How To Build A Cat House For Winter?

Cold days are coming and we must not forget our furry friends. Cold days are test not only for humans, but also for animals, especially those who live outdoors. To help a cat survive the winter and create a warm house, you need to know what design features it needs. Fortunately, anyone can make this cat house. All you have to do is follow our recommendations, get the necessary tools, materials and come up with some cool ideas. So let’s find out how to build a cat house for winter.

The purpose of a cat house


In order to know what characteristics a house should have, it is important to return to its primary function. So, it should be safe and warm enough for your pet. This means that it should retain heat, but also protect against precipitation. Appearance is the last thing you need to think about, because the most important thing is that your pet feels beautiful in this space. Therefore, insulate the inside and thus protect the house from the penetration of snow and moisture.

The house must stand on a certain elevation above the ground, but the ground must be quite stable. Pay attention to the size of the space, because it should not be large. It should not be able to hold more than 6 cats. Make the entrance as small as possible to keep as much heat inside, but be sure to make it large enough for the cat to enter and exit comfortably, otherwise it will be cat cage and not house.

The size of the house

For example, you can take an ordinary cardboard box, a plastic box or some other item that will give shape to your pet’s future home. In that case, it is important to think about its dimensions in advance in order to choose the right box or some other item. Also, consider the desired shape and give preference to materials that will withstand frost. If you don’t have idea, you can always get ideas from professional manufacturers like aivituvin. The dimensions can be different, and cats are not big animals, which makes it easier for you to choose. It is important that they can move inside at full height and stretch to their full length. Don’t forget to leave enough space for food and water containers. Visit here to learn how much food your cat should be eating.



To make a portable, cheap and warm house for your cat, you need the following materials. You can opt for a cardboard box or some other material, but it is very important to choose the material that will make the interior of the room. Use styrofoam by placing one board at the bottom of the house, and you will use two boards as coverings on the side of the house. You will attach it with glue, and you need it to keep the heat inside the room. It should be a few cm thick, and it can be less thick for the walls. You can also use fabric for extra heat. You can place a thick sandwich to keep your cat snuggled up. You will put the protective foil over the box so that it does not get wet from rain or snow.

Various components can be used as building materials. Cardboard is definitely the cheapest option, but there are other materials you can use. For example, wood and plywood are excellent and sustainable choices. Plastic is another popular choice if you care about making a reliable and durable construction. In addition, you can use plywood, grooved board or wall coverings. You can also use mineral wool, but ensure good insulation from moisture.

Styrofoam house


In this case, you will need styrofoam, adhesive tape, cotton wool for insulation, fabric, knife and marker. Draw a hole in the box for the future entrance, then cut out the material with a knife and make an opening. Drill holes in the bottom of the box so that moisture does not collect inside. Tape the cover. Put the cotton in the bag, remove all the air from it and close it. Next, install the insulation in the box. This is where you will need the fabric to fit inside. When you place the house in the desired place, do not forget to place a heavier object on top of the house so that the house does not overturn from the wind.

Cardboard house


For this house, you will need a cardboard box, adhesive tape and polystyrene foam. Cover the top of the box and the bottom with tape, make an entrance and protect the material from moisture. The whole structure needs to be wrapped in thick polyethylene and the house will be waterproof. Our advice is to make a small canopy over the entrance. It can be made of rubber or some other dense material. Place the fleece inside the house, but change it from time to time due to moisture. You can use a pallet to set up the house to make the construction as stable as possible.

Safe location for a cat house

Once you’ve built a house for your cat, make sure you put it in a safe place. This means that it should be away from other animals, traffic, etc. Try to find a place where the wind will not blow strongly, because that way they will be comfortable until the temperature drops.

How to help a cat get used to the house?

Although you have provided your pet with all the conditions for a perfect life, she may have a problem adjusting to the new territory. They may not be in a hurry to adjust, but you can make the process faster. Therefore, you must pay attention to some key items during the construction itself, and one of the most important is stability. Apart from the fact that an insufficiently stable house is not a good space for your pet, cats do not like a swinging structure.

It would be good for your cat to have a shelf inside the house, because that way it feels even safer. You can afford additional comfort if you choose natural materials for bedding, because cats do not like fabric that gets electrified. You can use mint to attract a cat to the house, it will entice it to go inside.

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Although cats have fur that protects them from various external influences, abandoned animals are very cold during the winter. In such conditions, they can have serious damage such as frostbite or dehydration. To protect them from extreme conditions, we can make houses for them. That’s why you can always make houses for abandoned cats if your pet doesn’t need it.

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