How to Choose The Best WordPress Theme for WooCommerce – 2024 Guide

When you are planning to take your business online and make a shopping site, you will need a WooCommerce platform. However, after getting the WooCommerce site you have to set it up. The best to do so is by getting the perfect theme according to your selling item.

It is just like getting a shop and decorating it. Only the structure of your shop is not enough for attracting customers. Moreover, even if your structure is in good condition, you need to attract customers. So if you are selling makeup products, you will install mirrors. Likewise, when you are setting your WooCommerce platform, you need to get the right theme.

For example, your online store will sell food. So there are specific themes that have the right color combination and patterns to make your site look better. There will be a different theme for Italian cuisine and a different theme for Chinese one. But where will you find all such themes? Of course, you can do your search but we recommend you to check out they got some amazing WooCommerce themes.

If you want to get premium themes, it is not impossible to get them. Moreover, different themes and templates have a different price range. You can get some for free and you will have to pay some extra amount for some of them. It all depends upon the features of every theme.

Choosing your WordPress theme

However, how will you make your decision? You will get hundreds of templates. Won’t it be difficult for you to select one? Of course, it will be. Therefore, we are going to provide you with some tips that will help you to make your decision. While selecting the template, pay attention to these features.

1 – Should be professional


What comes under a professional theme? It should showcase the products in a better way. Therefore, it is different for every type of store. But the theme should have a high-quality design. Some of them will show bold colors while some go with muted style i.e. calm colors. Likewise, some of them will have some eye-catching graphical designs.
You should make your decision according to your products. For example, if you are showcasing jewelry pieces, the background should be muted and calm. Otherwise, it will grab all the attention. Likewise, the design of every store varies with the product.

So whether you want the theme for your ceramic store, clothing site, technological online store or you are selling bikes. Nothing matters. Whether your business is one of these or any other, you can get the perfect theme from

2 – Integration between the WooCommerce and template

You can choose any theme from any site, but make sure that it integrates with your WooCommerce site. WooCommerce works well with almost all the WordPress themes. However, if the design template is specifically made for the shopping site, it might not fit the criteria of the WordPress theme.
Therefore, there will be a possibility that the products, posts and pages will have a discontinuity. That is why you cannot ignore the integrating aspect. So while purchasing the design template, look for the features of every theme. There will be a feature with the name “WooCommerce Integration”.

3 – Offers all the features without much bloating


There are some templates that go beyond just designing. Such features include wish lists, pop-ups, mega menus, builders and more. However, sometimes you don’t need all these features. For example, visitors do not like pop-ups. So should not buy features that irritate visitors and customers.

Furthermore, every feature will cost you money. So if your website needs only 5 features, do not go beyond that. Otherwise, you will be paying for 50 different features that won’t be any good for your sites. In addition to the cost, you will also put too much pressure on the site and make it slow. This will also put a negative impact on your visitors. And the site will become difficult to manage.

Furthermore, you can always improve the site. So even if you are not purchasing them during the initial phase, you can always add them later.

4 – Should be Mobile-friendly

With the excessive use of mobile phones and the availability of various applications, more traffic comes from mobile users. Therefore, you should also work on this aspect. Your website should work equally on both the desktop version and mobile phone screen.

If you ignore the mobile-friendly interface, it means that you will lose half of your potential customers. Because more than half of website traffic comes from mobile users. So it will be a huge loss for your business.

You can check this feature before purchasing the design template. To do so, open the demo of that theme on your mobile phone. You will know how other visitors will see it and whether it runs smoothly or shows breaks in between.

5 – Quick loading and updates


The most annoying thing is to wait for the page or picture to load. Although it sometimes depends upon the internet speed of the customer but not always. Usually, it is because of the speed of your theme. If your theme has too many features, it will be heavier and won’t match the speed of your site. Therefore, when you open the page, it will take a few seconds.

You can deal with it by increasing the speed. However, you should also get rid of all the extra features. Quick loading is important for your business. Because every page and picture takes several seconds to load and this happens every time, your visitors won’t come again. This might happen sometimes but should not be an all-time issue.

In addition to the loading speed, the theme should also have regular updates. With the updated version, the speed automatically improves and so do the other features. Updated versions come after a lot of research and market analysis. Therefore, the latest version will be more user-friendly. So do look for it too.

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