10 Best Wired TV Headphones 2024 – Top Picks From Top Brands

Do you want to watch television and enjoy audio without disturbing those around you? Here are the best-wired TV headphones on the market today with the best value for money.

Choosing a good pair of cable TV headphones is important for anyone who wants to listen to their favorite shows without disturbing others around the house, night or day.

Compared to wireless headphones for TV, wired headphones generally have better audio quality (for the same price range), do not require batteries, and have no signal loss problems.

To correctly choose which ones to buy, you must first consider the frequency response, that is the ability of the headphones to reproduce frequencies, measured in Hertz (Hz). The human ear can only perceive those between 20 and 20,000 Hz, so choose headphones that have a frequency response with a range equal to or greater.

Impedance is another important parameter, which indicates the resistance exerted by the headphones on the audio signal, the ideal impedance is between 16 and 32 Ohms: too high a value causes a decrease in volume.

Finally, it is necessary to evaluate the sensitivity: it is measured in Decibels (dB) and indicates the maximum level of sound reproducible faithfully. We generally recommend choosing television headphones that have at least 85 dB of sensitivity.

girl listening music

The best-wired headphones for TV, however, must not only ensure flawless sound quality, but also be comfortable while using them, and thanks to their low latency they are also good as gaming headphones.

Based on the shape, size, and type of auricle, we distinguish between open and closed headphones, on-ear and over-ear, and then between circumaural and supra-aural headphones.

The former is the most comfortable, but sound insulation is limited. It is insured in closed models, but less suitable for prolonged use because they tire.

Small, comfortable on-ear headphones are less effective at canceling ambient noise. While the over-ear models provide better isolation from background noise (some models with active cancellation), the headphones are heavier.

As they all come with a cable, you won’t have to worry about recharging them – just connect them to your TV to get them up and running. The length of the wire is therefore an important factor to consider, to be free to move while listening.

Now let’s find out which are the best-wired TV headphones on the market today, the best models chosen for value for money and sound performance.

Our Recommendations for Best Wired TV Headphones

1. Philips SHP9500/00   – Best Overall Headphone for Movies

Philips SHP9500_00 

The Philips SHP9500 / 00 is the Best Overall Headphone for Movies with 3 meters cable. We recommend them to those who want high-quality audio at a mid-range price. It is a model of open headphones, excellent for the spatiality of sound.

The 50mm drivers are capable of delivering a very immersive sound, and the headphones are also very comfortable to wear thanks to the generous rubber padding of the ear cups, which also provide a good level of noise isolation.

The headband is also padded with a very soft spongy material, these are undoubtedly among the best TV headphones for wearability and softness.

Since the cable is 3 meters long, we recommend them to those who do not have to sit at a great distance from the TV, or to those who can use a possible audio extension cable.

These Philips headphones offer great sound quality, so if the audio source is of good quality this pair of headphones will prove to be the ideal solution.

Technical features include a 50mm neodymium driver, 32-ohm impedance, 101 dB sensitivity, and 12 to 35,000Hz frequency response.

The headphones emphasize the low frequencies and highs especially well, clear and crystalline. The sound is colorful and energetic. Also good is the headspace, which is spacious, and gives a good sense of depth. The quality/price ratio of these TV headphones is positive and we recommend them without particular reservations.

  • Deep bass
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • Comfortable
  • 3m cable may be short for some


2. SENNHEISER HD 660 S – Best Wired Headphone for Movies


If you are wondering which Best Wired Headphone for Movies to fully enjoy your home theatre system, the SENNHEISER HD 660 S is the ideal choice.

They are over-ear headphones that boast excellent value for money and technical features that are particularly interesting for home theatre enthusiasts this is also called the best noise-canceling headphones.

The real strength of these closed headphones for cable TV is the excellent sound insulation that they can guarantee to the user, who will thus be able to fully immerse themselves in the multimedia experience without being disturbed by external noises.

The headband is equipped with an elastic band, which allows the model to easily adapt to the shape and size of the head, and thus be more comfortable. The pavilions are lined with soft pads. Even the weight of only 140 grams contributes to greatly improving the comfort of use: once worn, the headphones are not uncomfortable because they are heavy or oppressive.

From the point of view of sound quality we find some limitations, the sound is overall a bit flat and even the maximum volume level is not very high, so we do not recommend them to those with some hearing problems.

Technically, they have a frequency response ranging from 25 – 20,000 Hz. They are equipped with a 0.8-meter long cable, to which you can add an extension (included in the package) of 5.2 meters. These measures are more than enough to listen to the TV in the armchair if the screen is far away, but at the same time, those who prefer to sit closer will not have the clutter of an excessively long cable.

