What Are the Best Months to Stay in Berlin?

As a tourist hotspot, Europe has plenty to offer. Millions of tourists come to Europe each year from all over the world. Usually, people who are only staying for a few days focus on Paris or Rome. Yes, these are the places most tourists are aware of. There’s also London, Venice, and Barcelona in the mix. But, aren’t we forgetting something? Of course, we are. Many people do. Germany is one of the biggest countries in Europe. But, it is often overseen and neglected as a tourist destination.

This is wrong. Germany has so much to offer. To prove our point, we are going to present to you its capital – Berlin. Have you heard of Berlin? Joking aside, we know you have. Trust us. It is one of the cities you want to visit during your lifetime. It is a historic place, but also a modern hub. It has plenty to offer to both the younger audience and old-school tourists. We’re not going to argue, Berlin is quite popular, but it deserves its place with the likes of Paris and London. Are you intrigued by why we think so?

We bet you are. Don’t worry we are going to tell you in the paragraphs below. But first, do not neglect the popularity of this city. While it’s not as popular as some of the other European capitals, people still flock to Berlin. This is why it’s essential that before you visit you get in touch with outlets such as Ukio and check out the best Berlin serviced apartments Berlin, as you do not want to go on a prolonged search for accommodation. Once you have this settled you can start to enjoy the beauties of this city.

What’s There to See And Do in Berlin?

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We’re glad you have asked. As we said, we are talking about both historic and modern cities. Considering the long history that Germanic states had in the past and in more recent times, you can only imagine that Berlin stands tall in its offerings. First of all, you’ll need some time to relax and gel with your surroundings. The best way to do this is by spending some time at the Spree river. Take a cruise or wine and dine at one of the restaurants on the banks of the river.

Once the initial contact is established you can start moving around the city. Let’s start with modern art. If you want to take a look at the whole city of Berlin and enjoy one of its more modern monuments you need to check out the TV Tower in Berlin. Once there you’ll be able to see the rest of the city, and all of the other monuments and landmarks worth visiting. The first place where you should head next is of course the monumental Reichstag. This is a building that holds a lot of history. It is one of those places you need to visit at least once in your life such as the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben.

Do not let the history lesson end here. Your next stop needs to be the Jewish Museum in Berlin. A place that holds a lot of history, both German and Jewish. The two entities were entangled in the past, and you need to witness some of the remnants of Europe’s dark past stored in this museum. Once history has been taught, in order not to be repeated, you should get in touch with nature too. The best way to do this in Berlin is by visiting their Wintergarten. By now you can already tell that this capital has plenty to offer. If nature is not our thing, but history and art are, you need to check out Pergamon Museum and Madame Tussauds.

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The visit to Berlin wouldn’t be full if you don’t see the two monuments we’re going to talk about in this paragraph. Of course, we are talking about the Brandenburg gate and the remnants of the Wall of Berlin. As we said, this city has plenty to offer in the history domain, but also in the terms of modern art and architecture. With everything said above, you understand why we see it as one of Europe’s top cities. As if everything we have said above wasn’t enough we have two more locations to point you to. You can finish your stay by paying a visit to Berliner Dom, one of the most amazing cathedrals you’ll see in your life, and of course the Berlin Zoo. With everything said above, we are only left to answer the question from our title – what are the best months to stay in Berlin?

When to Visit?

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To paraphrase The Eagles, you can come at any time of year. But, you can also leave as you please unlike in Hotel California. Joking aside, winters in Germany can get quite cold, so we are not recommending a winter visit unless you’re a fan of freezing temperatures and snow. During the Christmas festivities, this city blossoms even during the winter. But, that’s not the time of year when you should visit. Instead, focus more on the spring and summer months. Even autumn is good for a Berlin visit. The best time to be there is anywhere from May to October. During these months the weather is fresh, and you can enjoy all the outdoor activities. Walking through the city from one monument to another, and eating out in one of the cities’ beer gardens is ideal during this period.

The city infrastructure is aware of peak tourist months and you’ll have no issues finding flights or accommodation. Also moving through the city with one of their public transport means is quite easy. All that you should have in mind is that Berlin’s summers can get quite humid. So, if you’re a fan of sightseeing more than anything else you should come in spring or early summer, and if that timeframe evades you leave your visit for autumn. Berlin will be waiting for you no matter what. Just take your time and pay it a visit.

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