5 Things to Keep In Mind When Buying a SD Card

Nowadays, many gadgets have great built-in internal memory but still you can insert SD cards in them to increase its capacity of storage. However, while buying a SD card, many people do not know what things they should keep in mind for choosing the right one for you. In this article, we have shared various things that a person needs to know before purchasing a memory card for their device. Let us have a look at these points one by one:

1. Size:

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SD cards are available in three main sizes. At the time when they were just launched in the market, their primary size was 32 x 24 mm. This size is still very common for audio recorders, digital cameras, and other similar products. However, for smartphones, everyone needs smaller memory cards. Therefore, as the technology got advanced, miniSD and microSD cards having measurements 21.5 x 20 mm and 11 x 15 mm respectively got launched in the market. The size of these storage devices got reduced with time but its storage capacity has improved.

2. Capacity:

The other thing that you need to pay attention to while buying a memory card is its capacity. It is that component that you cannot miss to keep in mind. For some people who do not require much storage, a 16GB or 32 GB SD card would be the perfect option. But if you are someone who clicks a lot of pictures on their smartphone and the storage gets full really fast, then you need to choose a storage device that has better capacity. Buying a 64 GB or 128 GB SD card would be a good choice for such people.

3. Speed:

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Speed is another important factor that one needs to consider before buying a SD card. Many people are not aware of the speed classes of these storage devices. Suppose you are going to your office and want to import some important files to your smartphone from your desktop. At that time, you don’t have much time to wait to transfer the files. That is why you need to check the speed of such a storage device before purchasing it.

The four speed classes that are accessible include 2,4,6, and 10. The speed class 2 implies the slowest version whereas the 10 implies the fastest one. If you require high transferring speed, then we suggest you pick the SD card with a 10 speed class. Consider checking out hugdiy.com to get great high speed SD cards.

4. Brand:

Always buy company products because they sell authentic and good quality products. Many fake brands come up with SD cards that are inexpensive but very poor in quality. You must not always purchase a product based on its cost. Do not buy storage devices from any cheap brand. Consider buying them from trusted and reliable brands such as Sandisk, Samsung, Sony, and Kingston.

5. Wi-Fi:

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These days, Wi-Fi enabled SD cards are trending everywhere. If you often require to transfer data from one gadget to another, then Wi-Fi enabled storage devices would be the best option for you. But in order to use them, you need to have a good Wi-Fi connection. However, you have to be a little careful while using them as it reduce the battery life of your gadgets.

Benefits of using a SD card

  • Increase internal storage:

For people who click a lot of photos or make a lot of videos on their phone, the built-in internal storage is not enough. It is essential for them to buy a memory card to increase the storage capacity of their device. It is one of the most effective methods of increasing the internal storage of your smartphone.

  • Compatibility:

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SD cards are compatible with various devices such as digital cameras, computers, and smartphones. So, it does not matter which gadget you are using, you can find a compatible storage device for it. However, if you want to buy it for your desktop, you need to also purchase a card reader along with it which is helpful in displaying the data present in the memory card.

  • Portable and removable:

Memory cards are not something that are so big in physical size. As the technology got advanced, their sizes only got reduced with time. This is the reason why you can carry them conveniently and it does not occupy so much space. Another benefit is that you can easily remove them from your smartphone or any other gadget unlike the hard drives that are larger in size.

  • Cost-effective:

SD cards are one of the most cost-effective and convenient methods to add storage to your gadgets. The smartphones having high built-in internal storage are way more costly than these small storage devices. So, instead of purchasing an expensive cell phone, you can choose to buy a memory card to add extra storage in it.

  • Less power consumption:


Some people think that memory cards consume a lot of power but this is not true at all. They require very less power for their operation. That is why they are perfect to be used in battery-based gadgets.

  • Stability:

The best part of using SD cards is that they are non-volatile devices. It means that just like the hard disks, the data stored in it doesn’t get lost after the power is cut down. Also, you do not need to refresh it frequently.


Sometimes the internal storage of our devices like smartphones get full with a lot of photos and videos in it. At that time, you can use the SD cards to increase the storage capacity of your devices. However, there are various factors that you need to consider before buying a memory card for your gadget. The most important ones include physical size, capacity, speed, and brand. Check out the above points to know about them in detail.

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