  • Good price
  • Comfortable
  • Long cable 0,8 + 5,2m
  • Sound a little flat
  • Not a very high volume


3. Sennheiser HD 559 – Best Headphone for Dolby Atmos Movies

Sennheiser HD 559

The Sennheiser HD 559 is the Best Headphone for Dolby Atmos Movies for long periods, also comfortable for listening to music at home from a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The drivers create a neutral and defined sound, almost like monitor headphones. The source used to determine a good listening experience thus becomes fundamental.

The structure and design of the headphones are designed with the aim of maximum comfort and ergonomics. They are made of plastic with velvet trim to limit sweating. Not all users report the same level of comfort; depending on your physical confirmation the experience will be different. Many will find the light and practical, but for some, they may be too narrow, especially when new.

Being an open headphone, there is no isolation, but to the advantage of a greater spatiality of the sound. This type of headset is also ideal for less ear strain when listening to TV for a long time. The idea is to use it at home, in a quiet and peaceful environment.

The cable is 3 meters long. Perfect for those who use them connected to the TV, they could be cumbersome for those who intend to use them on the PC at the desk or connected to a smartphone or tablet.

Good frequency response and impedance were measured respectively in 14-26000 Hz and 52 Ohm.

  • Neutral sound
  • Excellent value for money
  • Absence of insulation
  • Not always comfortable


4. Sennheiser HD 206 – Best Budget Headphone for Movies

Sennheiser HD 206

The Sennheiser HD 206 are excellent light Best Budget Headphone for Movies with wire for television, recommended for their price-quality, they are the cheapest model of the brand currently on the market, but they boast good technical characteristics including excellent sound quality.

Their strong point is definitely the passive noise reduction technology, which excludes unwanted external sounds thanks to the shape and materials of the large over-ear pavilions.

By wearing them, you can in fact keep the volume down even if you are surrounded by annoying noises, thanks to excellent insulation, to the benefit of the health of the ear canal.

They have an excellent impedance, equal to 24 Ohm. Lower than the average value for TV headphones, which makes them better for sound power.

As for the frequency response, which goes from 21 to 18000 Hz, they are, on the other hand, just below similar models in the category. With a weight of around 165 grams, they are quite light and comfortable even if worn for a long time.

Although the sound quality is not comparable to that of Sennheiser’s top-of-the-range, the HD 206 manages to cover the entire spectrum of audio frequencies, with particularly good bass.

The cable length of 3 meters is acceptable. The design is not very sophisticated but, considering the technical characteristics of the model, it is an aspect that can be overlooked.

  • Excellent impedance
  • Effective noise reduction
  • Light
  • Basic design


5. Philips SHP2500 – Best Wired Headphone for TV and Movies

Philips SHP2500

The Philips SHP2500 is the Best Wired Headphones for TV and Movies and ranks among the best TV headphones for seniors. They do not cost much and represent a valid choice for those who need a pair of headphones to be used exclusively for watching TV, without big pretensions.

They are the ideal solution for a person who has some hearing difficulties and wants to watch their favorite programs even late at night, without disturbing family and neighbors.

To a keen ear, the audio quality of the Philips SHP2500 may be barely sufficient, but it will certainly satisfy most average listeners. TV series, documentaries and talk shows are perfect.

The headphones are equipped with volume control located on the cable, which is 6 meters long and ensures greater freedom for the wearer. However, it would have been more practical to find it positioned only on one of the two pavilions.

Design is essential; the headphones, made entirely of plastic, are light and creaky. Despite the somewhat cheap feeling, they prove to be sufficiently resistant, far from the economic models of lesser-known brands.

The impedance, with its 32 Ohms, is average, while the frequency response spectrum is sufficiently wide and goes from 9 to 23000 Hz. The sensitivity, on the other hand, is 95 dB, in line with that of the best headphones for TV with wire.

Since this is a product offered at a decidedly affordable price, in our opinion the value for money is very satisfactory.

  • Good price
  • Long cable
  • Cable from both pavilions
  • Not excellent build quality


6. Avantree HF039 – Best Headphone For Movies

Avantree HF039

The Avantree HF039 is the Best Headphone For Movies with long wires ideal for those who put comfort first and aim for a light and ergonomic product, which does not overheat during use.

The pads of over-ear pads are in fact lined with soft synthetic leather, while the headband is adjustable in length and easily adapts to the size of the head.

The headphones have a 5-meter coiled cable, so as to minimize the space occupied when the distance between the headphones and the TV is small or when you are not wearing them.

On the cable, in an easy-to-reach position, are located the controls for the volume and to adjust the audio from mono to stereo.

