics switch to single and double rooms of a hotel type.

Anonymity is important for other patients. It is essential for some of us not to disclose health information to friends, relatives, and colleagues. Healthcare professionals in Germany and Israel understand the importance of medical secrecy. Only the patient himself has the access to medical records and related information. Telling everyone that you are having a vacation abroad, you may take care of your health without informing anyone.

Finally, it is important to understand that German medicine is available for foreigners. There are enough doctors and nurses, places in hospitals for both citizens of the country and foreign visitors. Appropriate infrastructure and services for the treatment of foreigners have been created.

What are the features of German medicine?


German medicine has the best medical and diagnostic equipment, supplies, and tools – from high-tech beds and scalpels to MRI devices. And all this is being manufactured in Germany, which is a global trendsetter in medical technology.

But not even the most state-of-art tomograph or X-ray machine can prescribe treatment to a specific patient. This is done by the doctor. Qualifications of the German healthcare professionals are beyond competition. Often these are representatives of medical dynasties in the third and more generations. They not only treat, but are also engaged in scientific research, constantly improve their skills, and get acquainted with the latest world trends. As a rule, a doctor in Germany knows English well, reads professional newspapers from the USA and England, and participates in international conferences.

General principles of German healthcare are:

  • Comprehensive examination before starting any treatment
  • Choosing brand-name, not generic, drugs
  • Choosing organ-preserving interventions
  • Using endoscopic and robotic procedures
  • Taking care about rehabilitation and good quality of life after the completion of main treatment course

How to choose the country and clinic in which my disease will be treated?


The patient who decides to receive medical care abroad faces the problem of choosing a country, clinic, and a specific doctor. There are many intermediary companies. They are found via Google and Yandex, with the help of friends and relatives. As a rule, a person simply chooses the site he likes, where the company promises to help quickly and cheaply. However, without the relevant experience, one can make a mistake. Typically, such companies operate as ordinary travel agencies and are not very concerned about the quality of medical services provided by partner clinics.

Booking Health facilitates contacting the necessary clinic and doctor and offers comprehensive assistance, from translating medical documents into a foreign language to booking accommodation and tickets. International accreditation of clinics allows the patient to receive safe medical services of high quality.

One of the important points is that the Booking Health team employs doctors who can study your medical history in detail and select the best diagnostic and treatment programs for you.

One of the important points is that the team employs doctors who will study your medical history in detail and select the best diagnostic and treatment programs for you. You can find reliable information about therapeutic methods, medical innovations, ratings of hospitals, qualifications of healthcare professionals, etc. Feel free to investigate the information and compare suitable options.

When may a patient be refused?


However, it is important to note that German medicine is generally conventional. You will not be offered any risky experiments that have not been approved for clinical use yet. We can say that medicine in Germany is the honest one.

In some cases, German clinics and doctors refuse to provide medical services. This mainly happens in cases when the treatment will not bring any significant changes. In other words, doctors will honestly offer you not to spend money and time on things that will not improve your health state. There will be no charlatans under the guise of “patient care” or banal pumping of money from the patient.

What are the first steps towards undergoing treatment abroad?

In most cases, people who want to undergo treatment abroad are already aware of the peculiarities of their pathology, available conventional protocols and novel therapeutic options, famous physicians, and specialized hospitals. However, it is always better to use the assistance of someone with medical education and experience in the relevant medical field.

The portal for direct booking of treatment brought together skilled physicians of different specialties, patient case managers, medical translators and interpreters, travel managers, and other professionals. Coordinated work of such a multidisciplinary team is aimed at offering patients the most effective medical programs at the best price.
Visit the official website and fill in the “Send request” form. It is better to describe your problem in detail and attach the available medical records, so physicians will be able to perform the initial assessment.

After that, a patient case manager or a medical advisor himself will contact you in order to clarify information about your health state (if necessary) and offer you the most relevant hospitals and medical programs. You will discuss with a patient case manager all the important questions until there will be nothing to worry about and start your medical trip after that.

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