Finally, to keep them always in place without the risk of them falling out when you are on the move, you can use the special clip and attach them to the collar of the shirt or shirt.

The sound quality is decent, although the power of the audio is not among the highest: the high sounds have sufficient definition and the bass is pleasant even if not very deep.

Like other TV headphones belonging to the same price range, the Avantree HF039 does not support codecs for high-resolution sound reproduction.

  • Long coiled cable
  • Light
  • Ergonomic
  • Limited audio power


7. Philips SHP9500 – Best Wireless Headphone For TV

Philips SHP9500

For those looking for the Best Wireless Headphone For TV with a long wire, the Philips SHP9500 are on-ear headphones with a refined design, which we recommend to those who appreciate retro style and, at the same time, for those looking for a product made with excellent quality materials.

The elegant design, in fact, combines perfectly with the massive appearance of the headband, padded and lined in leather on both sides to guarantee maximum comfort.

The 50mm speaker delivers good quality, crisp sound with balanced bass and pleasing highs. For those interested in a pair of headphones with high volume, the Meliconi ensures a good level of sound insulation, to listen to the TV at a rather high volume without disturbing it.

The 5-meter-long cable also makes it easier for you to listen to TV programs or music from a distance. On the wire are the practical controls for the volume, but the wheel is very thin and therefore a bit difficult to adjust.

The thread is made of anti-tangle fabric, essential to prevent the formation of knots that could damage it.

The frequency response, of 20-20000 Hz, is decent, as well as the impedance values, equal to 32 Ohm, and the sensitivity, 105 dB, are good.

The solid structure makes them particularly resistant to bumps and accidental falls, even if it increases their weight a little. They are therefore ideal headphones for those who do not intend to wear them for many hours.

  • Tangle-free cable 5 meters long
  • Soundproofing
  • Sophisticated design
  • Heavy
  • Oval pavilions


8. Sony WH-1000XM4 – Best Bluetooth TV Headphone

Sony WH-1000XM4

If you are looking for a Best Bluetooth TV Headphone and a model that can offer you ample freedom of movement but is not oriented towards the classic Bluetooth headphones, heavier and more difficult to use, you will find the 8-meter cable supplied on the Sony WH-1000XM4 very useful.

In fact, they have the longest cable of all the TV headphones in this selection, even if it is not equipped with an anti-tangle system. Its use, therefore, requires particular attention to prevent the frequent formation of knots from damaging it.

The Thomson is therefore headphones for TV with wire ideal for viewing from afar or for those who have the sofa at a certain distance from the TV.

In addition to the classic 3.5 mm straight jack, to connect headphones to the TV, a 6.35 mm adapter is also included in the package, useful for listening to music directly from a hi-fi system.

The simple and compact design gives the headphones an appearance that is anything but fragile, a guarantee of excellent product durability.

The comfort of the padded earpads and headband is very good, however, given the weight is not light, prolonged use is not the ideal headphones for very prolonged listening.

The power is modest, but it is compensated both by the quality of the audio, with precise bass and very little distortion at high volume and by the decidedly competitive price.

  • 8 meters long cable
  • Large pavilion
  • 6.35 mm adapter
  • Not suitable for prolonged listening


9. Avantree HF027 – Best Headphone For Watching Movies

Avantree HF027

The Avantree HF027 are earphones with a long cable and the Best Headphone For Watching Movies. The price is affordable and the weight is almost imperceptible, with audio performance in the average of their price range.

These headphones have some interesting features for those who want to listen to TV without disturbing and are a great alternative to wireless TV headsets, which are more expensive.

There is a cable about 6.5 meters long, but it is characterized by the functional spiral shape, which avoids the formation of tangles and knots and takes up very little space.

Just like the Avantree HF039, the HF027 is also equipped with a practical clip, to fix them on the collar and prevent them from falling when you move around the room. Also on the cable are the two convenient buttons to adjust the volume.

The audio quality is sufficient and proportionate to the price, with a sensitivity of 104 dB and an impedance of 32 Ohms. The 13 mm speakers diffuse a balanced sound even if lacking in the bass. They are therefore not the right choice for those looking for high sound quality, but they are the ideal choice for listening to news and talk shows.

The Avantree HF027 is therefore a good buy for those who intend to make occasional use, especially considering the really affordable price.

  • A coiled cable of 6.5 meters
  • Safety clip
  • Economic range
  • Modest sound quality


10. Sennheiser HD 560 S Over – Best Wired Tv Headphone

Sennheiser HD 560 S Over

The Sennheiser HD 560 S Over is are stereo Best Wired Tv Headphone with cable suitable for TV, with open pavilions, and at a very moderate price. Recommended for those looking for a basic model to watch television programs in peace.

The simple and clean design is reminiscent of the Sennheiser HD 560 S Over, while the small, on-ear ear cups help reduce the weight of the headphones, so much so that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them.

The volume controls are arranged on the 5-meter-long cable, useful if you do not have the remote control at hand. However, the length of the wire and the absence of stop and play buttons make them unsuitable for listening to music from smartphones and MP3 players.

The presence of the adapter for the 6.3 mm jack, on the other hand, facilitates the connection with hi-fi systems for those who listen to music. The hypoallergenic foam that covers the inside of the pavilions is soft and light.

The impedance is 24 Ohms, a great value for a product in this price range. On the other hand, the sensitivity of 105 dB and the frequency response, between 16 and 22000 Hz, are on average.

The sound quality, despite the 30mm speakers, is a bit lacking in both high and low frequencies, but the opinions of many reviewers agree on one fact: the price is the real selling point of the budget Panasonic RP-HT090 headphones, which are currently the best TV headphones for those on a budget.

  • Light
  • 5-meter cable
  • Economic
  • Foam pavilions
  • Fragile structure


Buying Guide

Wired TV Headphones buying guide


The headphone drivers in wired TV headphones are designed to reproduce sound as accurately as possible. In order to do this, they need a clear signal from the TV. If there is interference from other devices in your home, the headphone drivers will struggle to produce an accurate sound. This can result in poor audio quality and distortion.


Wired TV headphones are some of the most durable headphones on the market. They can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making them perfect for those who frequently watch their favorite shows on their TVs. However, not all wired TV headphones are created equal. Some may be more durable than others, so it is important to consider this before making a purchase.

Headphone Cable

There are a variety of different types and lengths of cables available on the market, so it’s important to find one that fits your needs. Some people prefer short cables that leave their ears close to the TV, while others may want long cables that they can extend out of reach. It’s also important to consider how thick the cable is.

Thicker cables tend to provide better sound quality, but they can also be more difficult to use.

PriceWired TV headphones can be more expensive than traditional cords, but they offer a number of benefits. For one, they’re typically less likely to become tangled and damaged. Additionally, some models allow you to control audio levels without having to take your eyes off the screen.

Before making a purchase, it’s important to determine whether or not the wired TV headphones you’re considering are worth the investment.

Earphones vs. Earbuds Earphones work better when you want to listen to music or watch videos on your phone while you’re on the go, but they’re not as good for watching TV because they don’t provide good sound quality.

Earbuds, on the other hand, are better for watching TV because they provide better sound quality and are more stable. They also come in different sizes so that you can find one that fits comfortably inside your ear.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq Wired TV Headphones

1. Can I listen to TV with wired headphones?

Unless it is wireless, then no. It should depend on the style of headphones you’re using. If your TV has RCA or 3.5mm jacks, then you can rig up cables to the headphone jack and get sound; if your headphones will plug into a USB port (such as for mp3 players), you can use computer speakers with the headphones plugged in for sound; if all else fails, get an amplifier that talks to headphones or TV speakers wirelessly.

If you want to buy new equipment, look into Bluetooth-enabled receivers that act like speaker systems – they’ll transmit audio onto any wired set of cans/headphones without modification necessary but require batteries to power them like anything wireless does.

2. What are the best headphones for TV?

The 5 best headphones to use with a TV are Philips SHP9500/00, SENNHEISER HD 660 S, Sennheiser HD 559, Sennheiser HD 206, Philips SHP2500

3. Which company wired headphones are best?

There’s a company called Bose that does some very good wired headphones. Bose is a great brand for sound quality, and you can find a number of different styles from the noise-reducing QuietComfort series to the SoundSport which has more of an outdoor feel. You’ll need to do your homework for the best fit, but it will be worth it in terms of enjoyment.

4. Can you listen to TV with noise-canceling headphones?

Absolutely! The noise-canceling headphones will absorb any outside noise that leaks into the ear poorly, like when you’re in an airplane with the plane’s engines too loud. That way you don’t need to turn up your volume really high to drown out external sound.

You can also play TV shows or movies without having to max out the volume levels, which is great if you have hearing difficulties or are sensitive to loud noises.

This will not be relevant for everyone though, because not everyone has sensitivity issues about higher volumes in their ears and believe that there is no issue with it – just like how there are people who can sleep next to a dog barking at night without it keeping them awake! I would only recommend using noise


There’s no question that wireless headphones are the wave of the future. They’re convenient and stylish, and most importantly, they allow us to stay connected while we’re on our own time schedule. Whether you’re working out or just trying to relax in your own home, wireless headphones are a great way to get the most out of your listening experience.

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